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Found 33 results

  1. Hi all, Hereby some pictures of my "grail watch". My Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 with blue dial. Enjoy!
  2. Hi guys, Perhaps you know but I'm a big AP fan I just took some pictures of the Audemars Piguet Diver 15710ST. It's a great watch and it just looks different like all the AP Divers out there. I especially like the black minute hand and the black lume on this white diver. The big question is, would I pick this white dial diver over the black dial diver? As much as I like this "look" I still think the black dial diver is the one for me. Enjoy the pictures!
  3. Hello, I'm new here. can somebody help me to find Audemars Piguet replica watches in Bkk? thanks
  4. Am looking for seller i can buy a 1 to 1 Rep with all the looks spot on
  5. Hi guys, I want to share you some pictures of my latest watch purchase. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Safari 26470ST. Enjoy the pictures! UPDATE A small update, I didn't like the rep strap so I asked Donerix to make a custom hornback strap for me. Enjoy the pics!
  6. OffshoreWatchExports

    New Member from South Florida

    Brand New to the forums and so excited to be here. I have been reading through a lot of different topics and getting acquainted with the lingo and members. I can't believe this community is so tight knit and you all share of love for the perfect replica. I'm still working on getting my hands on a great Rolex watch at the prices listed on here. It's so thrilling to share my thoughts and experiences in South Florida with you all. I can't wait to meet more of you and become a notable member here. Please stop by and introduce yourself and show the noob some love. Can't wait to get on my replica game like all of you!
  7. Hey lads, I have just purchased a used "rose gold" AP Wempe Scuba that is missing the crown and pusher. Does anyone know where I can get replacements for these? Alternatively, if I can only get a crown, does anyone know a good substitute if I cannot find the real deal? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Anguz
  8. 508-Fanatic

    My collection in 2 boxes

    Here they are, the two boxes. Mostly gen.
  9. find this a truly beautiful piece. been thinking about getting it but want to see some wristies first, just got a v6f 15400 but the chrono would be nice esp. as a quartz for a daily beater... so id be more than happy to see some pictures first (non TD)
  10. Need some help brothers, I recently got a Panda in an M2M trade and I love it! Only issue I have with it is there's a lot of play in the plots. They're pretty loose and rattle around a little bit when I shake the watch. Will this change if I tighten the screws on the lugs? What can I do? Is this normal?
  11. For some time I've had my eye on the Safari and think I'm about to move on one. I noticed pure-time released a new line of Noob Royal Oak's on bracelets last week. This is a great addition because I think very few people do anything with the fake croc straps except throw them in a box and leave them there. Can anyone chime in if this is a new version of the 42mm Noob or if it is just a re-release on steel. I've done my due diligence and think i'm going to go with the Noob over the JF and pic up an APBands strap. I've tried the gen on a few times and have noticed differences and imperfections between gens which is strange but seems somewhat common among AP watches. This should make for a nice little fanken project. If this is different than the older Noob, does the forum have an opinion??? Thanks, here are the pictures from puretime. PS: Can anyone chime in if this is the current bracelet dealers are selling that will fit the new AP Divers? I have a version 6.1 http://pure-time.com/product/royal-oak-offshore-safari-noob-11-best-edition-on-ss-bracelet-a7750/
  12. Hello Guys After 3/4 long long months, I'm really really happy to present my Xmas gift. Maybe not the last one of my own gifts... Stay tuned It's my new: FRANKEN ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE WHITE THEMES The Great watchmaker, the Best around here, Mr Domi did it the 1st time on a JF/J12 case. And, it has the following features: Gen dial Gen tachymeter ring Gen hour & minute hands Serviced Baume & Mercier movement with Dubois-Depraz module Mickey's Gen-spec single side AR Xtal Domi's Gen-spec AR cyclope Edge's Gen-spec DW Thinner midcase Recessed crown position Thinner caseback He built a movement's case holder (as the Gen), etc... etc... etc... After this built, Domi told me the pros of the JF's case. This is what he said: "It's a gorgeous case, they make a Gen-spec construction. No need to recut the screws (after thinning the mid-case and the caseback), no need to thin the bezel's gasket), no need to mod the Gen tachy & dial, etc..." That's why he built that movement's case holder, same as the Gen. So THANK YOU Domi for this UNIQUE piece you made for me. I have also to say Thx to 3 great members and friends Daytona1984, Micasol & Guru for their assistance and support. And a special Thx to Mickey and Edge for the parts they gave me to complete this awesome piece. Thx for watching and reading... All comments are welcome PS: I put a creamy Safari tachy ring on it (not the silver one). And I really like it as is
  13. Welp, since there's some unknown force preventing me from gathering enough funds to start my first franken project, I decided to put it on hold. In the meantime I've been looking into the "platinum" version of the 44mm ROO. I like the panda 44mm, but the blue interests me. Does anyone out there own one? If so, flood pics here please
  14. Was bored so I took some shots in the snow from a couple of watches out of my collection. I hope you enjoy them Oh and a wristshot
  15. positivitony

    44mm ROO White Ceramic

    I saw this on PT and just about fell out of my chair! I know for sure that date font needs to change, but other than that, I really dig it! What do you guys think? Will any of you be picking one up?
  16. Alright guys I finally took some proper shots of my HBB and ROO so here ya go! First let me give you my opinion of these pieces first now that I've spent some quality time fiddling with/wearing them. The AP: Easily my favorite visually and functionally of the two. The forged carbon material is amazing to behold in person. Nice and lightweight, very solid fit and finish on everything, and the lume on this is ridiculous! (as pictured) The hands are very legible which makes it simple to tell time during the day or in a pitch black room. Only issue I'm having with it is the strap is too big for me, so while I wait to come up with some XS straps, I punched an extra hole in my existing strap and that works for now. I do eventually need a replacement though because I think I made it a bit too tight, so if you have a spare XS strap for a 44mm ROO (if such a thing exists) let me know! Final Verdict: 10/10 even though I need a smaller strap! The Hublot: Absolutely love this watch! Not too much to report here. Great look, great fit, the Donerix strap Legend fitted to this is gorgeous, albeit not my cup of tea for everyday wear. I ordered some tyre rubber straps online today along with the H screwdriver so I can swap those out as soon as they get here. I can definitely see putting them back in though for a more formal event. Having tried on a genuine, I'm happy to report that this watch is virtually identical in look and feel! The lume is also very good, but not as bright as the AP, it's also a little harder to precisely tell the time on this watch since the hands are so wide. Also I'm not sure how to wind it. The crown feels like I'm winding it when it's pushed all the way in, but I'm unsure if that's what it is. Anyone out there know? Other than that, I have no complaints whatsoever! Final Verdict: 10/10 Both of these pieces are incredible! They both have an unparalleled wrist presence, especially on a small wrist like mine. I haven't had people approach me yet, but I've definitely seen people look from a distance, and they seem pretty impressed haha. They're also very nicely weighted and feel very similar to, if not identical to their genuine counterparts...and they keep great time! I love fiddling with the chrono too! Not sure why, it's just fun Overall I love these watches, Legend is awesome to work with as well. The guy is a wealth of information and knowledge about our fun hobby and I see him as a great mentor and friend to me. Bottom line, I'm totally broke now but couldn't be happier!
  17. Hi All, I am looking for some carbon parts for my AP ROO Grand Prix. I am new to the site and registered in order to source these. I would appreciate if someone can point me to the right direction.
  18. Hi guys Here is my Full modded AP ROO Panda (Silver Themes). It just buck from the Master, Domi It has the following mods: - Double AR Crystal - Double AR Cyclope - Movement oiled and regulated + jewels added - Lume Dial & hands - Polished & Brushed the whole case and bracelet - Bezel screws sunken - All seals lubed (WR) And many, many other things that only Domi can do with your watch... THEN COME THE PICS....
  19. Hello members This is my 3rd 15400 in 2 months. After the BP black dial (sold), then a Miyota white dial (sold), I decided to get another one. I think I won't sell it in the next... 2 months (May be???). As everybody knows, I'm an AR freak. Then, I put inside a Domi/Guru AR Xtal. After that, I tell to myself why you don't try something different? Well, I decide to mod the open caseback. This is what I did..... Put a tint film with standard light 35% inside, then... Here is the result. So what the guys say....
  20. positivitony

    Help me decide on an ROO

    Can somebody point me in the direction of their favorite ROO? It's time to buy one so I just wanna make sure I make the right decision the first time. I want to do as little modding as possible because I'm lazy and impatient. I'm still willing to do it if I have to though. So I want it to look as close to an original as possible right out of the box. This is my favorite that I've dug up so far, but I don't care for the rubber bezel. Looks like a dust and lint magnet to me. http://www.intime.co/product.php?id_product=944
  21. Here it is ROO GP v2 Imaknockov forged carbon case set installed Domi jewel@12 mod Dial color mod Sandblasting of metal parts Gen GP strap Sorry about the bad pics but I haven't touched my DSLR in months...too lazy and too little knowledge
  22. positivitony

    What is your "top 5"?

    Hi guys! I've been doing a lot of thinking about this lately, and these are my top 5 watches of all time. What are yours? 1: Richard Mille RM055 2: Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon 3: Hublot LaFerrari Tourbillon 4: Romain Jerome Moon Orbital Tourbillon 5: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore "Safari" (PS: If somebody out there has a rep of this they'd be willing to part with, let me know!)
  23. Hey guys, This thread is something that some of you were waiting for. A thread about my ultimate franken. I feel I have taken this franken to a much higher level compared to the current existing frankens on the forums that we know off. Basically the story starts in June-July 2012, I wanted to build my own franken so I started looking for parts. Sourcing a dial was easy, in fact I bought several dials, being a blue classic baton dial, grey dial, black rubberclad dial, safari dial, white rubberclad dial, black themes dial. All of them except the safari and white rubberclad dial were sold to nice members here. I even assisted two of them with their build. After studying the current frankens I was not pleased with them. They look close but in fact they are not that close. All of them have the flaw of the mid case that is too thick. Next to that, all of the frankens around have thinned rubber gaskets between the bezel and the midcase, which is wrong too! The replica rubber gasket is 1:1 as per gen, believe it or not, both on front and on the back of the case. So I wanted to keep this correct. Above you see an example of a current existing franken compared with a gen on top, notice the differences?! To me these are huge differences, but I’m a nitpicker. Offcourse I knew this would make the project more difficult but it’s an adventure and I’m a perfectionist so I wanted to find out how to. I was able to buy a gen rubberclad bezel with gen screws, then I also bought a gen crystal and crystal gasket set as well as genuine rubber gaskets (not really necessary). The gen bezel cannot use rep screws. It also needs a gen crystal. Here you see why: (gen on the left, rep on the right) (gen on the left, rep on the right) The gen screws are smaller at the head and have a thicker head as well. Another important thing about a rubberclad bezel is the fact that AP uses a stainless steel bezel with a rubber coating on top. The rep rubber bezel is pure rubber and plastic. The difference in quality is big imo. Here you see some comparison shots: (gen on bottom, rep above) (rep) (gen) (rep on top, gen on bottom) Also, on the forums there is a lot of whining about the gen crystal having AR etc. Well, I have a gen crystal and it does not have any AR!!! So AR’ing your crystal might look nice and does look nice imo but I don’t like it as the AR hue makes it a huge tell. If you however decide to AR your crystal, get a proper coating on the inside of the crystal. Some pics of gen vs rep crystal: (gen on the right) (gen on the right) (gen on the right) (gen on the right) I also bought a gen set of pushers and a crown, but I decided not to use these as the pushers sit too deep in the case which makes it less gen like. As you can see the gen and rep screws are slightly different: I started off by milling my mid-case to the correct height as per gen. Therefor I used a gen piece and measured everything side by side. A cool feature is that there is a slight difference in height on the mid case, this on the outside of the gasket channel and the inside of the gasket channel. So, after the milling the midcases got blasted a second time and there I had my 1:1 thickness midcase. The cyclops I bought from Uwe 2 years or 3 years ago (with purplish blue AR, closer to gen!). Since I was building a white rubberclad my datewheel window had to be matte black as per gen. So I disassembled the Dubois Depraz 2000 module from the ETA2892 movement, pushed out the window, sanded it, painted it and installed it back. (on the photo above the incorrect datewheel is visible. It’s quite good but not close enough to me) In the meanwhile I was able to install my gen spec datewheel as well. This datewheel is also part of my project and to help other members with their build. Everyone was using the LWO datewheel which is always wrong. I wanted mine to be correct as per gen, what is the point of making a franken? So I did the datewheel production, which was a success. After installing mine I was even more pleased with the project. I was able to install the hands, datewheel, cyclopse and dial on my own. The tachyring was easy to install as well. But for the drilling of the case, to replace the crown tube I needed a competent watchmaker. Therefor I contacted a German watchmaker (not Domi ) to do the work. He is the watchmaker of a watch customizing company. He agreed to do the work as it was a very nice project. I also asked him if he was able to change the caseback engraving, he said he would take care of it. He also suggested to make a custom movement ring as he felt this watch needs it. Imo it does need it. The gen piece also uses a movement ring. So, after a while he finished the job of the assembly and I received my watch. The only thing I have to do now is blast the caseback, brush the caseback with the circular finish and then it’s completely done! I can attest that my AP White rubberclad has a thickness of 14.52mm, gen is 14.50mm in height. I did not shave any rubber gaskets, only caseback and midcase. Which makes my piece amazingly close to gen. Specs: - Gen bezel - Gen gaskets (all of them) - Gen screws - Gen crystal + gasket - Gen hands (all of them) - Gen dial and tachyring - Rep crown and pushers (closer to gen dimension wise) - Rep midcase with my own milling mod + sandblasting - Rep caseback with custom engraving - Rep rubber strap (no need to go gen, I sold my gen rubber strap) - Sead’s deployant. Imo the best one available as it has the proper stamps - LWO 283 movt. NOS with custom Edge datewheel Total cost is about €3250 - €3500 (USD 4.485 - 4.850), but the joy I got with this build is priceless! That’s about it. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope it was a helpful read. Any questions, just shoot. Thanks!
  24. Does anyone know if the leather straps for ROO date at 12 fits, it's dimensions are 28mm at the lug. I love the 41mm size, I have a beautiful black dial in a stainless case, but I would really prefer to get mine out of it's bracelet and onto a croc strap. (I do also have the smaller RO, stainless with a blue dial, on a black strap. I just really have a thing for straps, and much prefer it this way.) Note: I had read somewhere that the strap from the 'city of sails' fantasy series was in fact interchangeable here, and would install (on the RO 41mm). It so happens that I have 2 of those, the City of Sails, and it additionally so happens that one of them is out of commission anyway, a casualty of an ill advised 7750 setting blunder. As I write this, I have my RO Jumbo and my out of commission City of Sails dropped off at the shop of my favorite watch smith, and when time allows later he is going to have a look into the accuracy of this claim for me. I am thinking at current moment though that it will turn out that this is dubious advise, based on something I noticed at the last moment as I was dropping them off. What I noticed was this: the two lugs, or whatever they are called, that extend from the case on each side where the bracelet/ strap attaches, were pretty clearly two different sizes. I went ahead with dropping them off anyway, obviously.... I've got nothing to lose to let him have a look, and there's no B plan (yet) for getting my RO strapped up today. There seems to be precious little chatter to be found on Google regarding swapping a 41mm RO to a strap. However, I'm looking at my ROO date at 12 on it's leather strap, and I'm wondering now if maybe this size is actually exactly what's needed here. The two 'lugs' on each side do seem to be identical in size to those on the RO 15400. This would be an awesome revelation, if it were to turn out to be the case. I know exactly where and how to acquire replacements of these,reasonably priced, even good selection of options, etc.... Is this wishful thinking? Could anyone that has the knowledge and the time be so kind as to set me down the path of enlightenment here? (You know, most preferably the one that has my RO successfully swapped to a strap at the end?). Many thanks, Jesse
  25. hey all! As some of you will be following and some might not be! here are the new AP off shores that AP just released http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/introducing-the-new-royal-oak-offshore-42mm-collection-from-audemars-piguet-live-pics-details-pricing enjoy! TK