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  1. Based on the pictures above id say the phong case delivers excellence.
  2. Im on the same page. I just cant live with the flaws. Heres my 5512
  3. As long as you enjoy your watch you can wear it however you like.
  4. Smallest/biggest watches youve owned & wore?

    I use to be crazy about Breitling. Got myself a Skyland 45mm and figured it was the perfect size for me. Found a nice Super avenger 48mm and thought 'hey, the bigger the better'. After a while i was wondering whats up with Rolex subs? Whats the fuss about? Grabbed a 16610 and slapped it on my wrist. Its so tiny, its a girls watch! I complained about the small size of the sub and my wife told me that she would say that the sub is in the sweetspot for a mens size watch. So the only watch i took with me on our honeymoon was the sub just because the wife mentioned that the watch was a good size for a mens watch and if some one stole it i would still have my precious Breitlings waiting for me at home. When i got home after two month i realized that the skyland was a hefty piece and the super avenger was just ridiculous with the overkill size. Ended up reluctantly selling both breitlings and was so angry on the submariner who made me change my view of watches that i sold the sub too. Im in to vintage now and my wife thinks im nuts....
  5. Gordon Ramsay - What is this

    The watch in the viedo had crown guards. Either thick pcg or overpolished regular cg [emoji1]
  6. Gordon Ramsay - What is this

    Hard to tell by the video. My guess would be faded insert on a 5512 or 5513 with 2-liner service dial and hands since it looks to be very white lume dots and hands.
  7. Fantasy GMT Master 1675 exclamation mark dial

    I just read the whole thread and what a transformation this watch has gone through. Awesome work Bart! Out of curiousity what part was fantasy? I lack the knowledge on 1675 [emoji4]
  8. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Thanks! You are very much right there bud. Dbane883 has guided me in to the darkside of the force. This build would not be what it is without his help.
  9. This makes me want a daytona even more. Must resist! I have had several builds done by Domi and hes a wizard with enchanting skills. Thanks for taking your time writing this review. I enjoyed reading it.
  10. Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    Thanks [emoji1]
  11. Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    Fitted a new yuki rivet bracelet on my 5512. Like it but the endlinks are ruining it. Maby a pair of 580 end links could be fitted?
  12. There is a guy that we do not mention by name that makes top notch dials. Very expensive stuff but if money isnt a problem then pm me and i will give you more info regarding this. Cheers