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  1. Happy Birthday abribus!

  2. Happy Birthday abribus!

  3. Happy Birthday abribus!

  4. Happy Birthday abribus!

  5. Thanks very much for your offer, I send you a PM
  6. Hi folks, I was wondering where I can find good aftermarket end links for my Tudor Submariner. I am looking for 380/580 end links to fit a rivet bracelet. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi all, I sent my Navitimer to Domi for service and I am very happy with the result. He is very busy at the moment but the watch came back quite quickly and it is working perfectly. You can trust him for quality and service. Thanks Domi
  8. Hello, I intend to send my watch to Domi. Someone has recent news from him ? thanks
  9. Hi abribus ... how mutch for 7734???


  10. Hello, I am new here and and was wondering if any member has good opportunities for buying an accurate Navitimer rep in Bangkok. I am looking for a swiss or asian ETA version, with white or black dial and white subdials. I went to MBK last year but without knowing the place very well I spent lot of time and did not really find what I was looking for. Thanks for your help, Regards
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