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  1. Mmmm thats nice! I have a Royal Oak 15400 rep wonder if the bracelet fits the AP ROO. But I really am upset as I loved the orange strap Ill have to buy another one.
  2. The strap came from aflop. I paid an extra $25 for the orange strap. Wore it twice. Again it has been real hot here. Never anticipated it to be so soft and rip! Have a look. @champsy
  3. So would u bekeive the strapped ripped and is ruined? It has been hot here say 90 other high humidity. I was at my pool. Put it on and the strap legit just tore at the rod. So disappointed
  4. Thans to @legend for getting me in contact with @aflop. What a watch. What good people these 2 guys are. Thanks for all the help. This watch is gorgeous and I have not taken it off.
  5. Gorgeous piece. I cannot wait to receive mine!
  6. Hey guys. So as part of my welcome back gift to myself I'm working with a member on purchasing a beautiful Noob ROO diver and have the opportunity to buy a rare SS bracelet which I enjoy just not sure this watch should be worn with a SS bracelet? I don't see.many around this forum on ss? Any thoughts from the gurus would be appreciated!
  7. Geez its been a year since I visited and maybe 2-3 years since I was active! Trying to do a lot of research to see what is good and bad. Have my eyes on a piece or two already just wish there were reviews. The DSSD from BK is an example.
  8. Getting reacquainted Thanks for the email regarding the updated site. I forgot how much fun this place is! Whats the latest and greatest reps out there! I see BK's Deep Sea is stunning per usual. Thanks guys!
  9. Guys I don't post much but have been around this site and the old one for a long long time. I have a Breitling rep Navitimer World that means something special to me. I hooked up with Mike (md2020) hoping he could service the watch and prolong the life of this piece. Well we all know how that went. I was lucky enough to get the watch back minus my $250. The watch was destroyed, the bezel was all misaligned, the chrono wasn't working the chrono hand had fallen off. It was just a disaster. Any who I asked mike on a bike if he knew of anyone to help me get it right again. He pointed me to Misiekped. Let me tell you Misiekped has restored my faith in humanity. He was nothing but honest up front and a total gentleman. Even though the watch had seen better days he took time to get it working again for me. I am truly grateful for his services and if we had more people in this world like him the world would be a better place. If you need servicing hes your guy just don't bombard him and treat him with class as that's what he is!
  10. Guys just an update regarding this as well. I too received my watch back and its basically destroyed. It doesn't keep time, one of the hands fell off, the other hand he replaced was with some blue not matching hand and the bezel isn't even aligned correctly. Im super pumped I paid this piece of sht $211 to service better yet DESTROY my watch. Md2020 I gave u chance time and time again and u continue to just sht on people and have total disrespect for anyone other than yourself. One day my friend you will meet your demise and karma will serve u right.
  11. Hi guys. Its been a while since I visited but I need to have my watch serviced. I sent vaclume and email but wondering if he still does the servicing etc. Sorry if this is noob post just havent been around in a while
  12. I DID do a search on what a franken is and cant seem to find the meaning?
  13. But it doesnt seem to work aymore. I click on it and get an error. Trying to figure out what Franken means as well as TW in reference to BK's subs?
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