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    Let me share my proud

    can i see some more pics of that beauty

    Swiss ETA 2836 in a SOSF?

    I bought this swiss ETA 2836 movement over a year ago to go in a Rolex Sub, I never got it put in and i still have it to this day i only paid 100 dollars for it but its just sitting collecting dust Today my SOSF movement stopped working completely its an asian movement inside but its completely done It moves for 10 seconds then stops and then goes backwards etc etc Probably needs a service buttttt....regardless i have this swiss 2836 movement sitting here, would it fit in the Breitling? Also how much would it cost and who could do it? Thanks

    Steelfish bracelet removal

    I get one side of the spring bar out but the other side feels like it is locked in there it doesnt have a 'release' on the spring bar its literally impossible for me to do i have tried for another 2 hours last night

    Steelfish bracelet removal

    Ok I give up I can't get it off... I have tried everything for hours at a time... I have removed bracelet off my Gen skyland avenger.. I have put straps on rubber. Leather. Bracelets etc etc very easy... This I can not get off.. Any advice

    Rubber strap for my avenger

    Check spring bars. Make sure it's in. That's a weird problem I just bought a seawolf and put a rubber strap from panatime it.. Fits fine

    Breitling Avenger rep. which is better?

    same watch one is 20 dollars more thats about it you buy from the dealer so whoever has better communication and quicker you go with the watches are made from the same factory it looks like

    How is this watch? Why so cheap?

    this was an old post guys, i have since learned a ton from the boards! thanks!


    iparadisiac sucks! they are DEF not scammers they are great customer service one of the best, very quick delivery, very nice, they even gave me a free watch then i ordered, they gave me 40% off when i used western union, then i told them i wasnt happy with one of the watches they sent me another breitling free, i got 6 watches from them and i didnt spend more than 200 dollars total! the navitimer was terrible! the tag carrera was nice! the breitling motors t was nice! but the bracelets sucked and it fell apart 10 times, very cheap quality but looked nice for the price DO not order from them

    How is this watch? Why so cheap?

    yeah very true, i am going with trusty or PCLS i just saw this dirt cheap i got intrigued thanks
  10. I want three different watches and cant decide, some kind of superavenger this one i like because of the diver strap and it is only a little over 100 USD i was going to buy a diver strap from PCLS for 65 anyway so might as well buy this? How is the quality? http://www.highqualitywatches.co.uk/high-quality-breitling-skyland-chronograph-swiss-valjoux-7750-movement-blue-dial-ar-coating-watch-20446.html

    Question about trusted dealers

    sorry was typing on my phone last night long day with the fiance thanks guys appreciate the input

    Question about trusted dealers

    send me a link send me a link of it?

    Question about trusted dealers

    ahh ok, so i guess its a no
  14. I am looking at the super avenger from PCLS or trusty time both same price, look like good quality both good reviews etc etc My main question, i cant decide on which watch because i like the different straps but i like the SS bracelet Any chance PCLS or trusty time throw me in a strap for no charge? i mean the strap is 80 and the watch is 278 so that is almost a 1/3 of the price just for the strap Think they will throw in a rubber diver strap no charge?

    Black Seawolf from Trusty Time - QC Pics

    can you buy straps for this watch?