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  1. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    Well thanks a lot Auto. The wealth of informations you provide with each post is outstanding! So this movement should be an Unitas right?
  2. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    I thought I'd share this pic because it's the one in which I've finally managed to capture something that has been eluding me so far: The way light dramatically changes the colour of the dial which, shifts from an almost lemony yellow under harsh direct light, to light brown, deep orange, siena, dark brown and finally almost black. This is Amazing...
  3. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    Please don't do that. Just box the totality of your stuff and mail it to me. I'll be honoured to keep a vigilant eye on it for you. This way you will never loose anything ever again. [emoji4] Inviato dal mio EML-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    Today on a very old leather strap for a more vintage look. I have been looking up the 'usual suspects' (Watchbandit, Bulang, Geckota, Hirsch) for a Siena Brown strap, but could not find any I'd fancy. Any suggestion on alternatives to the above strap makers? Inviato dal mio EML-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    Wow! This is a gorgeous build! the original black-dialed 1016 is one of the most beautiful and understated watches ever built… I tried to achieve something similar but I still have a long way to go: First and foremost the triangle on Yuki's dial: Much too small. Hands, Yuki again, a big tell especially the seconds one which appears too flat, short and with a truncated tip. Case should be a reshaped JMB v1 or 2 and incorrect caseback. Movement is a 21j clone
  6. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    This is a very good looking piece. What are the specs for that? Inviato dal mio EML-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    Auto: I have been buying at TDs twice during my stay among the good people at RWG. I got burned both times: First attempt was my fault. I was a noob, did not look closely enough at the QC pictures and ended getting something which was not what I thought I had ordered. Second attempt resulted in a DOA piece. Lesson learned: Never buy Chinese stuff. [emoji4] For what is about your approach to work I fail to see what's wrong with it. You evidently are a very prudent person which thinks before acting. I wish I was like you, therefore less impulsive and careless... Inviato dal mio EML-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    Yes, Jmb's caseback is definitely too thick but, I suppose, there's nothing J can do about it as this is the one part of the case that cannot be shaved down. Inviato dal mio EML-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    ... 'computerized latte' ... whereas that should be a lathe and not some technological coffee machine @ Starbucks... Darn autocorrect....[emoji34] Inviato dal mio EML-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    Excellent idea. Minh Quy had some juicy ones back in the day, together with a bunch of flabbergasting 'professionally refinished' dials, the only downside being a somewhat steep price tag.... My 19200 case was reshaped on a computerized latte fed with digitized pictures of LHOOQ'S gen 1016 case. The whole operation did cost half the premium I'd have paid for the Vietnam counterpart. Additionally more than one well-educated RWG member had advised against the idea of walking the Vietnam path since the a.m. Minh Quy apparently was a slightly hard-to-deal-with character and, I was told, there was no guarantee whatsoever that the item I'd receive would be what I had paid for. I therefore decided for a perhaps more complicated solution which outcome I deem fairly good after all. Inviato dal mio EML-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk A cold and sunny day back here. That's the weather I love.... Inviato dal mio EML-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    Thanks Auto! Yeah, there are some noticeable dials out there. I did a bit of research myself while discussing my options with NATAS and SSTEEL. Here are some I found quite interesting: The dial I got from Denimhead actually comes with T Swiss T<25 markings. The case was a lucky find LHOOQ made on the Bay while helping me hunt for parts, and the Superdome I just bought from my usual watchmaker. I originally wanted to go 'all gen' and was looking for a gen 15xx movement but, even back then, these came for such a huge premium that I decided to skip that part and go for a Swiss, much cheaper, alternative instead.
  12. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    I did not remember this detail: This caseback belongs to a JMB V2 assembly he engraved with a relevant serial number placing it into 4th quarter 66. I could definitely use that case for another build, but although it's quite good it could still use some reshaping. I also have a spare Yuki dial which is already lumed and all, but the triangle feels a tad too small. Is there a way to reshape it with lume paste? Has anyone tried that or am I being obsessive once again? My service dial came from a notable RWG member, I did not enquire about it's original provenance.
  13. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    Hello J! We have tried to lure Natas into revealing some intel regarding his Mad Luming-Ninkja Skillz®️ but he kept mum about it. I suspect that making him talk would require extreme measures, such as abducting and confying him to the loving hands of Nanuq, @the shack atop the freezing mountains… 🤣
  14. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    Hello, thanks a lot for your interest! I had acquired this unlumed service dial through a fellow-RWG-member. The original plan was that of having it glossed and lumed in puffy white to build a circa-1970 piece around it. As such I also had sourced an hi-beat hacking ETA movement which had died on me upon trying to operate the keyless. When I confied the project to SSTEEL I mentioned two options: - First one as per above, provided he'd succeed in reviving my movement and have the dial glossed. - In case glossing should prove unfeasible and movement could not be resurrected from the grave, then I'd go for a vintage piece with a replacement lo-beat ETA. As SSTEEL experiments with glossing a couple of dummy dials did not work out (see attached), I went for Plan B: The vintage solution, enter NATAS78, with which I talked extensively about tropical effect, patina and old weathered dials. Since I already was familiar with his body of work upon having had the chance to gawk at pictures of some of his otherwordly Panerai builds, I asked him to replicate one of those for me, which he eventually did thus achieving an incredible result imho. For what is about the movement, SSTEEL apparently was able to revive the one I had supplied and, upon servicing it, he replaced some parts with new ones and added a couple of touches for cosmetic purposes. Of course a 3156 is not coherent with a vintage build since these are modern calibers (circa 2000 if memory serves), and they never were used on 1016 models which carried 105x or 15xx calibers instead (again if memory serves), but SSTEEL did not have a choice since I had instructed him to use my movement if repairable, and that's what he did. At the end of the day this movement ticks loud and strong and keeps perfect time. So far so good! 😊
  15. Lo'

    1016, end of the journey (?)

    A few more shots for your viewing (hopefully) pleasure: