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  1. Wear it in good health bud! Tulip* [emoji6]
  2. I used chlorine and a quetip to fade it, a soap steelwhool (s.o.s) and a screwdriver for the patina. Good luck bud [emoji6]
  3. Never had that problem but phong/vietnam cases are hit or miss. If its a obvious flaw like your case you should be able to return it.
  4. Love that bezel. Mind sharing where you got it?
  5. It means that they had the genuine watch as a reference when designing the rep. 1:1 means that the rep should be equal to the genuine piece but thats just a fairytale.
  6. Vn cases are the same cases as phong/mq uses only differance is that phong/mq are giving the cases a final touch up and charge heavily for their work. Imo not worth it as you will need a modder who can reshape the cases estetical since the supposed 1:1 is not true. Internal they are mostly 1:1
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