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  1. What the heck is that Sea-Dweller that I don't have!!!!
  2. I do. Shoot me your email.
  3. I have a true Belstaff padded Trialmaster Professionnal McQueen jacket if someone is interested.
  4. Well, it looks great. Did you waterproof it?
  5. Gen bracelet makes a big difference to what I can tell. I have half a dozen rep bracelet, and just got a gen. The difference in fell and looks is stunning. Just my contribution, I know Yuki or josh have good rep bracelet. Never had one myself.
  6. I was looking for one too. Yuki has one @2,8k... Or you could buy a watch and rip the heart away from here to build it. I have a spinmaster 6240 and I would love to build a franken with it.
  7. If you have the budget, go for a gen! It is worth it! I just bought 2 for my good reps, because they are worth it.
  8. Let us know if you want to get rid of the 1665 project...
  9. Just got my new gen bracelet to go on the 1665. It trully is not the same game as reps, even good ones. You can easily see the quality, even with my MBW. Got one too for my Daytona right away. If you love'em, do them the favor!
  10. We are craving for an update!!! Pleaaaaaaaase!
  11. I guess I will buy 2 for myself! 5512 and 1665 Comex !!! Thanks! You just made the day of my banker ! I need then to have them shipped to PBdad for a beat up on the Comex and a gen service/2846 on the 5512. I knew I shouldn't have come around here this morning!
  12. A beauty! Mine is at Pbdad's crib and I am going to ask for the same aging process! Did you consider Clark instead of gen crystal? I am hesitating buying a gen T39 instead of a Clarks...
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