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  1. I think since they’re so different to one another, you have to buy both ?
  2. This is the latest version. Thanks gents. Nice pickups
  3. Hi folks. I just received these Q.C. pics from a trusted dealer. Do they look good? Am I being nit picky or does the 6 o clock marker Lume look wonky? Thank you
  4. Kudos to you on this very interesting post Yllekp! I would love to know where you sourced your 5513. Thanks!
  5. Absolute noobie in terms of opening an AP case, but I wanted to do it so I could add a little oil to fix noisy rotor on my JF Factory AP RO 15450 with ?clone 2824-2 movt vs Miyota. Could a kind person help me and let me know what tools I'd need? Thanks very much
  6. There were two gen blue dial versions of the 116613. I think the v7 rep is a closer approximation of the original non-sunburst version. I wonder if anyone can comment on the differences between the noob rep dial color and the gen (non-sunburst)
  7. How accurate is the blue dial ? Looks more like the non-sunburst version of this watch
  8. Hello all! I was wearing my latest acquisition this afternoon when I noticed the clasp looked a bit "loose". On closer inspection, one part of the clasp seemed to have come apart from the rest. I included a picture below. It does not want to seem to push back into place. Is this easily fixable?
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