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Tritium Tudor 79090


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Hi guys,


Just finished my B serial 79090 on time for Newsyears eve!


BiVintage case reworked cg's, tube and lugholes.

Gen Tritium dial

Gen insert, removed lumi lume from pip

Old style serifs  datewheel 

Raffles time hour and minute hands

TC  seconds hand 

Italian 93150 bracelet 


Happy new year! 🥂🍾IMG_20231231_162707.thumb.jpg.b23b080c17a9b0e7dc01b5a225f49581.jpg




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Most use whatever works -- a combination of files, sandpaper, Dremel, polishing compounds etc.

The tools are less important than your ability to see what mods are required, your knowledge of what is needed to make a new/rep case appear to have naturally lived through years/decades of wear/polishing & skill in wielding whatever tools used to achieve the end you seek.

Like most skills, your knowledge, experience & abilities are what counts, not the tools used to achieve a result.

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