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  1. Ah.. Taking apart a watch . That's the next thing to learn LOL.. Thanks for the tip bro
  2. Now this seems dumb. Was trying to swap a new crown into a Datejust with an ETA 2836. Now I can't seem to get the stem back in to lock into the movement. I assumed that it will just snap in once it was pushed into the ETA movement but that does not seem to work. Any ideas to help?
  3. Bloody Awesome bro..wear it well
  4. Yo TJ ..This is how it will "precisely" look like... :p hope it helps @Vbarrett..Thanks VB, for yr kind compliments..I'm already blushing bordeaux red... dang..maybe it's last few glasses of Scotch..mm.mm no..it's u VB :p
  5. Did somebody just mentioned OEM Bordeaux ??? .... they are lovely and my favorite..
  6. For dat, VM my friend, need to ask Joshua or Andrew :)
  7. @SSS Thanks for the suggestion on filing the metal. For this fella, i need to be filing the part of the lever that joins at the pin. You can see the protrusion at the pin in the pic below @TK471 Yes bro..our taste do seem to be very similar Guess this mistress is with me now..ahem
  8. Thanks VM. Still searching for the CG's to make it perfect
  9. This has been on my wrist all weekend
  10. Just got this custom Mini Fiddy with California dial from a member from the Dark Side. Works supposedly done by Flavor Flav. These are the ingredients gone into the watch: Mini-fiddy case from the Prince. Low-dome plexi acrylic from cousins Davidsen 45mm cali dial Davidsen 45mm blued hands Asian 6497 Truly liking it except I really frown at the botched CG Lever, which juts out at the joint. You can see that the lever pin is too much to the right. Question: Is the Mini Fiddy CG the same as the 47mm 127? Gonna scout for a replacement CG fast. Guys, where is best to find this part? Besides that I'm loving it :p Pics now.... See that the CG lever is not flush to the guards... But little doggie loves ya... flawed or not :lol:
  11. Oh wow..dats gorgeous..nice AR too Which dealer has this?
  12. What a whoppa thick thick thick..nice one bro
  13. Mannn...dat was definitely worth the effort...beautiful
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