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  1. The color and measure of the subdials , in my eyes, appears correct, it is better than Noob and also than ARF I presume.The crown is good. I think that , the noob Daytona whit steel bezel (116520) out of the box is good, because bezel, case, cristal ecc... are not bad. The major flaw is the dial. The noob + this dial it's almost a super rep. The small flaws are pratically invisible, if you dont observe it very closely What do you think about it ? In your opinion, there whould be other necessary changes and modify , beyond the dial ?
  2. I love Noob Daytona, but the version that I prefer ( steel bezel) has not a good dial. Some people buy an ARF and use the ARF dial in Noob I have seen also gen dials, but thei have high price. But there is also an aftermarket white dial from watchesparts that has not a bad appareance. For example the crown is more realistic as Noob. To buy this dial costs less than buying an entire ARF Daytona ( $. 300) and it seems to me even sharper. But I' m not expert in Rlx dials, which you think about ? https://watchesparts.com/products/rolex-daytona-white-with-black-track-on-the-subsiaries-subsidiaries
  3. Thanks sir for your courtesy, good week end
  4. I have research it, but have not seen, have you the link ?
  5. Very interesting, thanks I searched on the internet for aftermarket no logo gold steel bracelets with real gold even at 14 kt ,but you can find it a) gen bracelets Rlx, very expensive , enormous prices ! b) plated bracialets, It is possible to buy a plated rep for $/400 - 500, but the best plated blue sub , according to what I've read in the forums, is the recent ARF. But it doesn't have the endlink plated on the sides. The VFR has the endlink plated but a bad gold colour, very Yellow. Ecc....ecc.... I could replace the bracelet of ARF with a correct band, the best is a 14 kt solid gold , but I don't know where to find it. I could put a strap instead of the bracelet, but it becomes another watch. I live in Italy, but the jewelries of Valenza Po , one of the 2 famous Italian cities for gold processing and gold artisans and factories ( other is Vicenza) have not a similar bracialets, in stores. I have an hard head, I really want to have this rep, but it is a problem. I have many doubts………
  6. I have already posted a post on the Sub 116613 LB problems. After long studies I decided that the least bad choice is the BP wrapped $ 938.00. However, this watch appeared a long time ago and a new version, as V2, never appeared on the sites. I have read several reviews on the forums, but they are all from a few years ago My question is: was the watch valid in the color of the blue dial and in the quality of the ceramic insert and gold numbers, or is it necessary to make changes and additions with aftermarket parts? From the photos of the site (link) it is not clear if the color is good or not. https://www.intime05.co/rollie/2686-submariner-bp-116613lb-blue-ss-yg-wrapped-swiss-eta-2836.html
  7. Thanks for answer. Very nice watch. Sorry, I dont know, is it a Gen post , reps post or a mesaillance fo gen/fake ?
  8. Is this an ARF ? Noob v2 ? gen ? In photo is very very nice
  9. Thank to the all friends that have answered me, a good help.
  10. It is really a very simple project. My project plans to make a 116613 two tone blue sub with a leather strap, so it is possible to overcome the gold color in the band. The other small parts in gold I think to keep them or replace them. My problem is the correct blue color of bezel and insert. The photos on the sites are not reliable because the photo distorts the color. I have carefully read all the posts on the Sub TT reps but it seems to me that the opinions are not homogeneous. The reps that have the best reviews are ARF plated, Noob wrapped and VRF wrapped (I put the links). I would like to ask for help to those who own or have seen these watches live, in your opinion which manufacturer has better centered the dial and insert? I put a picture, it is not a ceramic, but it takes a lot to better understand what I would like to do https://www.intime05.co/rollie/5279-submariner-116613-lb-noob-1-1-best-edition-yg-wrapped-bezel-blue-dial-on-ss-yg-bracelet-a2836-v8.html https://www.intime05.co/rollie/4459-submariner-116613lb-wrapped-ss-yg-vrf-max-1-1-best-edition-blue-dial-a2836.html https://www.intime05.co/rollie/5726-submariner-116613-lb-blue-ceramic-arf-1-1-best-edition-904l-ss-case-and-bracelet-sh3135v2.html
  11. Could these vintagepower watches be used as basic watch for modding , whit Viet or Thai dials, inserts ecc.….? The vintagepower cases, crown ecc... seem to me better than those on the bad cartel vintages. What do you think about it ?
  12. Thanks I have some doubt about the writing on the dial. In the pohotos of gen vintage the writing in the dial as Rolex Oyster ecc...ecc... are compact, not ruined consumed In these Vintagepower these writings seem muddled, written by a hand that trembles Will it be a photo effect? And then I've never seen a 6200 or 6538 gen whit gold ring, but does it exist?
  13. I ahve seen a sub - site of TS named thevintagepower The watches, as Sub red or DRSD in phoro appears nice, but the watch in photo is frequently not similat that in youe hands Have you experience of these reps ? Has a guy buyed it ? Impressions ?
  14. I have an ARF Daytona and it is very beautiful The only problem is that it is very noisy I don't have a watchmaker in my town who can lubricate and fatten me I searched for a tutorial that explains how to do it, to do it myself Unfortunately I didn't find it Do you know a tutorial that explains it? Or do you know how to do it and can you tell me? A watch lubricant is easily found, but I don't know exactly where to put it
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