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  1. Thanks. Your response really doesnt help. And I am very much aware there is nothing called 1:1 replica for any brand. I think I not put my question clear. I have been doing my research to buy a really good Rolex Submariner 116610LN. I understand there are multiple replica manufacturers such as Noob, ZZF, ARF, NAIL etc. I wanted to make my choice based on people popularity. I've heard mixed review of Noob V10. Hence what do you think which is the best model and which trusted dealer your recommend for that specific model.
  2. Hi everyone, I need your advise. I want to buy the best 1:1 Rolex Submariner replica in the market today. Can you tell me: 1. Which manufacturer or model does the best 2. Trusted deal from whom I can order. Thank you. Waiting for you response.
  3. Hi. There are quite a few people posting on the web for Noov v10 submariner. So a few questions: - Any reviews? - Any trusted dealer selling it? Thanks. Waiting for your respons.
  4. How about BK?
  5. Thank you. Can you please share the list of trust dealers? Thanks
  6. Hi Everyone, This is the first time I am writing a post. Over the last 1 week I have been browsing through various post trying to find the best 1:1 Submariner, however I am unable to come to a conclusion. I want to buy the best 1:1 clone of Rolex Submariner, can you please recommend (1) Best Model, and (2) Best Dealer I should get in touch with? Can you please recommend? Waiting for your response. Thank you
  7. Hi Everyone, I am looking to buy the finest replica of AP Royal Oak. Can you please advise on below: 1- Finest replica model? 2- Any good trusted supplier? 3- Price indications? Waiting for your response.
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