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  1. Today the site of Perfectclones pf868.co is dead. Do you have the new address ? I have also lost the email address 😒🥰 Thanks
  2. I love the last GMT Noob BLRO (link) But the movement is very bad. I have researched if there is a IHS but I have seen nothing in the sites of forum sellers. Have you notice of this , or don't exist ? Are we really sure that the CHS is really so fragile ? Is there anyone who has a rep whit CHS for months and years and has had no problems ? I am very confused…... https://www.intime05.co/rollie/6350-gmt-master-ii-126710-blro-real-ceramic-904l-ss-noob-1-1-best-edition-on-bracelet-a3285-correct-hand-stack.html
  3. You'd do better trying to find a 126710 with an A2836-2 movement and quit worrying about the correct handstack. The A3285 is just a modified 2836, but I've never heard anything good about it. https://www.intime05.co/rollie/5756-gmt-master-ii-126710-blro-red-blue-bezel-ss-black-dial-on-ss-jubilee-bracelet-a2836.html Thank you and Cardoza. I'm not interested in having the CHS I'm also happy with the IHS A2836-2, as you advise. But the most recent Noob GMT red-blue ( that I have linked) , is available only with IHS. The A2836-2 version I dont find. Dont exist ? I'm afraid not. This watch is much more beautiful and nice than the other versions, as the $ 288 in your link. Ad all others. If this most recent and beautiful Noob is available in IHS A2836 I would buy the one without problems. I am happy to have this Noob in IHS !!!! But I have not see it , only IHS
  4. I really like the new Noob GMT 126710 BLRO $ 668 (link) I have read the most mixed opinions on his movement. According to many it is destined to break soon But is it possible that this does not happen, perhaps using it in a certain way, or is there nothing to do? I'd like to hear the opinion of those who tried it, before spending $ 668. Thanks to those who help me LINK https://www.intime05.co/rollie/6350-gmt-master-ii-126710-blro-real-ceramic-904l-ss-noob-1-1-best-edition-on-bracelet-a3285-correct-hand-stack.html
  5. Yex exact. The black dial of watchparts is good for 116520, but the white NO ! These is a dial for ceramic only ! I realized the error only after posting to the photo of the white dial instead of the black one, sorry
  6. Defects are used to to marked , in december , a V3b version, a V4 in april 2020 , a V4b in july 2020 ecc....ecc...😁
  7. The color and measure of the subdials , in my eyes, appears correct, it is better than Noob and also than ARF I presume.The crown is good. I think that , the noob Daytona whit steel bezel (116520) out of the box is good, because bezel, case, cristal ecc... are not bad. The major flaw is the dial. The noob + this dial it's almost a super rep. The small flaws are pratically invisible, if you dont observe it very closely What do you think about it ? In your opinion, there whould be other necessary changes and modify , beyond the dial ?
  8. I love Noob Daytona, but the version that I prefer ( steel bezel) has not a good dial. Some people buy an ARF and use the ARF dial in Noob I have seen also gen dials, but thei have high price. But there is also an aftermarket white dial from watchesparts that has not a bad appareance. For example the crown is more realistic as Noob. To buy this dial costs less than buying an entire ARF Daytona ( $. 300) and it seems to me even sharper. But I' m not expert in Rlx dials, which you think about ? https://watchesparts.com/products/rolex-daytona-white-with-black-track-on-the-subsiaries-subsidiaries
  9. Thanks sir for your courtesy, good week end
  10. I have research it, but have not seen, have you the link ?
  11. Very interesting, thanks I searched on the internet for aftermarket no logo gold steel bracelets with real gold even at 14 kt ,but you can find it a) gen bracelets Rlx, very expensive , enormous prices ! b) plated bracialets, It is possible to buy a plated rep for $/400 - 500, but the best plated blue sub , according to what I've read in the forums, is the recent ARF. But it doesn't have the endlink plated on the sides. The VFR has the endlink plated but a bad gold colour, very Yellow. Ecc....ecc.... I could replace the bracelet of ARF with a correct band, the best is a 14 kt solid gold , but I don't know where to find it. I could put a strap instead of the bracelet, but it becomes another watch. I live in Italy, but the jewelries of Valenza Po , one of the 2 famous Italian cities for gold processing and gold artisans and factories ( other is Vicenza) have not a similar bracialets, in stores. I have an hard head, I really want to have this rep, but it is a problem. I have many doubts………
  12. I have already posted a post on the Sub 116613 LB problems. After long studies I decided that the least bad choice is the BP wrapped $ 938.00. However, this watch appeared a long time ago and a new version, as V2, never appeared on the sites. I have read several reviews on the forums, but they are all from a few years ago My question is: was the watch valid in the color of the blue dial and in the quality of the ceramic insert and gold numbers, or is it necessary to make changes and additions with aftermarket parts? From the photos of the site (link) it is not clear if the color is good or not. https://www.intime05.co/rollie/2686-submariner-bp-116613lb-blue-ss-yg-wrapped-swiss-eta-2836.html
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