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  1. capre

    Ivan Dials

    $1K is cheap
  2. capre

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    Well deserved congratz @MOAB
  3. It means that they had the genuine watch as a reference when designing the rep. 1:1 means that the rep should be equal to the genuine piece but thats just a fairytale.
  4. capre

    5512/13, 1680 case info and a few questions...

    Vn cases are the same cases as phong/mq uses only differance is that phong/mq are giving the cases a final touch up and charge heavily for their work. Imo not worth it as you will need a modder who can reshape the cases estetical since the supposed 1:1 is not true. Internal they are mostly 1:1
  5. capre

    Solstice Midnight in Alaska

    Happy midsummer!
  6. capre

    The Million Dollar Sub revisited...

    Interesting thought regarding the comparison with vintage cars. I always assumed that some crazy rich guy that is a collector would buy one of these rare pieces. And as he is a collector he most certainly puts the grail in a box and calls it a boxqueen. Maby he wears it at very special occations but thats about it. And thats why its quiet until he dies and the rare pieces are obtained by some random dude that happen to be a relative to the rich guy and has no interest in watches but loves cash so it ends up on auction again.
  7. capre

    AP Picture thread

    I need this!
  8. capre

    Noob is sold on Amazon

    I see new brands almost every day with swiss on their dial but im 100% sure they are made in china [emoji23] maby they mean that the developer of the brand/watch is swiss.
  9. capre

    Noob is sold on Amazon

    I cant see anything wrong with that? As long as its not written Rolex on the dial its considered a homage which is fully legal.
  10. capre

    Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    Looking good [emoji1419] fullset is always something out of ordinary with vintage watches and with reps its even more scarce.
  11. capre

    Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    Very well worth it[emoji1417]