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  1. Yea I think I have just been too absorbed with this forum to realize most people don't have the same know how about watches. Some stuff that that seems as basic knowledge in this forum is probably much much more than even som real gen watch owners know! Either way its time for me to stop worrying about the tells and enjoy it!
  2. I was always under the impression the hand stack is a dead give away but it is sounding increasingly like I should just appreciate the value I got for this cheapie. My first rep before I sold it had a 2824 and between seconds had a tick-tick-tick-tick-tick or 5 tick while this watch just has a tick-tick-tick is that a give away that the watch movement is poor quality?
  3. Hey Guys- I recently picked up a nice cheapie 40mm rolex explorer. What I am wondering is how hard it would be to upgrade this from a 21J Asian movement to an ETA highbeat so that the hand sweeps a little smoother. I am looking to try to mod this also with a gen crown and crystal but am unsure if it will take these mods. I am very new to modding and this would be my first project so any advice even as stupid as it may sound is appreciated. Also, does anyone have experience trying to get the correct hand stack on a watch like this? I have heard that the Asian and ETA are simple movements which can cause the correct hand stack mod to be unreliable and break within a couple months. Is this a myth or do I truely need a gen movement for something like this? Thanks in advance as I really hope to learn a bit more about this watch and modding in general!
  4. You guys must not have seen the TC LV I just posted to sell ?! Its got a gen crown, insert and crystal. Thing is verrrry close to the mark 6 which is a 2005 model and is date accurate with no rehaut etc I take that back ^^^^ looks like Dusk just checked it out hahaha
  5. Hey Guys- I have been hunting for some good prada high top reps and cant seem to find any legit sites. I am wondering if anyone on here knows of a good place for high quality high top reps? Seems like with so many other products being repped sneakers should be easy to find
  6. If you have the loot go for a TC, they are all around better quality and he takes the time to make sure things are lined up/look as gen as possible.
  7. I am asking after purchase simply out of curiosity of how others price this watch and parts. I could care less if I got a deal or not becuase the watch is exactly what I have been looking for. The movement is not shown in pics becuase I have already confirmed it and there is really nothing else to get out of showing a pic of it. The insert is gen and the bracelet is v4. Thanks for the response and opinion!
  8. Hey Guys- So I just purchased a TC LV sub with LV insert, gen crown and crystal and am wondering what you guys think the true value of the watch is/ opinions. It has Swiss ETA 2824-2 H4 and was recently serviced. Take a look at the pics and let me know what you all think!
  9. Hey where can I order the BP classic dweller? Is there a link to the webpage of the exact model you are talking about or do I need to PM someone?
  10. Ok so they don't offer the watch with an A2824 movement. Should I instead go for a sub swiss 2824 /3135 ? It's specs are nickle plated swiss eta 2824 modified to rolex calibre 3135 markings and bridges, 25J, 28800 bph? Or is this still just a verison which has decorated bridges etc? Also, including the movement listed above perfect clones does not sell the submariner with an A2824 movement. Is it something I should really strive for, and will make a difference in the quality of my watch or am I ok going with one of these movements? Will they provide a similar movement to the gen on the dial? And thanks AKTime for the reply! You have been a consistant part of my watch education!
  11. Hey Guys- I am looking at two Rolex 16610 models on perfect clones and wondering what I can expect for the difference in these two movements. The first is a Sub Asian 2824 / 3135 and the specs are as follows... - nickle plated asian clone 2824 modified to rolex calibre 3135 markings and bridges The second is a Sub Asian 2813 28800 and the specs are as follows... - ew breed asian 2813, 28800 high beat, ew breed with 25J, rolex style perforated rotor As a novice I honestly have no clue how big or important the difference is between these movements. I understand that it will make the watch more accurate with a smoother movement but to what degree? Will it be noticable to others that my watch is a rep if I go with the cheaper of the two movements or does it not make that large of a difference? Any thoughts or info on this whole area would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Yea I am ok with the $700 price tag and have actually started to collect gen pieces. The real issue is that I am not watch compitent at all at this point, so I already contacted BK and might be sending some parts his way to help with the build.
  13. Thanks for the advice, I definitely have heard that the hands are much lower on the reps and easy to spot for a seasoned watch enthusiast.
  14. Hey Guys- Still a noob here but just wanted to see which reps and AD's you think have the best or most undetectable rolex reps? I am looking for something that only a jewler could determine as a rep or as close as reps can get to that. If this really isn't a possibility and it very well could be, then should I just be scouring the forum for franken watches that have the important gen pieces (whatever those may be)? Sorry for the presumable noob questions but I figured it was worth a shot and you guys might hook me up with some valuble info/ lessons in this whole ordeal.
  15. How much do you think it would be if I took to a watch repair shop in Boston?
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