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  1. Picked up a Gen 18k gold one off eBay. Hope this helps.. Mistman13 http://www.ebay.com/...=item4d2b2c89a8
  2. Happy Birthday mistman13!

  3. Wow..love the new ceramic pushers.. Ill start saving for the rep now..lol Thanks, TK
  4. My Chronopassion and Rubberclad..
  5. New to the AP world..Im hooked....
  6. Need PAM 286J ASAP. Conus only..Please help..
  7. Sunny S. Florida day w/ the PAM 111....
  8. Came in Friday.. Like it a lot!!
  9. If I had a rep i would wear it... WTB- A++ Pam, AP ROO, GMT Master II...
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