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  1. andyaudi42

    AP Picture thread

    Damn.... Nice Watch.
  2. andyaudi42

    Best option on FC diver?

    XF on the FC diver. Some minor mods and if you're willing to splurge on a low beat conversion, your set with something pretty close to gen.
  3. andyaudi42

    IWC Tribute to Mark XI

    Nothing new on the tribute, still that MKF that has the wrong case... Any one else heard otherwise?
  4. andyaudi42

    AP Picture thread

    Peanut butter sandwich. Nice
  5. andyaudi42

    AP Picture thread

    I like the blue, but I feel that belongs on the 15202. Black would be next choice, and a gen would be nice. Newborn expenses come first, reps and mods for now, once I can save up enough cash after the FCDiver Beautiful watch you have though.
  6. andyaudi42

    AP Picture thread

    Another gen? Next on my list after your FC diver comes
  7. andyaudi42

    IWC Tribute to Mark XI

    Yeah this is nice. The Mk XVI is classic. The tribute is nice. A little bit of vintage flare keeps it looking low-key. Really hope someone remakes the tribute with correct proportions
  8. andyaudi42

    Batch 3: Modded AP SS JF V7 divers

    Any word on a "BATCH 4" of XF v2 FC Divers?
  9. andyaudi42

    IWC Tribute to Mark XI

    Is the MKF the only one making this? Anyone know if other makers are taking this on and if they are able to get the case dimensions right? Such a nice looking piece, just a tad off dimensionally
  10. andyaudi42

    Batch 3: Modded AP SS JF V7 divers

    I wonder if the cyclops will slightly correct the date size without the need for a new DW, unless someone was looking for modern font of the late H series FC divers. Does XFs crystal look too clear? Worth removing the outer coating? Either way, your builds are... Wait for it...legendary . Would definitely be cool to see what you could do.
  11. andyaudi42

    Batch 3: Modded AP SS JF V7 divers

    Next batch with FC
  12. andyaudi42

    AP Picture thread

    What version is this? Looks amazing. Wear it well
  13. andyaudi42

    AP Picture thread

    Nice diver, is that gen? Dw looks very nice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. andyaudi42

    Ebay listing - Rep xvii bracelet on xvi (gen or rep?)

    bracelet is rep for sure. there shouldn't be any spring bar holes in the clasp portion of the bracelet. you can see two holes on the clasp, one on button release side, and the other on the flat side. SEL Fitment is also garbage. I've had 2 3717s on bracelet and the Mk XVI, neither had the holes in the bracelet, not the poor fitting endlinks (which are solid, and dont offer much wiggle room).
  15. andyaudi42

    Completely random post

    Living in the bluffs, nice! Same deal in the west end, damn Starbucks lol