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  1. Just saw one of your posts ... your intellect is welcome here ... Cheers

  2. Miss you Vic. I hope you come back soon.

  3. What happened of you, Vicky???

  4. Your P.Diddy-Bjork avatar had me in stitches...I just had a flashback to "Celeb. Jeopardy" on SNL!

  5. LOL! I didn't even see that. It's like the disappearing Duchess of Windsor mole flying past her. You know me, anything to make my homies happy.
  6. I only just mentioned Ajoesmith in another thread, when I remembered that Tech is no where to be seen these days! In fact, if it weren't for Hike, Bruce, Vlydog, and a few others, we'd have precious few of those jiggly jugs/female form avatars these days. Since I can't use this (it's just too weird for a girl), maybe one of you lads might enjoy it.
  7. LOL! "On the job" has a very different connotation in the UK. I believe Rima's girlfriend (also a physician) wears a beautiful DJ. It's functional, but smart at the same time. Also, I've found patients tend to judge their doctor's via their watches, and clothes -- if they're not in pain, obviously -- so Rolexes work well. As for me, when I had a job-job, I wore very simple watches. NO ROLEXES the first year. That's just tacky for an up-and-coming person in a firm, etc. But hey, wear what you want!
  8. You should've heard me when I was installing the PAM bracelet! One literally gets sweat pouring down one's brow with certain brands. I think Narikaa had a special tool which helped with these kind of changes, but equally, it could've been for link removal. But perhaps he might know of an implement to help you out. Good luck!
  9. I'm a sucker for super soft straps, and that's why I don't mind the thin MF straps. THANKS BRUCE! I have the plain Bordeau (not Vintage Bordeau, unless it's the same) and I know what you mean. It's not stiff, so much as tough leather. Glossier than the others, at least mine is. Gorgeous colour though. I am right there with you. Sometimes when I'm typing a post, I stop, smell my wrist, and hope no one saw me.
  10. OMG. This review is like ice cream, and the IWC Spitfire Chrono is pistachio dripping on your tongue! What a magnus opus. One of the best I've seen, and certainly one of the most complete in all my time here (redolent of SD4000's Heritage review or Andreww's Breitling guides). Needless-to-say, I'm still pouring over it, and I especially love the photographs, but I wanted to say congrats, Toady!! (That Dluddy has this watch goes a long way with me. That boy is just classy)
  11. Good God! The Thais must cringe when they see you coming. And the ladies flock to you.
  12. Was that you?! Lindsay Lohan's knockers must've distracted me. Ooh, ooh. What is your specific opinion of the vintage green? I am curious, since I often see it on the Risti Acc. Corner. Yeah, me too. I must've lucked out because all her straps, used and directly from her, are flawless to my eyes. I HAVE seen what others are saying though, so I know that exists. I totally agree. Any one of her straps takes a rep PAM to the next level.
  13. I've met him, and he is what might be called a cold duck. Very disagreeable person, one on one. Not to mention, his professionalism has been called into question. I guess he's going for the Rigoberta Menchu category.
  14. I agree with what Vric said. It's overall not an eye-popping design, but I fancy that has something to do with us being so well-connected to all watches. For a person on this street, this is probably just the right combination of bling and fashion. I notice that the LV Tambour I have, has the same bracelet links. Maybe they reuse parts for different marques in repland? I'd say go for it!
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