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  1. Ivan Dials

    You must have balls mentioning that name [emoji33] Its more refered to as ”he we do not speak of”. Once you go to the darkside there is no turning back so choose wisely my friend.
  2. World’s first ARF Gentona?

    Do you guys argue about a misconception of the word ”genstein” or is it something old and personal behind this? Is this dumb and useless to argue about? Yes it is. But if we are going to throw garbage at each other i do have a few apples i could throw aswell if needed. The build thread is about the OP’s friend who built a watch which OP is sharing so calling it genstein or frankenstein doesnt make it any better or worse for the OP.
  3. World’s first ARF Gentona?

    Not taking sides but in the gen world a watch built with only genuine parts outside the factory is a franken watch. And in the rep world a full gen build is a genstein. Rep/gen parts build is a frankenstein. Just my two cents.
  4. World’s first ARF Gentona?

    All of them. Just tap in ARF in the searchbar. Edit: sorry offtopic
  5. World’s first ARF Gentona?

    That is why VN cases are for vintage projects. Well done! Now im in the mood for a ARF build.
  6. Changing RWG

    I would like to contribute to the forum but with a monthly cost for VIP makes me hesitate. I think more people would contribute if it were cheaper and in that way the forum would get more active. Maby@tomhorn is on to something? Please dont change the colors. I like it when things are just the way its always been.
  7. Where to get TC movement ring (screw type)

    Any modder with access to a lathe can make one of theese for you. Domi in EU can im sure of it.
  8. Someone in US.. Buy these ASAP!!

    What a bargain
  9. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Pure watchpron [emoji1]
  10. Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    Yes ofcourse it works. Just look at the gen pieces [emoji1] yeah the case got a few nags here and there but theyre not that visible unless looking at a macro picture. The edges are by far softer now compared to when i first got the midcase. I can soften the edges by polishing the case. Ive done it on a 5513 i had but im determined that this one is only going to get natural patina. I build the watch as NOS condition so that i can enjoy the watch as it is and have a history behind every single scratch.
  11. Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    Natural aging takes time my friend. This is the chamfers freshly done: This is how it looks after a everyday use for a half year as a toolwatch. Im working as a constructor/carpenter so you can imagine what the watch has gone through:
  12. I actually only had to bend one endlink just a tad and shave off 0.2mm on the other. Ive worn it well since i got it and it is only getting better the more wear and tare it gets. In my oppinion its more than a sparkling turd. But it does need alot time and modifications to get it just right.