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    Base watch used here is the JF version. Case was deeply modified: shaved to a slim profile, and considerably trimmed on the sides as the original lugs size is as wide as a sub-C !!! Dial is a real gilt made in Vietnam. See the brown hue of a true gilt when exposed under the sun! No black paint gilt wannabe can do that ! Athaya crown, JF bezel and insert all modified. Insert was shaved to paper thin to have the correct visible step around. Swiss 2846, Clarcks hands and SK crystal. One of the most attractive Tudors !!!
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    @freddy333 fantastic collection. Special mention to the Turn-O-Graff !
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    Now, one can always find something to say... But we're getting close here !!!
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    Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Franken 202 on Gunny strap Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Marlin 127 on simona allegrini diver Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    There is some very heavy metal in this thread, gents! Encore -
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    OK guys watch making it's way to UK to tour their and the EU!
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    Awesome bro. Sweet pre-v Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    PAM 207 on ebay croc Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    It's really easy to lower that dome, Bart. Got a vibrating sander like for carpentry? It works great. Hold the crystal in your bare fingertips and gently press against the vibrating sandpaper, keeping it flat so it cuts the sides down the same all around. I did that to a gen T39 Superdome (rare as heck) and it came out perfect. Summon your courage and go for it! Maybe 1mm is all it will take. The thing to watch for is clearance under the inner surface of the dome, so the hands don't touch.
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    Let's see a profile shot! That dome is absolutely critical for the completed look of a 50s or 60s dive piece.
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    Pam 177 Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    @Nanuq @ogladio It’s Big Crown galore !
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    Excepting the Aryan 'Master's aftermarket insert, here are a few gens (with a musical theme) that I have not worn in awhile (none are for sale) -
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    Now that is a film I haven't seen mention of in many a year. I saw it sometime towards the latter end f the 70's and I saw the remake called "I am Legend" which wasn't great imo Anyway back to OP, quality gilt dials and Vietnamese are usually synonymous. There are a few sellers on EBay, their IDs change, but it seems the dials are manufactured in the same place. A standard ad mentions "quality Swiss ink", whatever the hell that is. The originals were galvanised, not printed. I have the contact details for a Vietnamese lady who sells dials and I understand @rolojack and @hologramet have a contact, maybe the same lady. If there isn't anything currently on eBay, shoot me a PM and I'll send you an email address to contact
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    I'm sure that some of our seasoned veterans will be along to post up some advise soon. Unfortunately I'm more of an Omega man myself so can't help.
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    Train delayed so sat having a beer and waiting ho-hum!
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    My SSD Z539117 need to be upgrade Inviato dal mio ONE A2003 utilizzando Tapatalk
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    Just received my new Melbourne Watch Co. Portsea today. Sent from my E6883 using Tapatalk
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    PATEK PHILIPPE NAUTILUS 3700 Ciao, dove posso acquistare un nautilus 3700 (fondello in acciaio) con la posizione del datario corretta? Grazie. Hello, where can I buy a nautilus 3700 (case back steel) with the correct date location? Thank you.
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    Have you tried the big boys like CousinsUK, Ofrei or even Omega themselves?
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    Been meaning to share this project but better late than never. Background on this is I found this watch posted for sale locally here in Australia - it came without a bracelet. It was a non-runner with damaged bezel, stripped crown and dial has seen some water damage. Picked it up for under U$500 so thought worth a fix up! Here's a picture pre-repair. As you can see - not in great shape. Here's a picture post-repair. Replaced the insert, serviced the movement (no real damage) and replaced the crown and tube and added a genuine bracelet. Hope you guys like it.
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    Now that's a lovely watch Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    1520 running within chronometer-spec. And has for at least 2 decades on my wrist [emoji41]
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    Depth gauge Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    I got two days ago this beautiful watch and i thought i had to share it with you... This is great watch, and i want to keep it for a long time; need to say this is the only watch i own now, but i am more than happy with this piece I show you a lot of pictures; maybe too much but like that you will get a lot of informations to take your own decision... First of all, i choose the swiss movement because Toro had it in stock, i mean in his company; he was able to show me some pics in the hour when i asked him 1 ) The movement: From the pictures of the movement, i have no reason to doubt about the fact it is not a swiss sellita; the antichoc KIF looks gen and the overall finshing looks fine. It runs very, very well as it took only +4 seconds in 48 hours ! 2 ) The cyclop: Another thing surpised me is he cyclop; it's the first time i see such a nice effect on a NOOB sub....There is now no blue tint at all and i think we are very near from the black hole effect. You will see on the pics that the date is really nice and clear and i think it's not necessary to spend 500usd for a gen chrystal with AR.... 3 ) The sel fitment: I think i am very lucky with the sel...They are both perfect and i can't see any space between them and the lugs. They are just a bit recessed as i like and the edges of the first links are sharp, it's very important to me ! 4 ) The bezel insert : I don't know exactly if this is the best Noob insert we can get, the lightest green that exists, but i am pretty happy with it; the pearl is nice and well installed and the silver paint is pretty nice, even easy to see on differents lighting condition !the numbers are clean and pretty visible with some differents lighting condition....If i had to change one thing on this watch (and if i had the funds ), i would buy a gen insert because it is really far from the rep one . 5 ) The rehault : I am impressed by the rehault engraving, this is a great work; the letters are clean and it's very shiny to me 6 ) The dial : I love that dial ! This is the new dial from noob with a new font. The sunburst effect is the best i have seen in every condition.....I noticed also that it has some thin hours markers like the gen ! Now let's enjoy some beautiful pictures taken by a sunny day !
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