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Found 1 result

  1. History of the REP IWC Portuguese 7 Days 5001: In 2008 the REP Maker came out with the first generation of IWC Portuguese 7 Days (Ref : 5001). This version was not even close to the GEN 5001 as the Sub-dial spacing was too close, sunken date, the No: 4, Movements plate, prints, etc etc etc. After 7 years of waiting, in AUG 2015 ZF and YL join forces to research and developed a new movement which elevate the REP IWC 5001 to another level. They bought GEN and spent many months doing research to make the best IWC 5001 and finally they've succeeded. This blows a lots of people mind on how possible this 7 days movement can be replicated because this movements was build in-house by IWC and have taken watchmaker many years of research and study. Here you go, year 2015 is the year of IWC and not only the 5001 but also other great IWC rep from ZF and YL. By having this movement repped, it opens up lots of opportunities on IWC model such as Annual Calendar (IW5035). Following are the first model from 2008 : IWC 7 Days (5001) details specifications : - YL and ZF are making these, same movement. YL Released it first, ZF will take times to perfect it. ETA OCT 15 PR = 3 Days (Working PR Subdial) (72 hrs - been tested and confirmed by many owners) Price est : $350 Size : 42mm x 14mm Strap : 22/18mm Length : 135/55mm (deployant) Movement is collaboration of YL and ZF (Base on Asian 23J automatic movement) Spare Parts might not be available Low production capacity Model : White/Gold, Laureus, White/Blue, Black/Black, Ardoise, Panda. Comparison ZF and YL 50 01 These info are gathered from Forums, users and personal findings online. I will update this table from time to time when new information available. Credit to all contributors. PM me if you have any info to add regarding this specific IWC 5001 Comparison (ZF and YL) ZFYLPRODial Colour – Yellowish (Same like GEN) Rotor – Better looking Case – Same dimension to Gen Printing – Wording on ZF looks close to GenHands – Better finish Case – Maybe on V3unknownSubdial – more reflective Numerical Crook (misaligned) Fonts - IWC Schaffhausen (not same as 5001) but maybe same as 5007 Price – ZF more expensive Crown – Pushed in fullySubdial – less reflective Numerical Crook (misaligned) Fonts - IWC Schaffhausen (not same as 5001) but maybe same as 5007 Price – YL Cheaper Crown – Cannot pushed in fullyCONRotor movement noisy Hands – Not as good as YLDial colour – too White Rotor – different than Gen Rotor movement noisy Crown – Cannot pushed in fully Printing – Not as good as ZFSTRAPS DETAILS : - (Credit to GenTLe (RWG)) Many was asking if Curved End strap can be installed in 5001 like in 5007 model. Yes, they can but you will find a big gap when using curved end strap because 5007 have closer lug holes to the case than 5001. (comparison below, straight vs curved strap) You decide which one best suite you! ZF & YL NEW MOVEMENT DECORATION (27/11/15) Comparison of new movement : - (ZF Estimate End of DEC out) YL already out - called V4. ZF new movement deco is closer to Gen. There are differences between the two new plate if you look closely. YL movement decoZF movement deco YL movement deco Sorry, this is YL V5!! (Not V4) - same as everyone, can't keep up with YL anymore.GEN vs ZF V2 Comparison : - ZF V2 has removed the centre movement (circle in RED) and improve the whole plate to mimic the gen. In Red in what improvement in ZF V2.This bit of plate is very close to GEN includes the marking.Top movement compare : - 1) Added IWC marking 2) Correct side with markings 3) Fixed escapement wheel beneath the longitudinal structure of the splint screw (still slightly different than Gen but lots of correction been made) 4) Copper plate fixing similar to GenBottom movement compare : - 1) 3 wheels alignment changed, closer to Gen. 2) Marking on the side similar to Gen. 3) Copper bit fixing plate location similar to Gen. Link = Dial Measurements from Master DOMI (credit to Sharrkey)Colour Difference : Rotor Difference : Fonts Details : There are two version of Gen 7 Days (5001 - Pre 2014 and 5007 - Post 2014) I won't get into comparison between the two but what I want to point out was the Fonts of these two was different. Therefore I think ZF and YL are more on the 5001 dial/ fonts.(Credit to rhc22, sub007 and Ruski91)Black Dial Comparison : (Credit to diaby2afc)Gen dial - more glossy Rep dial - more matte subdials: rep is more reflectiveLaureus GEN vs ZF vs YL Note: Not all GEN are pointing at 12 O'clock direction so this is just a REF. Most complete comparison of Laureus, credit to 小陳玩复刻 Movement Details : ETA uses a type of ball bearing automatic disc on the gear structure, the gear structure is currently used by the vast majority of the watch, the durability of this structure is very positive, but not very on gear efficiency. Seiko magic Lever is a hook jaw which cannot be compared. So - On Gen, more than 10 hours to be worn over to get to full wind, and REP i guess it takes more than 20 hours of normal wear to fully wind. Power Reserve on REP is actual 72 hrs and Gen is 168 hrs. Movement type engraved on GEN is 51011,but on REP is 61016. Gen beat rate is 21600 and REP beat rate is 28800 (Better!!!). Movements research reference based on Panerai P.3000 case, by China made 23J with left sub-dial for Sec and Right for the PR (Power Reserve indicator), polished to the details to mimic 1:1 Gen.5001 Movement from the front looks like 7750, back looks like ST25 (based on the big and small wheel). Looking at automatic mechanism plate, (similar to 2824) Movement Reliability : Case Comparison : Deployant/ Clasp : (Credit to : vingsam) For Regulating : Use these two bitsCrown Details : Gen have about 0.5mm Gap Blue hands investigation : Hands color check, you can see at the back of the hands is purple color but after scratch off the hands inside is metal. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10/01/2016 - NEW Version Comparison (Gen vs ZF v2 vs YL v5) - Latest model comparison!!! Credit to 万嘉名品 1. LOGO Comparison - The fonts are doing well from the 3D printing. 3D printing font technique make the print raised. GEN IWC used 3D printing technique.2. Cannon Pinions3. Hour Hand Comparison - Gen is flat, ZF little curved, YL lot curved4. Minutes Hand compare - Gen Min slight curved.5. PR subdial compare - all have concentric circle, ZF PR hand slightly longer.6. Sec Subdial comparison - Gen subdial and hands are even (In middle), ZF hands slightly longer, YL at the outer ring.7. Date comparison - YL print bit rough, ZF and YL 3D Print “AUTOMATIC" and "SWISS MADE" is well made. 8. Date Print Compare - ZF and YL not have 3D Printed Date.9. Index and Numerical - there are two Gen dial (One is a bit dirty) , ZF and YL Edging is alright but different in colour, ZF bit darker, YL bit lighter. GEN bottom is white, ZF and YL bottom both blue.10. Movements Comparison ROTOR11. Movements comparison - Many people not keen on new movements and don't know about it. Today this movement have a name and called Dandong c.61016. because it was produced in Dandong. Movements LOGO, deco / plate and stamp of ZF and YL really good, Shock resistant part on ZF looks a bit different. Note the difference of the Barrel of ZF V2 and new YL V5, ZF did not cover Barrel with plate but YL did. These are the changes YL did until the latest version they called Version 5 (V5).
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