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  1. It doesn’t hurt to remind everyone once in a while not to deal with new members who PM you asking you to contact them via email, usually to try and sell you some non existent item. We have a new scammer @papafim152 who like to blow goats and has messaged 15 members. It goes without saying, don’t deal with this now banned member.
  2. Any of the Trusted dealers. They can all get the same watches.
  3. Never heard of it and wouldn’t use it personally. Why not stick to the Trusted Dealers here.
  4. I though you had to be an Aston owner to be offered the watch?
  5. Franken goodness, rep mid case but otherwise gen.
  6. David, you’ll always be welcome here. Take care of yourself and your family and pop back when you have time and get to know the place and there will be lots of wonderful memories that members will gladly share.
  7. David, I’m so sorry for you loss. Your dad was a great guy and the backbone of our little piece of the internet here. He will be greatly missed by us all.
  8. Hi Jack, it seems so. People want new releases mostly. Unfortunate for the enthusiasts though!
  9. Not to my knowledge. I too am on the lookout for a 60’s Connie. I keep an eye out in charity shops, second hand shops, pawn brokers etc etc.
  10. There is a trusted dealer section on here for a reason.
  11. Welcome aboard. Yes, there are lots of franken builds here.
  12. Al, send it to me and I’ll dispose of it for you. 😉
  13. Cheap beater work watch. Keeps surprising good time.
  14. Indeed, but would you send them with or without a Moonswatch?
  15. On Saturday there were hundreds of people all trying to get inside the three London stores. The police advised Swatch to close the stores, which they duly did. On Sunday it was more civilised but still massive queues, so I gave up and headed home. These are not a limited edition range of watches so I’ll wait a while longer …….
  16. Yeah, crazy scenes indeed. I visited again yesterday and found a more organised queue, but still massive. I waited a few minutes to see if it moved but it didn’t so I guess I’ll be waiting a little longer for a new moonswatch 🤑
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