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  1. No need to be some complicate; only take a glance on Chrono button & I will know it’s Gen or rep except the latest Noob A4130 Daytona. Sorry bro! Please accept my sincere apology for my ignorant. I don’t mean to offend………just overlook the content you already mentioned they are Gen.[emoji17]
  2. Thx bro! Both your 116500 are Noob A4130 right? They are great look but in my personal perspective the ceramic bezel is not match with whole design especially on black dial. White dial is still good as the dial design is classic 16520 zenith @9sec model. Actually, I’m still wait my dream model 116509 Grey dial with red hands release. But I believe I still have to wait at least 1-2 years before noob going to release it as it’s a 2006 model…… On bright side the A4130 movement exclusive for noob should end after a year (just like the @12sec movement) then JF/ARF able to produce much better vers
  3. The yellow gold one is completely wrong & very obvious. The SS blue dial is better My Gen 116520 for your reference
  4. The pusher are the easiest spot
  5. TD QC can't compare with BK modification. I can say that buy from all TD, QC part is done by yourself by checking their QC photos. But BK will taking care everything for you. If you want a decent Sub or SD; simply buy from BK; open the box adjust the band size then you are ready to rock. BTW my BK DSSD ETA2836
  6. Hey bro: there're two kind of Daytona you can get from all list trusted dealer. They are just the same. However, both version of Daytona are not close with Gen & have different flaw. That's depend on how you choose: 1.) Daytona with A7750@6sec. The most famous problematic movement in rep world. 11 extra gears add on the movement in order to transfer the running sec from@9 to 6. The @6sec hand is shutter & the movement are very unstable; low power reserve & may die on any moment. Also, deal to the extra gear; the movement become very thick in 15mm. 2.) new Daytona in A23j, the thi
  7. Not all rep accept Gen parts. Therefore, you need to research more in depth + you need a watch smith to work on this.
  8. THX Bro!!! it's very very attractive but I found the photos from TD are not clear enough. Looking forward your photos before I make my decision
  9. Hey bro! Your Classic fusion skeleton is very sexy!! Would you mind to share more your comment on this? How're the overall finish? Is there AR on crystal?
  10. Audemars Piguet forged carbon Grand Prix
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    Happy Birthday rckh!

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    Happy Birthday rckh!

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    Happy Birthday rckh!

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