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  1. What the hell.... Might as well go all the way back and find Blade 😬
  2. I work from home.... Nothing really any different for me 😀 Although the bars here in NC are closed 😬
  3. Ah... ol RWG.... How I missed thee 😀
  4. you know it Lol... funny thing is I received a Genuine Omega today and was comparing it to the old one I got about 14 years ago.... and it's damn near a perfect clone... I had the 007 Dial added back in the day to the rep.... My view when I head to the condo 😀
  5. Man, terrible.... Sorry I wasn't around the past many, many years to see what you had...
  6. Still working from home.... However.... I've managed to buy an ocean front Condo, so at least I can have a good view from time to time when I work from there 😁 I guess your daughter is like older now.... My son is pushing 17 now 😵
  7. Nice Lol... Well..... My son was born in 2004, so around 2006/2007 is when i had to quit spending so much time on watch forums.... he's now 16 so i guess it's time for me to get back on 😁
  8. At the risk of getting flamed as a noob, who sales the best Omega's? I've not been on here in like probably 10+ years, and I'm sure the dealers have changed as well as the quality of the pieces...
  9. What's up Nanuq? You still in AK? Man, long time no see 😀
  10. Damn, I see the forum is still going on..... Is Thomas still the admin? I see Ken is still active 😀 Haven't been on here in a long, long time..... I still have my RWG Collaboration watch from back in the stone ages.... Looking to get back into some watches. The new omega seamaster has grabbed my attention... Who'd the man these days? I use to get stuff from Eddie Lee back in the day and some others..
  11. 1. Animal House 2. Napoleon Dynamite 3. Too many more to decide......[edit] Fast times at Ridgemont high...
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