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    The Daytona...a watch that everybody has an opinion about. A watch icon, the mother of sport watches, the most known chronograph in the world and a pain for most when it comes to replicas. The common replicas were all way too thick and for most far from the sporty look of the gen. The usual thickness of a fully functional Daytona rep with a7750 is around 15,5mm which is about 3mm more than the gen. Some say "hey...that's only 3mm" but for most these 3mm are too much. For many years the only way to get a decent 5 digit Daytona was to get a vietnam or phong case and no chance for a 6 digit. But that means one has to invest an average 4 digit sum which for most just isn't possible. That meant for some years the only way to wear a Daytona rep is to live with the thickness of around 15,5mm. But then there was 2016 and JF entered the market with a 23j Daytona rep with a thin case. Finaly there was a chance to own a Daytona rep that looked gen like and was as thin as the gen. The chrono wasn't functional on these Daytonas but that didn't bother most...the gen like look was their aim. But some (including me) couldn't live with a chrono watch that looks like a chrono but isn't a chrono due to the movement not being a chrono movement...so we waited for an update. There were rumours that the makers are working on a new version with a 4130 clone...wow...that would it be...gen look, gen thickness and a fully functional chrono...maybe like the SH31xx movements being able to take gen parts...that'll be a dream... And...some month ago ARF maker joined the rep market with a new version of the Daytona. The look...gen like just as the JF Daytonas. Thickness...close with 13,2mm. The movement...well...they call it a4130...they call it 4130 clone...but...it's not even close... The base of the movement is the well know a7750. To make it thinner they got rid of the minute and hour counter which in my eyes makes it a non-chrono movement so nothing better than the 23j movement (okay...the stop second works so it's a 1 minute chrono...hoorrayyy :raisedeyebrow: ). Being an a7750 the movement isn't able to take gen parts and it's not possible to mount a gen dial without destroying it's value because one has to cut off the dial feet. This new ARF Daytona was a big downturn for me (and some others)...and...the 904L steel that they seem to use on these new Daytonas is just a marketing gag. I mean...904L isn't superior to 316L...it's just different. Some say the look and feel is completely different...from my own experience there is no haptic or visual difference. The difference between a ARF Daytona with 904L and other Daytonas with 316L comes from the finish I'd say. I bet there wouldn't be a difference between a ARF and "Johnny Depp" modded Daytona... But...back to what this thread is about...the Domi Daytona! I waited long with buying a Daytona since I was waiting for a real 4130 clone. A fully functional movement is very important for me and the thought of being able to just put a gen dial on it without destroying its value was the icing on the cake :). With that ARF Daytona all my hope for such a Daytona was gone and I decided to buy an a7750 Daytona. 15,5mm thickness is something I could live with...better than a non working chrono! My decision went for a BP Daytona since this was the only one with a slate grey racing dial. The "new" 29jewel movement that they also call 4130 clone became very reliable, so no fear that I bought a "time bomb". Domi said they copied his mod and even improved it. The only thing to do on this movement is to check if it's clean and give it a little oil here and there and it's good for some years without any fear A few days after I received my Daytona from Trusty Time I went to Domi to have him taking a look at the movement if it's clean. While he was explaining to me why this movement had become such a good movement we decided to take off the fake 4130 deco plate to make sure that none of the glued on parts can become loose and harm the movement. Without this cover plate it was possible to use a flatter rotor and with that flatter rotor it was possible to use a flatter caseback. And since the crystal height was way too high he shaved the gasket to bring it down to gen height...version 1 of the "Domi Daytona" was born with a fully functional movement and only 14,2mm height over all...cool With just a few mods it was possible to bring an a7750 Daytona from 15,5mm to 14,2mm. And since I already could've lived with 15,5mm I was more than happy with 14,2mm But that was just v1...another BP Daytona was on its way to me. BP again since only BP has a blue racing dial Daytona. As far as I know this is a fantasy model but it's one Rolex should've done :). Last week the Daytona arrived and I had the time to visit Domi again. He said he had some ideas that he would try out and since I have 100% confidence in his skills I let him First thing to do was of course to remove the fake 4130 deco plate. The next thing he did was to shorten the hour, minute and second pinion to bring down the hands to gen height and being able lower the crystal seat. For lowering the crystal seat he had to turn (shave) the case and the bezel. After all this was done successfully he installed a flat rotor and turned a very flat custom case back...version 2 was ready with a total height of only 13,3mm and a fully functional movement...amazing!! During that process he found out that there's still some room for getting it slimmer...13mm are maybe possible but this has to be tested with v3...stay tuned @dmuit was and is still a magician and...something we both thought of...look what he was able to do with his limited possibilities as a watchsmith and guess what the makers would be able to do with all their machines and skills...there is no need to give us a Daytona with a non-chrono movement to be close to gen height. They could easily build a fully working Daytona with 13mm or even less...my guess is that the makers just made this because they know that they can sell xtimes more of their watches when they continue with their versioning system... v1 before v1 after v2 before v2 during process v2 after Comparison v1 - v2
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    Base watch used here is the JF version. Case was deeply modified: shaved to a slim profile, and considerably trimmed on the sides as the original lugs size is as wide as a sub-C !!! Dial is a real gilt made in Vietnam. See the brown hue of a true gilt when exposed under the sun! No black paint gilt wannabe can do that ! Athaya crown, JF bezel and insert all modified. Insert was shaved to paper thin to have the correct visible step around. Swiss 2846, Clarcks hands and SK crystal. One of the most attractive Tudors !!!
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    Now, one can always find something to say... But we're getting close here !!!
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    @freddy333 fantastic collection. Special mention to the Turn-O-Graff !
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    Stole this one from@martijnp just to take this pic [emoji41]
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    Little riveted welded lug action for today...
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    Fantasy build Vesire camo strap
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    My milgauss and a recently acquired Yachtie.
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    My baby came back [emoji85][emoji85]
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    Tough decision Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Now... This one was something !!! And the result is worth every drop of sweat !!!! The case polishing was redone twice untill I could achieve the crisp edges I was after to match the great Phong bezel featuring a too nice finish to be repolished "aged" style. So: aim was NOS condition ! No the easiest aim... Mid case and case back are cartel. the caseback was shaved to achieve the super low dome shape of the genuine watch -cartel original shape it much too thick- and the mid case was considerably modified on the CG side. Dial was an adventure too: custom made on a ETA plate. Over 6 month of waiting... Anyways :no glued on dial !!!! Super sharp fit with a date that snaps at midnight and will never get caught rubbing the dial. Lume was done as thin as possible to accomodate the hands stack: Needles are straight. Not bent up to accomodate the lume... In short: it's as perfect as can be using a ETA machine. Genuine crystal, cartel hands (from an other model. The ugly oversized case one... purchased for the hands only!) Enjoy the pictures !!!!
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    Anyone know's why my photos can't adjust to full width? The system seems to be limiting the height of my images @ 750 px. Photos were uploaded on imgbb
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    Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    I did some swapping around Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Rivet watch Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    I think I'm going to order a couple 2836 cases, plug the tube hole, re-drill in the 2824 position and see what happens...
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    Hi I have being emailing / online customer service to Puretime to repair my Sub 116610 LN Black Ceramic V6s 1:1 Noob Best Edition SA3135. And to no joy, no reply, no repairs, its a shame. So to cut a long story Short,,, Andrew has put his best foot forward and is doing the repair free of charge. For the last 10 years Andrew/Trusty has never let me down. I know now to stick with the good guys Cheers Andrew Regards Mansun
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    Well done Blindpirat, more members the better Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
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    Pam 207 on Python Kallen Leatherworks strap Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Homage Skeleton on Strap Culture red shark Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G928F met Tapatalk
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    Oops, stand well back and throw chocolate
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    Looks amazing! Nice work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fitted a new yuki rivet bracelet on my 5512. Like it but the endlinks are ruining it. Maby a pair of 580 end links could be fitted?
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    It's really easy to lower that dome, Bart. Got a vibrating sander like for carpentry? It works great. Hold the crystal in your bare fingertips and gently press against the vibrating sandpaper, keeping it flat so it cuts the sides down the same all around. I did that to a gen T39 Superdome (rare as heck) and it came out perfect. Summon your courage and go for it! Maybe 1mm is all it will take. The thing to watch for is clearance under the inner surface of the dome, so the hands don't touch.
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    There is some very heavy metal in this thread, gents! Encore -