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  1. I chose Andrew's automatic over Angus's quartz in the end. Of course it's just me but I can't stand vintage-looking watches with quartz movements, especially if said watch replicates a luxury model bearing an in-house hand-wound. Had there been an auto/hw version of Angus's "Tribute to 1931" I would have pulled the trigger on it without hesitating. Now to wait for this to reach my door…. less than a month before festivities, circulation of goods will escalate starting now, Guess I'll have to consider myself lucky if I receive anything before the end of the year.
  2. Hi all. I've been looking at the various TDs offers regarding the Reverso. The ones that caught my eye were Trusty's and Puretime's although the latter is quartz-powered and I don't really like it, but this, but the piece sure looks stunning. I'd like to gather the forum's experiences if any on this specific model: Have you got any other suggestion from, perhaps, a different TD? Thanks in advance
  3. There are no words to describe this...
  4. Lo'

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    Blimey... 🤩
  5. Lo'


    Thanks a lot for the pointer Holo. As I wrote above I have zero experience and knowledge on the subject of vintage Pams as such I don't even know what kind of work the build currently in my hands would need. I for sure would like to be able to turn this into the watch I'd use while diving in Spring and Summer therefore, It'd have to be waterproofed to at least 100 meters. Is that at all possible with a rep case such as mine, considering that the bezel will pop right off by just sliding the edge of a knife under it? I have been looking at some pictures of gen 6152 to try and get a general idea of the similarity of my rep to these. I am more or less satisfied altough the lugs look like they'd need some reshaping. Another thing that irks me is that the dial looks a tad too recessed inside the case. Is the gen like that? I have not managed to understand that from the pictures of gens I have been able to find around.
  6. Lo'

    Rolex 6350 Case Set

    I'm speechless…..😱
  7. Lo'

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    He got you there J.!! 🤣
  8. Lo'

    So who let the intern design a PAM

    Gotta love rubbish!
  9. Lo'

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    J. You KNOW you're too much a valuable asset in this community to be let go anytime soon. You KNOW you're one of those persons we'd all feel glad and proud to be able to call a friend. You KNOW your cases and bezels are instrumental to any credible 1016 build. You KNOW that before your work the only option to a gen 1016 case was a gen 102xx or 101xx which would need (a lot of) reshaping. Therefore no! You can't go. Sorry not sorry.
  10. Lo'

    So who let the intern design a PAM

    I second that. It's so unusually Pam-like, plus I like the Liberty dial and hands typical of vintage watches from the fourties, coupled with the Panerai-trademark steel case. The color might be a little offsetting (I'd personally go for a black dial with silver or white rail and central circle), but all in all I sorta fancy it. It looks very in-your-face to me.
  11. Lo'

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    You’re absolutely right in preferring low-budget diy projects to overpriced-mass-produced stuff. But imho what makes Rolex special is the infinite variety between one model and the next one, and also between individual pieces of the same model; all the more if you consider that this is the main asset on which the Rolex collectors market has been thriving for decades. As such, while I understand and respect your point, I always advise my friends against doing what I do (build Frankens that is), and rather go gen especially on lesser-desired references since these can often be had for relatively low sums, but might gain traction on the market thus acquiring worth. Back in 2009 (or 08, can’t remember), I paid approx $ 1.200 for a ‘67 7928. Nowadays that specific reference and build is over the roof and worth 5 times that amount. You just need to be patient and be able to put your ear to the ground to listen and learn.
  12. Lo'

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    You’re more than welcome! As for the help, you will want to read all that other members, much more informed than yours truly, have been writing on the topic in this forum. You will find a whole lot of insight and knowledge. As I have suggested elsewhere you could use the search function and read all that LHOOQ, BLUE and ROLOJACK shared on their quest for the perfect 1016. You should also refer to the awesome JMB, a true Southern Gentleman and all-around great guy, upon which crafts most of the 101x builds around the galaxy are based (but please act swiftly because he’s been announcing his imminent retirement for the last 10 years [emoji6]). Anything else, just ask.
  13. Lo'

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    Hi Auto! You might want to try Chrono24. There are quite a few 5504 for sale in there right now, including a “refinished” dial from Min Quy [emoji1] Welcome to the club! I, as some others in this nice forum, have “1016 projects” which have been ongoing for the last 4-5 years. Once this kind of bug bites you there’s no way out, except that of going gen.[emoji1]
  14. Lo'

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    Nice pieces you’ve got there, thanks for contributing to this interesting thread with your knowledge. 5504 Air Kings (such as mine) and 1016 both are 36mm watches. You perhaps meant the 5500 which diameter is 35mm and is usually fitted with ‘Precision’-marked dials (1520), as opposed to the ‘Super Precision’ (1530) marking on 5504s. Of course there where variations since the 1520 and 1530 movements would fit on both 35 and 36mm cases and, both watches can be found sporting ‘3 6 9’ dials (even with SCOC markings in place of the above mentioned ‘Precision’ and ‘Super Precision’)but, generally speaking, the above holds true.
  15. Lo'

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    Yup! The main difference between 5504 and 1016 regards dial and hands. 5504s did not come with COSC certification therefore, even the ‘3 6 9’ dialed version would bear ‘Super Precision’ markings instead of ‘SCOC’. At the time some ADs would offer replacement dials to their customers (since anyway the 1530 movement in those watches could be regulated to COSC specs exactly as their 1016 counterparts bearing the same mechanism); as such there certainly are 5504s (as the one in the picture you posted), bearing original SCOC Dials which, nonetheless are not the correct ones for that model. Just another ‘glitch’ in the vast murky world of variations on Rolex models making those ‘original-not-originals’ more palatable to collectors of one-off pieces. Now go figure which one got a replacement dial upon being acquired and which one just got fitted with a service dial later on.... [emoji848]