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  1. I have a Cousteau diver like why your after missing a crown and strap but complete apart from that A7750 message me for more info
  2. Yes only seen a real one for a few minutes but the glass is supposed to be better on reps.
  3. well ive got a few and they are bang on compared to gen
  4. there are two types of fake out there a Cheaper plastic version where writting on back around planets is terrible, then a better versiin where they sre perfect, easy to spot
  5. Anyone have a genuine 3135 Rolex balance wheel and spring for sale the blue one ? I’m doing a conversion on a vsf sub I’ve got a gen bridge but need balance and hairspring ? Crazy money on eBay thought someone might have one hanging around?
  6. I think these are going to be like Marmite, you either love them or hate them, priced cheap enough so I may buy one just to see or perhaps just buy a rep speedie instead.
  7. Anyone know if it’s possible to change the colour on a ceramic bezel insert? I’ve bought a fantastic Oris Aquis replica in green, but bezel colour is way to light, I was wondering if it’s possible to spray it a darker green colour, anyone done similar?
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