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  1. 1. Animal House 2. Napoleon Dynamite 3. Too many more to decide......[edit] Fast times at Ridgemont high...
  2. Damn rain.....
  3. OR Save jobs.... Obama's smart. When 1 million jobs are created he can claim that he saved the other 2.5 million with no way to prove otherwise. The save clause is his out so that the kool-aid drinkers can defend him in the future.
  4. I just hope the stock market doesn't go kaput in the next week or two. Obama opens his mouth and the market takes a dive. Soon as the loons pass card check, it's all but over....
  5. I was willing to give Obama a chance, but two weeks in, things aren't looking all that great. First we had Bill Richardson, then Geitner, then Daschel, then Killefer.... Geez.. what’s next? Skirting your own policy of not bringing lobbyists along? Oh wait, he's doing that too. Not the mention the stimulus plan. What a cluster…At least he's willing to slap that nut job Pelosi around when needed. Obama looks less like a leader and more like a man reacting to events. Hope and Change, Hope and Change…..
  6. Na, I didn't see.... It's nice to see he's still around though....
  7. I think it's the avatar
  8. Since I'm not a UK member I did not vote in the "Poll", but I agree with that statement.... we'll wait for phoband to explain why this is a bad thing...
  9. I love racing games, but haven't really got to play in a long time due to issues with my home desktop pc. I just last week got the pc fixed and am ready to start playing again. this one looks like fun...
  10. lol...
  11. Yes... I guess I shouldn't have quoted your thread. I know what ya mean.. It was just a General statement.