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  1. Nwebie here from Manchester

    Welcome from over the hill in Huddersfield!!!
  2. 116610 Ceramic Submariner

    I became the proud owner of a gen Cermaic Sub on Tuesday and thought I would do a couple of comparison shots for you. One note on the gen though, I did intend to sell this one as I bought below retail but this watch appeals to me more and more as I look at it and wear it! The fit and finish is much higher than the model it replaces. Also you do get used to it's bigger appearance. The clasp and bracelet are very impressive and the Ar'ed cyclops is brilliant in practise. Anyway onto the comparison. I'm not one for long reviews but the biggest differences between the 2 are as follows: Crown guards are shorter on the gen making the crown appear more proud of the case than it is. The bezel is too high and the teeth are not high enough or deep enough. Rehaut is not as tall on the gen which gives the crown a hiher position compared to the rep. Crystal not as crisp but that is normal on rep Rollies and no AR on cyclops. The date font on BK's datewheel is very good with no noticable difference. Hour markers have a rims that are too thick and also are slightly smaller than the gen. Hands on the rep are bigger in size. Bezel pearl is too dark on rep but the bezel finish is pretty good. figures are slighlty brighter o the gen watch. Gen insert is flatter. Case is not quite as crisp on the edges(fairly normal on reps though). Bracelet is quite good with quite nice SEL's. Lume is more blue on gen but the rep is not bad. I forgot to do a lume shot for you so I will add this later. All in all if you did not have them side by side you would only really notice the thick bezel and markers straight away and the rep is a nice watch in it's own right. Only the pure beautiful finish of the real watch shadows it when along side. Onto some pics!
  3. In this case you are not doing clearly!! This is obviously the sh3135.
  4. Rolex Wristies thread

  5. Rolex Wristies thread

  6. Problem with using a springbar is that the weakness is no better than Jf. The springbar pin may still fail. I used the metal hammer in pins as used in other reps and gen sels. Very tight fit and should be strong.
  7. Rolex Wristies thread

  8. Rolex Wristies thread

  9. No More DHL Shipping from TD's?

    Never had any issues to Uk with Dhl. In fact Puretime shipped the new Jf LV to me just yesterday using Dhl. Hopefully it will be ok. Are more of these issues to do with shipping to USA??
  10. The subdial holes are normal on this model. The 3 and 9 hands are fake and are just glued in position on thicker posts. They are not as noticeable in real life though.
  11. 116610 Ceramic Submariner

    V7 is the latest but I don't have one though.
  12. 116610 Ceramic Submariner

    I've just bought another gen. been a while since my first one!!
  13. YukiWatch 3135 Mini-review

    Today after record delivery time(sat posted and delivered today to UK!!) I received my 3135 clone from Yukiwatch. It was well packaged in plenty of bubble wrap. This is how it arrived after opening. Here is shot without rep DW and then a pic with it fitted and working perfeclty! Then came the fitting of the dial which was no problem and has little screws to secure the dial feet in place. Next the hands. All go on without any issue whatsoever!!. One thing to note and this may be the case on a genuine 3135 but the canon pinions are stepped so that the hands sit perfeclty in the right place! impressed with that I must say! I never had an early version of this movement and have not got a genuine 3135 stem but there is no thin section on this stem to break! Here are a couple of pics in the case. I will let you draw your own conclusions as to whether this is an updated version but it seems to be working well and does not appear to have the issues of the ealry movement. The dial and hands brings this watch alive though!! Here is a side by side pic of my WM9 V3 set up.
  14. YukiWatch 3135 Mini-review

    Yes it t will bud.
  15. New Hulk NOOB sub V8 from Toro is out !!!

    This is taken from the upcoming new release of a JF factory sub16610 model. Should be out in a couple of weeks or maybe sooner.
  16. New Hulk NOOB sub V8 from Toro is out !!!

    Angus has already said there will be no new Subc for some time to come. He is working with jf on the new 16610 as far as I know bud.
  17. New Hulk NOOB sub V8 from Toro is out !!!

    No such version. Toro does this every time but it is not a new version. It's just an updated v7 that all the dealers have!!
  18. Gen wristies

    Here goes with a black one. It's my daily wearer.