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  1. He sure screwed up one of my watches. He surely didn’t know what he was doing. I still have pms of him making up lame excuses Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I would not buy a gen Pam Iwc Hublot Cartier AP Some omegas ( speeds are the exceptions) The reps may not be perfect but close enough. The reason I didn’t include Rolex because the gen sport model can actually increase in value over time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. What an interesting qoute
  4. Haven't posted or logged on in a while.
  5. Is it me or does the date window seems off a little. >$500 for a 3 hand watch that isnt a super rep
  6. I have a gen omega. I have a rep bracelet on it. The rubber strap and clasp is pretty good. I think its a good way to save some $$$. A gen strap can cost $300-500. rep is $50. But to each his own.
  7. I should have brought that one on ebay that time when it became available last year (when nanuq told me to) . I hope to grab one in the future if the price is reasonable
  8. I have a handwound zenith el primero . Its the best running watch I own
  9. I was thinking it has to do with passing off a rep as a gen to a member of the populace. But one never knows. MD - man, I really wish the you can turn this around. You have to start with someplace somewhere. Mike - If I ever [censored] you off - please give me a warning first.
  10. thanks for the review. it was very useful to me
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