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  1. Hi guys I'm sure it's been asked lots of times, but I'm getting old and can't remember myself! So has a 7030 tube got the same case thread size as Adrian's 702 tube? Both 3mm? Hope that makes sense Cheers
  2. Just had a message regarding Bob, incredibly sad news. We had formed a close friendship over the years and I'll really miss him not being around on the forum.
  3. Thanks mate Thats greatly appreciated Have a good Christmas Cheers M
  4. Thanks mate, so more like 1mm rather than 1.2mm?
  5. Morning guys Wanted to double check with one of our experts. Friction pin for the Gen 93150 fliplock 1.2mm diameter or 1mm I know its 18mm long Any help appreciated Cheers DH
  6. morning guys, I'm looking at potentially building a 5513 with a gen spec case. Apart from the usual 2846/2824 options what other eta vintage movements can be used? Hope that makes sense Cheers DH
  7. Big Dazza is your man, he has just developed some new ones that are very close to gen.
  8. I thought i'd pop into the local after work on Friday night expecting things to be very quiet in there. Nope, packed to the rafters with drunk British people singing and drinking Gin. What i do find more terrifying is the social media driven madness, especially when all of the producers that supply the supermarkets are saying we are perfectly capable of supplying the demand for bog roll. Bloody ridiculous.
  9. Keeping my beady eye on the Titus Calypsomatic watches, only a matter of time with a lot of these lovely old classic divers watches. Oh the heady days days when i was buying 5513 Submariners in 1992 for 500 quid.
  10. i saw this as well, what a fantastic example of Karma
  11. I remember Steve Mulholland, he resembled a pit bull terrier that wanted to kill you if memory serves me right. Not a nice man at all.
  12. Just wanted to share this one with you, if you've been on here a fair amount of time then you'll remember when these was released. Can't remember what factory made it but it was in the good old days when some of the early reps were so close to the gens it was scary. A nice genuine Swiss eta 7750 lurking in mine.
  13. Here you go, correct 8 shape connecting links. You should be able to remove the last rivet to dissemble it to get the connector. https://www.ebay.com/itm/20MM-OLD-STYLE-SOLID-STEEL-RIVET-OYSTER-BAND-BRACELET-FOR-36MM-EXPLORER-WATCH/352937772375?hash=item522cbb0557:g:Bo0AAOSwIJdbgyq7
  14. While busy at work 😀 I decided to follow up on a post i saw a while ago on one of the other forums. The general opinion on the Cartel 93150 bracelet was that the connecting endlinks were not right and should be the classic figure of 8 shape. It also has the round top 3's which we now know were made by Rolex for a short period around 1995. It now appears that the connecting links on the Cartel 93150 are in fact based on a much later Gen 93150 as seen for sale on Chrono24.com. Please see pics attached.... So in conclusion, If you have the patience (I'm currently attempting it) you can replace the connecting links with some from numerous aftermarket bracelets with the correct figure of 8 links(Ebay rivet ones) And replace the fliplock clasp with one dating from 1995 you will have a very nice correctly spec 93150. The round 3's are sadly only relivant to around 1995, and the later V shaped links only feature on the much later 93150 bracelets. Hope that may help with any future builds. Cheers DH
  15. Just landed as my birthday present to myself. 20 year old Muhle Galshutte sport Diver in nicely aged condition
  16. denimhead


    Hello Mate nice to see you again. Hope lives treating you well M
  17. Lovely mate, congrats on a special build.
  18. Can't wait to see the end result mate, cousins UK sell a gen spec click spring. Not sure on the endlinks. One thing to remember if your using the JF case. The drilled holes have to follow the inside holes as a guide, so you may have to slightly alter any endlink to fit the case. Hope that makes sense. Cheers
  19. Morning Dutch, The ST case takes the SH movement no problem, not sure about the rehaut depth on it though, as its a 16610 replacement. Yes you'd have to add chamfers. The JF 16610LN(not the LV) has a shorter rehaut, thats why i used it for my 16800 build. In terms of putting it all together then I'd suggest you contact Ado(Adrian) directly, he has his own modding section on here. He's based here in the UK. He is also known very well over on rwi. for his lug holes16600 builds. He can do verything down to serving the movement, build it. Case work etc The bloke in my eyes is a bloody genius Hope that helps
  20. Hi Dutch I'm in the process of putting together a 16800 matte dial submariner, which would date it too 1980- 84. I have done numerous 4 digit builds but wanted the reliability of the saphire glass and click functioning bezel. While still having that matte dial vintage feel. I used the JF16610 as a base, Ado123 kindly drilled the case for me SH3135 serviced with Gen date disc, and complete Gen auto wind module Mq 16800 matte dial on Gen Beyeler plate gen tube and crown Gen tritium insert Franken 93150 WSO 580 endlinks Hopefully complete by next week I wish i had gone with the Startime case, because Ado had to follow the internal holes on the JF case and they are always a bit off (you maybe a bit luckier) In other words when you look at the side profile one hole is always a bit higher than the other. Only issue with the startime case is that there is no champher on the case edges.
  21. When you get time to have a search on the forum, there are a lot of Vintage sub builds at varying degrees of investment. If your considering this level of investment then a simple start list for you would be - Cartel vintage submariner(5513 or 1680) these are actually very good bases. Modded to enlarge the lug holes replace movement for a eta 2846 or other slow beat movement. Perhaps a nice Gen insert or fade the cartel one. This can be done very well. Also have a look for Big Daz as he sells faded aftermarket ones including the plastic pips Sternkreuz plexi that fits the cartel case. Yuki dial and hands, might want to have them re lumed again Big Daz is worth contacting. You have to remember that most vintage Rolex have had different lives, usage etc so they will all vary a bit in terms of ageing. That's the advantage with them! Having build a few of these, my advise would be try and find a nicely one already done on the sales forum, trust me its worth it. Good luck DH
  22. This really isn't the best start in terms of communicating with the members here, we've all been new to the forum and we are always learning. Oh and by the way when your watches need fixing guess who you'll need to fix them. Yep Mr Steel. Deep breath and lets start again.
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