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  1. It's rep. I have one of the titanium GSTs too that i should put in a gen 7750 into.
  2. Thanks for the replies! How much would it go for if it was not sold to one of these companies?
  3. There are lots of experts here.. I'm thinking of maybe selling my Zenith El Primero Rainbow (gen) in central London to one of the watch companies that buy used watches.. so I'm trying to figure out how much I should expect or be happy with.. my guess would be at least 1500GBP... I will post photos below. I have everything from the box, warranty card, metal bracelet, and a leather strap. All instruction and warranty booklets. Maybe I will try to put it on TimeZone but I only have until Friday I guess... and am reluctant to take it to Spain when I leave on Saturday! At least I won't have the boxes etc.
  4. I was rummaging around boxes and found this completely unused... SS Ingy... I guess I never fell in love with it and the titanium version came out not long after, a watch I still wear from time to time! Anyway, here are pictures:
  5. Hey your PMs are full too... these are not produced anymore, sadly, but I guess they would be so expensive these days, with the higher gold prices.
  6. Thanks! I tried APbands about the screws when it originally happened and they don't have anything... maybe I should try again. I can't remember where I got the strap but it was a custom one for this watch.. maybe it was APbands or another AP specialist strap maker, I believe there was another one but cannot recall it. I have a screwdriver set for opening computers which *might* be small enough... I guess I have to decide if I want to take it to Spain, alongside loctite!
  7. I'm pretty sure the dial is probably J&W or some such... I have the white dial (I think also J&W) with with black subdials too... but I like having the red dial I can't remember about the hands, perhaps they are a better fit for the white dial ! Great dials are hard to find for these and I'm out of money, sadly
  8. I don't have a correctly shaped screwdriver for the Survivor, sadly.. or would have done this after the first one dropped out! The T3 was after a couple of days.. I hadn't gotten around to it. I should have done it when changing from the rep strap! And yes the Survivor definitely needs a clean! Build up of dirt and sweat I guess from wearing it a lot back in the day. I normally use Loctite Threadlocker 222 in the red case, should be fine right ?
  9. I've had these two watches and loved them unmodded... however quite quickly - a matter of days - screws came loose and were either saved here or lost outside... I asked the dealer (an EU-based one in my country) for replacements and coming back after 2 years in Spain and looking at my watch box.. these watches missing my touch... but unwearable in case they fall apart? Does anyone know where I can find screws that will fit? Bear in mind that I'm pretty broke right now... The watches in question are the AP T3, where a screw at the case and strap has fallen out: The other being THREE (3) screws falling out of the caseback of the AP Survivor... one I really like! And here are some healthier pics of the watches: FML !!! #firstworldproblems
  10. woah! love this... I have the uPO in 42 and 45mm... but this is oh so tempting...! I guess this is where being broke forces my hand
  11. Here's another blast from the past... A rare Santos 100 chrono with ETA 7753 with the date adjustment on the case side opposite that of the crown. Amazing rep, as close as it gets, matched up with a gen strap.. I can't remember if the buckle is gen (it's a few years since I got it) but it feels great! This rep is discontinued. Indeed, I believe all the ETA 7753 reps are discontinued these days and impossible to find.. guess I should keep hold of this and the modded PAM 188 and 196s eh? Here are some pics, pardon the dust and lighting... my good camera equipment is not here:
  12. This was a watch I was crazy for a while back. I was going to buy from J&W and then this appeared on the sales forum and I dropped a LOT of money (I shouldn't have) on it... It's the Vietnam case with gen valjoux 72 movement, with correct assymetrical gen screw in pushers and tube and crown. Raised crystal (can't remember if this is gen?), old school bracelet.. and I love the red dial, definitely different. I also have the white dial with black subdials. I guess the chase was the big thing for me as it's quite small for me but it looks lovely! Here are some pics:
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