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  1. Generally speaking, in each of our impressions, Swiss watches are generally worn on the wrists of successful people, but the price is also “beautiful” like successful people, so many people often do not spend a lot of money to choose and buy it. On the contrary, it cause another industry show up with fast development, therefore the best high imitation Swiss watches have been manufactured. High imitation will appear frequently in all walks of life. It is also very common in the watch industry. In order to satisfy more people's demand for this watch, such products need to be manufact
  2. Hi everyone! I'm quite new to the forums and I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to post this. Anyway, I'm looking for some help from some reputable members on here who can guide me in the correct direction. I'm looking for a replica Rolex Submariner. So far I've narrowed it down to these three: http://www.intime.co/rollie/2725-submariner-116610-lv-black-ceramic-v2s-1-1-jf-best-edition.html http://www.intime.co/rollie/2637-2016-submariner-116610-ln-black-ceramic-v6s-sa3135-1-1-noob-best-edition-.html http://www.intime.co/rollie/2640-2016-submariner-116610-ln-black-
  3. Hi is http://trustytime.store/ a legit store ive seen people say that it is and isnt
  4. Hello Everyone, Greetings! Am a newbie in replica watches and i bought these SDDS and Sub in Bangkok 2 years ago. got a few question hope you could help me out thanks ! 1. judging on the picture, could the replica company be identified? 2. if yes, which version could it be? 3. could the movement be identified? 3135/A2386/ETA2386 ? 4. what are the current market value for these? SDDS SUB
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to RWG and though I could write something about this special watch that was produced in a very limited number with the approval from Rolex. Since it is related to Rolex I thought I post it in the Rolex area. Hope this is ok. I recently obtained this Telda Paul Newman Daytona Chronograph Replica and wanted to share some pictures and information with the forum. Based on some research I found the following interesting information: Telda is a brand of the Swiss manufacturer "Les Fils d'Armand Nicolet, Manufacture des Montres Telda S.à.r.L"
  6. I'm thinking about rolex daytona recently. What is your opinion on A7750 with working chronos? I know it's 2,5mm thicker than a gen. My PAM is 14mm and it's already massive not to mention smaller rollie. To be honest new 13mm daytona made of 904 looks really amazing! I know it has frozen chronos due to 4130 but it's quite slim. What's your opinion on this one? I'd like to hear from someone with 7750 daytona Thanks!
  7. Hey I couldnt find any recent posts regarding Planet Ocean replicas, so I decided to start a new one. I was looking for PO replica for a long time, and noticed a few strange things. Here are three replicas that I liked most (puretime) 1. https://puretime03.com/planet-ocean-professional-titanium-v6f-11-best-edition-45mm-on-titanium-bracelet-a8500.html 2. https://puretime03.com/planet-ocean-42mm-ultimate-edition-blackwhite-on-ss-bracelet-eta2836.html# 3. https://puretime03.com/planet-ocean-professional-ceramic-bezel-42mm-on-ss-bracelet-a2836.html I'm completely confused with those
  8. Hello, I'm new here. can somebody help me to find Audemars Piguet replica watches in Bkk? thanks
  9. JR

    Noob facory

    New here and to the game in general. Trying to do my research but it's a tangled web. Have a budget of $300-$600 and looking to get the best quality, most accurate rep in that range. Ideally a GMT Batman V7. Better to buy direct from the factory or from a dealer on here? Cane across a website xxx.com Any feedback on that one? Many thanks
  10. Hello everyone! I'm new here, but this forum seems pretty awesome (nice people, good vibes). I want to buy my first replica Audemars Piguet, but don't really know how I can get one... Also I don't know about transfer costs for shipping to The Netherlands (where i live), i've read something about high extra fees or taxes? I'm looking for an AP with decent quality (not the very cheap looking ones), and open back. I would really like to hear from someone who has already purchased an AP. How did your purchase go? How is the quality, is it worth buying one?
  11. Am looking for seller i can buy a 1 to 1 Rep with all the looks spot on
  12. Was wondering if anyone knows anyone who can source shoes like Yeezys,Kobes,Jordans etc.
  13. Around half year ago decided to make 1:1 very high quality - matching gen - Audemars Piguet gold ring to ware together with watches. About week ago I had fruits of my long term journey. The outcome is amazing masterpiece and I love it.
  14. Hey Everyone I've an opportunity to buy a gen(?) Monaco Calibre 6. It's going for £600, has a few scratches to the SS, but the crystal looks clear. I'm buying it from a shop, so I can return it if I'm not happy. There isn't any box or paperwork, so I was wondering if there was any chance it was a rep. I know the chronographs are difficult to rep, but as this is a non-chrono, what are the chances it is legit? I havent seen any of these on ADs, but it is a 2005 model, so maybe they don't rep them any more. Advice please Pic below
  15. Hey Guys- I have been hunting for some good prada high top reps and cant seem to find any legit sites. I am wondering if anyone on here knows of a good place for high quality high top reps? Seems like with so many other products being repped sneakers should be easy to find
  16. Hi everyone! I was thinking about some Richard Mille timepiece but I am still really know to reps and even fresher to RM reps. I am willing to spend some good money but are there really RM reps that are worth it? Would like some of the smaller sizes. Thank you! appreciate it
  17. Hi, so this will be my first post here on a replica Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 36. I thought i would share my thoughts on this low-end replica watch. And of course post some pictures I bought this watch from Priceangels as an experiment, but because of its superb design (for me the dial and brown and white contrast) I started using it as my daily "beater". So for the first months it held up great and it harvested lots of compliments. But suddenly the dial-ring (turning part located over the watch-face) pusher/control fell off and rendered useless. But I liked the design so I made some e
  18. Hello all, this is my first post on the site! I have done some thorough searching before I came to the conclusion that I need to start a new topic. I don't really know how to use this forum yet but I am here to stay and learn, so please work with me! First off, I do have a few reps but they are all low-grade and worthless. Recently I came to the conclusion its best to pay good money for good quality. And thats what I need your help for. Searching through the forum, I found a lot of people talking about someone named 'Andrew' and a company named 'Trusty Time'. At first I was goin
  19. Can any of the members here recommend a reputable and safe website for AP replica? looking for a high quality replica with premium swiss movement and reasonably priced + fast delivery. BTW, are these 2 sites trusted ? replica2u and e-value shop. Appreciate any help guys (:
  20. I've been following some recent eBay auctions for various cases. Right now, there's a 5513 and a 1680 listed: http://bit.ly/18gHA1B http://bit.ly/18Yp1C9 http://bit.ly/18Yp5BF Associated case parts, too. A few others are already auctioned off (another 5513, a 1675 etc). Apparently, the VRFers think these are all (high quality) fakes: http://www.network54.com/Forum/207593/message/1373815950/All+Fakes- What do you think? If they are in fact replicas, any idea where these parts are being sourced? Apologies if this has already been discussed.
  21. Hey there, I'm looking to purchase a brand new Rolex Milgauss, one of the black with green tint ones. I am looking for a very high quality rep that feels and weighs the same as the original. I need this watch to last a long time and resemble the original as closely as possible. The highest I'd like to pay is $180 and I can only pay with PayPal. If any of you know where I could pick one up, that would be great. Thanks, Henry
  22. Hi everyone! Today I will describe some reps that You can find in Belarus. Thank You for reading! Firstly, we need to find a place to look at reps. You can easilly find this place here, because nobody will stop Your rep selling or block Your site. If You want to sell a rep by the internet, You just write what You're selling. For exapmle "Replica Rolex Submariner" or something like this "Best Replica! Rolex Submariner! Cheap!". Most of people say that they have best 1:1 replicas, but they only have cheap reps, I think Canal Street quality or even worse. So it isn't hard to find a place t
  23. Hi guys, I am new to the world of replica watches. I am looking for this Omega and I have not been able to find it anywhere. I have obviously come across other version of the speedmaster but I would like this specific version. I could not find it on Andrew's site, and I looked around the others as well. I found one for 70 dollars on some random Chinese site, but I don't trust them with my credit card. Has anyone come across this watch on their Rep searches??? Thanks guys. It is the Omega Speedmaster 323. Here is a pic for reference, borrowed from the Omega
  24. It took me awhile before the rep strap came to me, but finally it arrived today. So here comes the pictures. Before you look further, I'd like to point out that there IS a huge difference between the Rep straps and the OEM strap. Not only does the quality of the leather look different externally, it actually feels different when you have it on your wrist. Furthermore, it just brings a different feel towards your rep. The fact that you know that a part of it is gen, really makes you treasure your rep more. At the least, thats what I felt. In fact, I started wearing my rep as my daily beater ins
  25. Hello my RWG friend, one of my best friend will spend 2 days in Bangkok. I'd like to ask him to buy a rep watch for me. Where does he buy it? Please, someone can tell me if it's still possible to find the famous MBW watches, in MBK? Many thanks, Nemo
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