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  1. This is sad news indeed!! So sorry to to hear about your loss David.
  2. Not without major inner modification. You'll have to machine the inner diameter, plus the case clamp rails are quite possibly at a different height. It would be cheaper to find a rep case that will fit a 3135 instead.
  3. I read your post on the build. Very nice build Tribal! You just can't beat a nice vintage Tudor chronograph.
  4. That is a tough one. The rep metal bracelets were known to have a weak weld on the clasp. Maybe contact a dealer if they still sell the kevlar strap or alternatively here, but it is unfortunately a silicone strap. Silicone Watch Strap for IWC Ingenieur Family 263IWC IWC500501 | StrapsCo
  5. I haven't done a vintage build in quite some time due to "life happenings". But now I'm back at all the projects that were stalled and does it feel good! This build is a Tudor 94300 with exotic dial. I sourced a Yuki case, dial and hands set quite awhile ago. The crown guards on the case were incorrect, so I had to massage them a bit to get the proper profile. It has a bezel from a David Wong (DW - anyone remember him?) Tudor 7149 case. The correct period 7750 really finishes off the build. The crown and the used crystal are both gen. Thanks in advance for looking!!! And the wrist shot
  6. flex! Nice to hear from you! I haven't had the opportunity to pick up an projects due "life happening" these past few years. But have been slowly getting back into it. Bought my first rep in 4ish years. If you need any parts to complete the project, send me a PM and I'll have a look in my parts bin.
  7. Its really too bad that the days of the cheap DW case and dial set has gone the way of the dodo. You're best bet is to find one of those old cases and fit an A7750 with slim caseback (no rotor)
  8. Sorry everyone! I'm not sure how to fix the links to my old pics without paying $399 a year! It's good to see that an old post is still put to good use!
  9. Whoopy does do excellent dials. Just ensure that the "Space Dweller" text is a different tone of silver and font than the other dial text. That is the key to a accurate Space Dweller dial! See here: http://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=199859
  10. I think Yuki is your best option right now. NDT does have one, but it will be pricey. If you can find one, the InGod dial (IMO) was the best, but I believe he is no longer in business.
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