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Found 10 results

  1. Hello Guys, I am planning to buy a watch case set with Dial and Hands. All I can filter on two top suppliers -> Raffle Dials and Bosshua 007 Please share your experience with either of these dealers? how precise they are with the quality
  2. Quick question, hope you have a hint for me: I need a set of hands to repair a Breitling Superocean Chronograph II Abyss Black and Yellow Dial A13341. Anyone who can point me into the right direction? Or can someone recommend a dealer who also can source some parts? Thanks!!
  3. Anyone can advice no where to buy daydate (rep) case, casebacks and other parts? I want to try build a franken president but cannot even find a source to buy parts from.
  4. Hey guys and gals, I was just cruising over on the big 'ol Bay site looking for some parts and stumbled across this lot. It looks to be legit, sourced at a watch maker's sale (possibly retired, who knows). There appear to be some nice parts here, as well as some very worn dials and such, but it comes with a clean looking SS bracelet reference 78350 as well as a case back removal tool (likely Bergeon). http://www.ebay.com/itm/lot-Rolex-Oyster-Perpetual-Date-Datejust-Airking-cases-Dials-and-Crystals-/201412935173?hash=item2ee5257e05 Sadly I do not have the funds to swing this myself right now, but thought that I might post here for you guys to see if anyone is interested. Assuming that there is enough interest, I would think that the $1,650 invested could rather easily be made back by parting cases and dials out to others of us that want them. The only caveat for now appears that the 'buy it now' ends in the next 5 or so hours, so I would take a look fast if you are interested. *** This Ebay account does not belong to myself or anyone that I know, I am simply mentioning a possible good deal here for those that are looking to complete any projects that they have open, which require any of the parts offered in this eBay sale. The seller looks to be trustworthy and has good feedback, so it appears that, given going prices of Rolex dials and cases, this could be one heck of a deal for someone interested. Good Luck!
  5. Hello First of all, thanks to everyone that contributes to this forum. I have been checking out posts, researching and fawning over a lot of Rolex reps on this forum for a few months now and the information here has been invaluable. Recently I started my first modding project (ageing a Rolex 1675 bought from Kingwatch) To my surprise, everything has gone to plan and I am really happy with how the watch has turned out. To fade the insert I tried all sorts of techniques (Bleaching, dipping in acetone, UV light) Unfortunately none of this made the slightest difference to the pepsi insert. I tried buffing with a dremel and brasso and ended up getting a really nice look. I didn't want to over do it too much so I stopped and re-assembled the watch. A few hours later I thought I might do a little bit more to the insert. Unfortunately I didn't take the besel of the watch before I did this and I have caught the crystal ever so slightly with the dremel. Im not sure if the crystal is as accurate as it could be anyway as I have seen some other reps on here where the crystal seems quite high. Would any of you knowledgeable folk be able to point me in the direction of which is the most accurate crystal for a 1675 and where I can get this? Many thanks,
  6. Just thought this would be a fun thread to share our learning pains and mistakes. My first really good one was installing a gen jubilee with 555 end links on a new style explorer 1 rep. To make it even better I accidentally used the hole lug case spring bars that were mounted in the end links. Mangled a set of gen 555 end links trying to pull the bars out of the hole less lug case and cut the [censored] out of my hands on the sharp lugs in the process. Never again. Was going to remove a cyclops from a sapphire crystal with an acetone soak one nite and accidentally place an acrylic crystal in the acetone bath instead. Share your stories!!
  7. Hi, I'm looking for one (or more) of those little round, brass springs that space the dial away from the GMT gear. Any idea where I can find one suitable for a 2836-2? Do the supply houses carry these? Thanks for your help!
  8. Hi mates, Well I'm searching the web for a while, and i've noticed that it's kind of tough to get gen parts for breitling navitimers on the open market. I could find a few gen dials here and there, maybe a crown, but I haven't seen anything like a gen sliderule, or date wheel, movement, hand set etc up for sale anywhere, on the other hand - there are a plenty of gen parts for many other breitling models available on the bay (sometimes i've seen gen cases, complete movement+dial+hands etc,, but never of a navitimer) are gen navi parts so hard to source ? any input will be appreciated. thanks, Db1
  9. I'm looking for 3717 gen parts (dial, hands including case if possible). Does anybody know those who are able to get gen parts?
  10. Hi I would like to buy a rep explorer 214270: 1. dial. 2. hands that fit 21j (dg2813) movement. I tried some of the dealers but they all told me they get their reps as is.. does any one have a cheap source? Thanks Sor
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