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  1. Hi all, About 4 years back I bought this very nice build from a fellow Swedish member here on RWG. I can't however find the old FS thread any more and was wondering if any of you could be helpful in identifying how this watch was build, using what parts etc.? If (and this is a big if) I remember correctly it should be: - DW 6239 base with a modded case - Gen/Clark crystal - Heavily modded case shape, vintagized dial/hands etc. - Can't remember regarding crown/pushers - I thiiiiink it was a gen coronet on the dial - I have no idea abo
  2. Sorry for not answering, PM responded and money will be transfered tomorrow I would like a white dial by the way! Thanks, David
  3. First post on RWG, I'm usually on repgeek! I would very much want to buy one of these, sign me up and keep in touch! Thanks, David
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