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    I've reworked that pretty lady. The pushers are better now, I installed a gen top hat T21 and fine tuned the movement for the pushers to operate better... Now I think I can't do much more on this one....
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    The team here at RWG has noticed over an extended time now that many new members are struggling to have either good dealings with sellers or a reasonable understanding of a fair process should something go wrong. We have therefore decided to lay down some guidelines based on the many years of buying and selling experience that can be found in the RWG Admin team. These guidelines are intended to be broad enough to cover both buying from a trusted dealer and member to member trades. Therefore this guide will be broken into sections looking at all aspects of buying. Buying It is extremely unlikely that a senior member or trusted dealer will set out to scam you. Yes it can happen, but not by anyone who wants to stay a part of our community. For this reason you should enter into transactions with these sellers with the mindset that you are going to get what you paid for. The number one cause of grief usually comes from the buyer entering into the deal with a suspicious mind. If you look hard enough, dig deep enough you will eventually find something to complain about in any trade. If, on the other hand, a genuine issue does arise and you are both on good terms then sorting that issue will not only be easier but a great deal quicker and more pleasant. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that they know what they are buying. The seller will list the item with pic’s, price and full disclosure but the buyer should not assume that the item has some feature or function unless they ask the seller directly. Once the item has been paid for and shipping confirmed the seller’s responsibility ceases until the goods arrive. We often hear complaints how a seller has gone silent once the item has been bought. As long as the item is not long overdue then the seller does not have to keep a running commentary going with you. He sold you goods, not added you to his Christmas card list. Buyers need to check with the shipper &/or their local post office to see how long shipments take & what each of the entries in their tracking form means. Buyers need to realize that sellers have lives (outside of RWG), too & may not always be able to respond immediately to every email, PM or phone call made by an over-anxious newbie. Buyers should learn to be patient & limit communications to no more than 1/week. Buyers should never inundate a seller with repeated, threatening &/or lengthy diatribes. These rarely produce a positive result. Selling Prices are mandatory for all sales by members or dealers! RWG is a global community and as such hosts many different languages and customs. Just because the seller knows what he has stated he should not simply assume the buyer understands. For this reason it is crucial for the seller to include as much information as possible, but in clear concise terms, into their sales thread. Dealers should have pinned instructions on how to buy in their sales area, stating any special terms or conditions. Remember it does not matter how long you have done this for, the noob still will not know. A seller, both dealers and members, must always remember that things can go wrong and when they do they need to have a policy on how this can be fixed. Yes a private seller may add a clause stating all risks are the buyers but it must be written not simply expected. RWG hosts a member policed sales area. This means that members do have the right to point out issues that they may see with a sale. A seller has the right to ask any price he wants for his merchandise but he has to expect the members to question that price if they feel it is unrealistic. When problems arise [*]The very best offer you can get is to repair or replace. Once this offer is on the table the buyer should have no further qualms. [*]Shipping will always be a contentious issue as the buyer feels he has already paid the price on purchase, however issues are rarely the sellers fault, most in fact come from shipping. The buyer must always be aware of the sellers shipping policy or be willing to negotiate if an item needs to be returned. [*]Again senior members and trusted dealers will want to work with you when issues arise as it is their reputation on the line, however it is often the buyer attitude when dealing with issues that can turn the whole thing acrimonious. [*]Paypal disputes, often end poorly for both parties, so they should be used only as a last resort ie: when there is a serious problem with the sale and the seller has ceased communications or the seller is conducting a scam (a watch or other item that arrives damaged is NOT a scam!). [*]Buyers should only contact Admins in the following situations: 1. After receiving their item and there's a problem & the seller refuses to make it right, 2. If it has been more than 1 week since the last communication with the seller afterf the buyer reported a problem with the item, or 3. To report their being included in a global scam. Buyer beware One final note: when buying from a member who has very few posts or has just joined, it is advisable to be a little cautious before proceeding. Begin with a PM and ask some simple questions. Ask for a picture of the item with a tag showing the date and members name. Ask the seller if they are a member of any other forum so you can at least get to know them and check their reputation before proceeding with the transaction. If a seller gets defensive about the inquiries then there is every chance you are facing a scam and it is advisable to just walk away. The above can be just as true for a buyer so the same precautions should be taken. RWG provides you, the member, the safest possible platform for a happy buying/selling experience. However it is not always foolproof and members must always remember caveat emptor...’Let the buyer beware’. RWG Admin Team.
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    That HR case is so thick.... It's definitely better after a little diet! The bezel was carved too to reach a closer profile to genuine. A swiss T39 was shaved and repolished to recreate the same side profile as the stock HR sapphire and so be pressed fit WITHOUT GLUE in place. A clean and tidy build, as the bezel insert was shaved thinner for it be be clipped in as well. No glue here ! All clean and dry fitted.
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    Indeed, its laughable, and I don't see that I am doing anything wrong whatsoever, I purchased the parts in the photos above, they are now my property.
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    It seems really hilarious to me that folks in a rep forum suddenly get into a discussion about "IP-rights".
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    Gotta disagree.....isn't that what all the rep makers including tc do already? Market demands is how I see it, give people what they want when for whatever reason they can't get it, that's how I see it [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    By purchasing rare library vinyls...
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    Been meaning to reply to this thread. These despicable humans who kill innocent people have no God or soul. They use Islam as a cover to spread the hatred that lives in their heart. As someone who was brought up as a Muslim, it disturbs me to my inner core that these so called "jihadist" call themselves martyrs by killing innocent children. No one, I say no one deserves this. I know I am not the only one who is f*cking sick and tired of these mother f*ckers representing my religion. I think our community needs to step up and take a strong stand to separate ourselves from these a** holes. One of my friend suggested that instead of being reactive, we need to be more proactive and be vocal. Not only that, it is our responsibility to report every single f*cking person that might have extreme religious views. Religion is only part of our lives, it is NOT our life. I'm a firm believer in respecting other religions and in fact learning about them. Because if you spend a little effort in learning about other religions, you realize that they are not that different from whatever religion you might follow. In the end they all teach us how to be a good human beings and be just and fair. I swear I hear about any disaster in the world and the first thing that comes out of my mouth is, "please don't be a Muslim." It is a sad reality that now majority of the people think of Islam as a bad religion but I'm also amazed and happy to see people from other religion stepping up and defending Islam. To me that's more important what race or religion one might be.
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    Just found this, it's rather lovely
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    Cheers guys. Here's my kitchen table where I cobble watches together lol In full swing by S STEEL, on Flickr
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    He sounds like he is the replacement for Tonnywatches that we need. All information will be greedily received. If we get two or three guys happy with him, maybe I can open a discussion and see if we can get a new supplier for the forum. Worth a try.
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    Almost midnight and it's still light out. This makes the Long Dark worth it.
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    Shot this at the bay for the price of 7734 movement. I think it is out of the ordinary with its vibrant colors. Unfortunately after setting it a few times the date won't change anymore. Will have to open it up soon and make use of the chronograph course Inrecently started.
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    My new baby Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Newbie here, so let me share a few favorites from my collection.
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    Second that there is something weird about This and if you dig Around a little there is Big signs of what going on but i Will not spread rumors people may dig their own but something is off
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    This is a problem that the WEST can never solve. Not Western Europe, not the USA, not NATO, not the UN. This problem must be solved by the government leaders of the countries who harbor these extremists and allow them to operate and proliferate. They will out-wait and outlast any attempts from outside forces to defeat them, as we have seen over and over in the last few decades. What the West can do is isolate those countries and pen them in, until those leaders make it happen. Yes, that'll result in many "good" people suffering along the way, but following the present strategy is clearly not working. The level of hatred that these extremists harbor against anyone not directly in line with their beliefs is unimaginable to those of us outsiders. Unfortunately, this is not a war that can be won with any substantial level of compassion. We'll be fighting it this way for many, many generations if the strategy remains the same.
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    Of course it is, of the hundreds of concerts back in the day (in my youth) nothing ever blew up it's about time to wake up and take of the gloves. Do you think I mean mean the UK military or mine no , it's up to good Muslims to fight to get their honor back and stop these indiscriminate killings there is no honor, no religion of any kind in this you know this. My boy fights for you will not you have the courage to fight for yourselves I must ask ? Do not be afraid there are so many more good good people among you unite, only you can stop these atrocities from within. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to stand by watch it happen and do nothing.
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    Extremely easy fix... I took a 1,6mm thick 12mm with 3mm double-flanged tips spring bar. Shortened the 3mm pins to aprox 1mm (and both flanges disappear). Now we have a 12mm "classic" springbar with 1mm long and aprox 1mm (diameter) thick pins. Insert in SEL. Push the pins in while attaching to the remaining fized llinks. DONE. 2 mins + a Dremel.
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    Ten years ago it was only panerai and omega for me. Look at me now;-) Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G928F met Tapatalk
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    I joined as a vintage Omega and vintage Rolex guy. I know a lot more about both now. I notice I more or less ignore a watch or brand for ages, maybe years, then think why didn't I notice how cool these are before. I never liked Panerai, but now I'm more and more drawn to them, Patek 3711, same, Royal Oak models have grown on me over the last couple of years, but I blame you and @Legend for that.
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    Oh. Sorry. Pretty new here and still finding my way around. Pardon my ignorance [emoji28] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Apologies to @First timer if I came off a little brash, no insult was intended and I've no issue with questions (trust me, I have damn well asked enough in my time here and very very much continue to do so haha), just took issue with the sites used to gain that more than of you having been caught out by them. I also look forward to hearing of your first review (just remember to post pics ) and I assure no wrath haha. Best of luck with your purchase for PT, I've not dealt with them yet but they're one of the old dogs around here so should be fine, just remember that everything's on china time and you may be waiting a little while haha. Now welcome to the insanity of this addiction we are all afflicted with.
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    Yesterday and today Enviado desde mi SM-G925I mediante Tapatalk
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    @First timer, I don't believe a personal slight was intended by @HaydenM. He is trying to help and as you say his reply has useful information. I remember being new to this rep game and it is a confusing labyrinth. Had a member here called you a moron, I can assure you I would have being having words with them, we pride ourselves on being gentlemanly around here. Anyway let let me try to explain a little. As I said previously these are counterfeit goods. This means sellers do not have normal recourse to law. If someone copies their website and uses a slightly different web address to scam the unwary there is little they can do. If someone orders a watch or several, pays PayPal and then opens a dispute claiming the watches are fake, well they are, they just have to take the lose. Hence most dealers are reluctant to take PayPal, especially from people they haven't previously dealt with. A google search will soon show dozens of sites claiming to sell watches entirely made in Switzerland by former Rolex staff and such. These claims are always untrue. The Swiss authorities would never allow this and any reasonable thought process will lead one to conclude that either you will receive a watch that is not remotely as advertised or you will receive nothing at all and they will just take your money. Both happen, in fact most none Trusted Dealer sites show pictures of genuine watches claiming them to be replicas. One of the conditions the forums impose on Trusted Dealers is that they must only show pictures of the watches they are selling. As to the multiple quotes you have found, I'm sorry to inform you that these reviews are put up by less reputable online dealers and I seriously doubt any of the comments are from genuine people. To be totally frank, we do see some problems with sales from TDs, it is part of why we are here as Mods. Of the serious problems more than half are people new to the hobby who thought they were buying from dealer X, but in fact found a site online that looked like dealer X but was not them. Always copy a link directly from a forum. Of the rest, some are people with unreasonable expectations that have not read much about replicas before jumping in. There are some reps available that are truly amazing, but a $300 rep of a $10000 watch, isn't going to have the same level of finish and detail if examined under magnification. People who expect to fool serious watch experts or authorised dealers are inevitably going to be disappointed and frankly not looking for the same thing from the hobby as most members. Some are genuine issues and we can usually resolve them. To be clear, all reps have flaws if you know enough to spot them, in part knowing is a fun aspect of the hobby. Many modern reps are very, very hard to distinguish as such on the wrist. I would recommend reading about any rep you are interested in on the forums, so you know what to expect. I hope this helps. We do genuinely try to help and welcome new members.
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    "That's not strictly correct is it now, it's only a Rolex when it's built in their factory, buying all the bits and bobs separately and cobbling them together on your kitchen table doesn't make it a Rolex, only the real deal comes with their papers, same as the TC comes with his. Taking advantage of TC's good name is just poor form really." You are stepping on toes. This is not VRF. I also see a flaw in the statement above. If I buy a rolex 1520 movement on eBay or somewhere (no serial numbers on 1520), a used genuine Air King case, dial, hands, case tube, crown, plus crystal, and put it all together...how is it not the 'real deal'? Matter of fact I have a couple AKs made up this way. They look genuine to me and they will go through any 'official' rolex repair depot. I have owned a few hundred genuine rolex watches in the last 40+ years (no $hit) and maybe 30 or 40 had papers. I am sure some of them were 'put together watches'. They all were rolex watches just the same. By the way... Not all of us 'cobble' watches together. Some of us are pretty damn good at it.
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    I don't see TC being a brand name, so anyone can assemble a TC build. What's Thomas going to do - take you to court? Leave the vendetta next door and play nicely and you're welcome to stay guys - you know who you are.
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    Got mine!![emoji7] V2 gf Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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    Jeez, that guy must be like sixty feet tall😂😂😂😂
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    "Nobody said they will be TC builds, I'm simply using the last of his parts that's all." Nothing at all wrong with that. A good idea imho. How come? 1...TC did not make the parts, he assembled 'TC Watches' from parts he gathered up. 2...TC looked long and hard for some of the parts and had them made to his specs but he has no claim to them once they are removed from the TC bags. 3...When the parts are out of the TC signed bags, they are simply 'replica watch parts'. A watch made out of 100% TC parts but assembled by someone else may or may not be a 'TC watch'. Say what? 1...If you have a watch made out of '100% TC Watch Parts' and assembled by TC...it is a 'TC Watch'. No question. 2...If you have a watch made out of '100% TC Watch Parts' and assembled by Joe Anonymous...what is it then? 3...Did TC put each and every 'TC Watch' together himself making them 'Official TC Watches'...or not? Who knows? It all makes my head hurt...
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    and who remembers 'Sticky Balls?' Ken
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    Be careful with buying anything from ofrei, especially hands. Hands you will get look nothing like in the photo and other watch parts look different with every order! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Really not sure about this one. I enjoyed trying it on at the local AP store a couple of years ago. Now it just seems like it fades into the ether. As if it has no voice or personality, or perhaps genuine originality. Maybe it's my sorta disdain for AP these days... Trends, clichés, fashion, new money... Yes the design is historic. Yes AP has a great story But like most things in this reality, money can buy you an AP or some other pedigree bespoke watch... But money cannot buy experience, patina, integrity, blah blah .... My rant is silly. Suffice it to say, I'd rather drive my air-cooled bat out of hell with all the right things wrong than drive a 2018 that any player with a big bank account can just go out and purchase. This watch belongs to which kind of mindset? I'm confused now! I guess that's what Hublot is for! To neuter the thirst for something original! The ups and downs of this hobby for 3 decades perhaps has got me twisted today!
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    We spend too much time looking at those much wealthier than ourselves and telling ourselves what a miserable life we have. We should spend more time looking at those worse off than us and telling ourselves how lucky we are. If you can afford to buy alcohol and spend on a game console, you have something to be very grateful for. There are people in the World who can barely conceive of having that much spare cash. Yesterday I was grocery shopping and as I walked through the mall, I saw Costa and decided on whim to get a coffee. I didn't want a cake or anything, but as I sat there with my coffee it occurred to me I hadn't even considered the cost. I have enough money to get a cup of coffee from a coffee shop and a cake if I want and not worry. There have been times in my life when thinking about a coffee break meant agonising over the financial implications and realising I couldn't afford. It's a very small and inconsequential thing, but I sat in Costa yesterday feeling rather pleased with my life. I have been poor enough to struggle. I have never been so poor I couldn't eat or have a warm place to sleep, so even then I was rather lucky really. I've gone hungry and slept outside either because I made poor lifestyle decisions, often involving large amounts of alcohol or because I was outside miles and miles from civilisation.
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    Where-as I cannot claim to ever being rich I was earning $120K+ with my own company before my back went 10 years ago, I then dropped to $20K a year work cover. At that point you need to make tough decisions, my wife and I have learned to live with less and we have recently celebrated 20 years of Happy marriage. The lack of money can define you if you let it or it can make you more determined to live a good life, you say having money would make you dump your alcohol for a better life...what if dumping your alcohol will in fact give you a better life? Ken
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    Likewise, I too were once rich when I had my own company, but with that came huge responsibilities, which were life and death scenarios due to the nature of my business, teams climbing radio towers up to 100m tall. I have also been poor, and had to manage day by day. Money doesn't buy your happiness mate, now whilst I'm no longer poor, I have a job I enjoy, I'm my own boss, work my own hours, days, married, and very happy, life is no rehearsal mate, so make the most out of your life, you only have the one, as you get older you cherish it more and more. Don't set your targets too high for the future, little steps, changes, lead to great strides.
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    I've been rich and I've been poor. Rich is more comfortable I agree, but happiness comes from within and money really doesn't help that as much as one might think. Many, perhaps most people are facing tough times financially at the moment. You know we support you, but speak truthfully, I agree that you should seek help and support again.
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    Guys as you read above you wll see Astonjenks as well as others I know of here only take PP gift, you see he got burnt by a buyer useing PP. Does that contradict my advise no, look at it this way Aston may limit his scope of buyers but prefers this method as he got taken for some serious cash in the past. For myself I send Aston gift payments without a second thought others might not, it's about freedom to make your own choices here.