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  1. it will not fit. Not even close. You can look for the outside and inside diameters and you'll see to be sure but I know it does not. 16800 is interchangeable with 16610 but thats it.
  2. Looking to get a Noob Daytona 4130 clone movement. White dial with ceramic bezel. Which dealer is selling or taking orders? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I won’t have pictures until it gets back from service.
  4. I haven’t been very active with any watches for a good while and been considering selling one of my franken subs. Considering the amount of gen parts what do you guys think would be a fair price to ask? Being serviced right now. Rolex Submariner 16610LV -Yuki 3135 movement with gen rotor assembly and all date changing mechanism parts. -Gen Maxi Dial (New) -Gen hands -Gen date disc -Gen crown with TC tube -TC Bezel and Bezel insert -Sean case -Rep bracelet Any input would be appreciated.
  5. The movement ref you’re providing is a date movement. But I bet it’s the same movement without the date wheel and mechanism disengaged. Ofrei sells them for $162
  6. Looking for a good rep jubilee bracelet. Any one know of a source? Thanks
  7. Welcome to the forum from an SoCal/OC member!
  8. Here’s the new pics. Looks a lot better I think. Not perfect but oh well...
  9. Thank you guys. I did reject it and currently awaiting new pics.
  10. Just ordered a Noob V7 Submariner and turned down the first one due to SEL problems. Now I get new QC pictures and this is how the bracelet fits. What do you guys think? Looks good from the front...
  11. How do you guys remove the excess paint from the insert?
  12. Real. Look at the date, most reps are not that good on a lady's Rollie. Everything else point to gen
  13. I've never seen an open 6 and a closed 9 on a 3135 disc, nor on a 3035 for that matter. You may want to ask if its actually a actual picture of what you're going to receive. But for whats its worth, I've bought many date discs for 3135 and 3035 in my 20+ years of dealing with Rolex watches and never kept or used an aftermarket disc on a cal 3135. Mainly because they never lign up properly but sometimes the font/size is off....on top of the alignment problem. Spare the headache of wasting money on a few discs that won't solve your problem and get a genuine disc. With Luck you'll find one for $100 on the bay, and be done! Besides it will always be worth what you paid if not more. Peace!
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