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  1. Where to buy the best AP ROO?
  2. Ok, i was reading the post number 10, i send you now the 50€, and you send the watch.
  3. Hello fellows from this forum: The 50€ are ready in my Paypal account to send when Andy reply to me, he wrotes to me that he has nothing to tell me and this question he send to General Discussion now in this side of the forum. I have nothing to say, i said sorry when Frank sent me old post, it was inmediatly becouse a think we must we create friendship between us. After that i wrote to Andy that i have not problem to pay. Is it possible to know when i pay do you send my watch? Franks says my form to speak about him, maybe Frank all the peple from this forum must know how after i ask sorry to you, a few days ago when i don not understand very well the andy´s post, your words to me were terrible " idiot, stupid, and up, and any moderator stop to you, even Andy ask once how is my english language. After advertisement my long time without practice English. I would like to say that i found a very nice people in this page, great guys, and serious persons, but i am tired from this discussion without exit anyplace. I had one idea and i would like to propose one question to the forum. One a little person, a child of the islands is a serious and incurable malignant disease, rather than donate 50 € the forum, can we to sell the watch and you send directly all the amount raised forward it to try to improve their quality of life until the end of his day . I think he has an account number of the red cross, and informs you if you (or forum) accept my humble request. You have my respect, and you can send the amount in the all persons of this forum named, and not like me. Please considered my proposal. Thanks Santi.
  4. Zeleni: I send the watch to the watchmaker, the history is such as i wrote. I do not open the watch never. Cheers Santi
  5. Good morning all: SGTGUK: Thans for writting. Yes you are right, this question must be between Start69 and me, but when he reply to me i could see you form to abord this problem, the first thing he told me was, I have no Paypal more (with some ironic) and more solutions, after your hol with high cost to me, while i was thinking he had to abord all this cost to put again an my hand the watch in condition, but you are right in your opinion. PETEM: I was reading your post, an i tel, you that is so nice to write and compart opinions in this forum, i have intent of course to make friends, and you can make friend if you are in the right way, it´s absolutly disappointing and uncomfortable when somebody is not correct with you, this is the problem, i have now deffending my position and the truth. KODIAK: I hope you enjoy the blue one, i sent the best one for me, well like you can see, i am here deffending my position, becouse i think the justice is on my side, only for a moments imagine that i sent a broken watch and i give you some bad words like reply, or i do not offer you solutions or interes in to fis the problem, reallly is terrible, and believe is not the money is the act from a fellow. Thanks for alls opinions from the mates, in this case, if you are or not in my opinion i must respect you and now i attached my watchmaker bill, and the place, Star69 says is not real and i invited to call, to write, or to visit, i have nohing to hide. ]Cheers Santi
  6. Hello all colleagues this forum: I am finhs, and i would like to explain here what is exactly the question. I have several days talking and defense my self from one watch broken received from start69, i have presented my reparation bill, i sent pictures and details from the watcmaker who intent to repair the wacth, but anything is impossible to admit by moderators, and sincerely i do not why? When i have received the watch was broken and when i sent to Andy still broken. I have talked something hard in the beginning of the seller for the attitude that proved to my problem. But thinking more, can I get fooled me with saying that I have received a broken watch, maybe 10, 15 €? Or as a new member of this forum I can not tell what's going on? Moderators are very nice circle of friends, but in this case are absolutly wrong, and i hope nobody here experimented this situation becouse is very ugly. And for the last, i do not why the moderator And retain my watch, becouse is my watch, i have paid inmediatly by Paypal to Star69, and not only is retened, i have to donate 50€ and to send apologize to the seller who sold to me a broken watch. I wrote to Andy that i can donate 50€ to the forum, but no more. my opinion from Start69 is the same "very bad" and has nothing to demand, he is out from Paypal also. I write this post to make known, exactly what is happening, and wich is my position about it. Best Regards Santi
  7. Hey Andy Good night and thanks. S
  8. Andy, if is not better install the Seagull, ok? I send you the watch on monday. Any recomendation it will be nice when you receive the watch. Thanks Santi
  9. Yes we are in EU, and this movement is better then other? Is chinese or Swiss, and price? Yes i can send yoy for repair, only the case? Thx Santi
  10. Sure, no problem, but i have to advice, i have some customers and friends in Germany, and actually there are many problems with the custom, that can be a problem. who take the risk? Thanks Santi
  11. Frank, Look what you wrote from Juan Sidarta, anyway for the moment supose i am wrong with you ok. i found a pasive form wiht me, not like now, but let´s go to resolve the problem. That movement cost 65 USD here in my town, included Paypal and shipping. I would like to have a better movement, can we look another one, and i pay the diference. Tell me where i can look please, and please show me you're not who I said before, and draw back my positions and I'll apologize to you. Santi
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