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  1. Thats the way to go [emoji1] but either way you should consider investing in a service of the movement.
  2. No problem. It could just be the angle of the picture. Hope the watch serves you well [emoji106]
  3. The only thing to complain about would be the date not being centered in the date window. Cant remember if all of them are that way?
  4. Looks ok to me by that picture. Got any more?
  5. SEL or 501b would be correct for your dial. If you opt for 501b endlinks you need the 93150 with the strange midlink on the endpiece that looks like this
  6. Well aftermarket crystals tend to be gen spec so i dont think there is much other choice. Or you can enjoy the watch for what it is.
  7. Buy a new watch/case that is gen spec
  8. There is only one modder called Domi
  9. No Repgeek
  10. Yes
  11. If you are stuck, hit Domi over at RG an email he can make the movement ring that you need.
  12. Depending on how nit picking you are. Id say v6 is good enough. But if i would buy one id grab the v7.
  13. Long time ago i ordered a new watch from any TD. But from what i remember they usually dont do promotions. If you want a Hulk go for v7
  14. Isnt the point of firearms to protect your home? The extra insurance could be worth it if something would happen. For me its not worth it.
  15. Not sure but i think "Vietnam" case is tonnywatches? Maby im wrong but something tells me that the supply of unshaped cases are from Vietnam and then guys like Minh, phong and tonnywatches are grinding them down to supposed to be gen spec midcases.