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  1. That was his “alterego” posting
  2. I would need 2 sets of 1.9mm and 1 set of 20mm
  3. That thread was ridiculous, they murdered that kid. They just see people that are into reps as poor wannabees, guys on rep forums know a lot more of these collectors with deep pockets
  4. ROLO YOU’ll have to build me something one of these days I swear to God
  5. Beautiful! How much for a build like that?
  6. That is gorgeous!!!! How much a build like this can cost?
  7. Nanuq, it's so funny seeing you appreciate Panerai
  8. I bought one last year and I was really disappointed with the quality, I mean, the gen ones weren't great quality either but the clasp stampings and the coronet on Yuki's were really crappy and the fact that the end links don't take the 2 mm spring bars is another drawback on the whole thing Luckily they are in high demand and I was able to resell it
  9. you guys are killing me, I might commit horological suicide and email Phong
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