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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, brand spankin' new to the forum / realm of reps in general and am looking to narrow down a search for a small-ish chronograph. I've got some serious stick wrists (~6.25") and am having a trouble finding something 38mm or under, which is where I typically have to draw the cut-off line. Not looking for something terribly fancy or luxurious; I definitely prefer a simpler look. Think Tag Heuer Carrera circa 1960, IWC Pilots, Rolex Pre-Daytona, Zenith El Primero Classic. Those are all a bit out of my size range, so hoping to mine the vast knowledge on display here for any recommendations. Generally fonder of dark dials but am learning very quickly that unsubstantiated pickiness probably won't get me very far. Open to anything and everything. And hey, if nothing turns up, I'll just sell a kidney and pick up a gen Carrera 1964 re-edition... A million thanks!
  2. I'm going to buy a Chrono Watch... I'm aware that the 7750 clone with seconds @ 12 is prone to fault/issues What about the more traditional 6-9-12 or 3-6-9 counters with continous seconds @ 9? (talking about asian 7750 clone of course) Thank you.
  3. The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph Quartz Grande Date Date CAF101F.BA0821 Designed and developed by professional divers, this Aquaracer represents TAG Heuer's historical dedication to scuba diving and extreme sports. Rep-Picture: Gen - pics The Original: Stainless steel case and bracelet. Unidirectional stainless steel bezel. White dial with luminous hands and index hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim. Luminescent hands and markers. Date displays at the 12 o'clock position. Three subdials - 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 1/10th of a second with sweeping hand. Swiss Ronda Quartz movement/ ETA 251.262. Scratch resistant, AR sapphire crystal. Screw down crown. Case diameter: 43 mm. Case thickness: 13 mm. Deployment clasp. Water resistant to 300 meters/ 1000 feet. Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph. The Replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer Grande Date: The fit, finish, function and quality of this Tag Aquaracer Chrono are exceptionally good and it is one of the most accurate 1:1 replications I have seen by comparison to web-pictures of the gen. It features a claimed Swiss Ronda Quartz movement as the gen and the same sweeping 1/10 second hand. It´s one of the rare cases the only two reasons to buy the real thing would be the water resistance to 300 meters and the Box set. Until a side-by-side comparison with a Gen is available here are my impressions. The reviewed sample was provided by Sead/Supermirrors, 30 days from order to arrival before X-mas, well packaged with protective covers on the dial and backside at a cost of 239 USD plus shipping. For the quality-feel, the lume and the gen-likeliness of what You get this price is perfectly justified as the top-movement alone already costs 130 USD (at Esslinger.com) Available in black or white. Tag Logo: It shows the 2 arrows on the G Accuracy: +/- 2 seconds per month, not measurable 0,064 secs per day Quality/feel: Impressive, apart from the AP V5 Diver it’s the best overall quality I found in a rep. meaning Chronopushers, stem, time-setting, screw-down crown working smooth and precise as a gen. Not only looks but also feels like a gen which is great; Bezel: Outer, unidirectional rotating 60 minute S/S brushed bezel with 2 clicks per minute to count elapsed or remaining time up to 1 hour. Sits tight and well, rotates easily, precisely and fast with somewhat loud clicks (easy to count by audition). The engraving is good and filled with black. The luminous pearl at 12´ together with the marker at 12´ provide a nice nighttime effect for locating the 12´ position; The inner bezel with the detailed minute count is highly polished S/S and fixed. Lume: Best overall and visible lume, the same on the hands and stickers of a quartz-replica; specially being a Chrono; the same as on gen – pictures. This is a serious reason to prefer this model when choosing a quartz movement. on Nato-Strap Lumeshot compared to AP 15400 BP Maker Lumeshot compared to Rolex Seadweller Chrono: The main second hand is locked at the 12´ position unless You use the chrono. This is a perfect feature because You don´t have a big ticking hand to look at, this was one of the reasons to buy it quartz in the first place. The running seconds tick visibly at 3´ position if You look directly at the subdial. If the eyes are looking either to the big date at 12´or the 6´ encircled subdial You can´t tell. The minute counter scaled to 30 is at the 9´position. Best chrono feature: Sweeping (!) 1/10 seconds are displayed at the 6´position. This hand sweeps flawlessly (no ticking) and very fast measuring 1/10 seconds for the first minute. (Check out a video on youtube) After the first minute it stops sweeping and starts measuring the hours elapsed. Date: Big date display in 2 windows – one for each datewheel - at 12´, nice feature, perfect visibility Caseback: Same as gen (!) Nice, crisp and deep engravings with very high quality of the divers helmet, perfect lettering and engraving. It is quite beautiful also in my opinion. Bracelet: Double locking fold over clasp and easy to use (just push open) divers extension. It has 3 working positions for micro-adjustment on the clasp which is a big plus. Off the wrist it rattles. On the wrist its silent, feels very comfortable and holds the watch well. Actually it feels solid and perfect because of the micro-adjustement possibility and fits the watch case well. Its easy to remove and fix the bracelet on the case. It took time and was quite difficult to remove the link pins – it´s the Heuer system with a tight-sitting pin fixed by a small tube in the middle which Omega also used and nasty to play with. If You bang on the pin-removal tool with pliers or a small hammer they come out after a while and in the end it was easy and without any scratching of the links, but before this broke my (cheap) screw pin removal apparatus (as it happens often with Tag gens by the way as seen on Youtube) and had it on a Nato-strap for some days so its better to have one of those around when You get the watch. Divers extension inner clasp detail outer clasp Weight: 175 grams including bracelet (some links removed) Case: measured 10´ to 4: 43 mm Dial: measured 10´to 4´: 31 mm Thickness: 12,06 mm exactly Size measurements for the Gen differ from site to site with 43 and 44 mm as well as 12,3, 13 and 14 for the thickness Size comparison to the PAM 212 Flyback Chrono and the Rolex Sub- Ceramic Final thoughts: It is a high-quality Watch bordering the super-rep status for its likeliness to the original. The big date is very well readable, the luminiscence is good and the 1/10th second sweeping hand is a joy to look at. It wears solid and comfortable and has a good weight. The overall quality is superior to many lower priced generally known genuine brands. The quartz movement itself is very shock-resistant by its nature so this should last for a very long time. As this is a replica forum in my opinion this is one of the most believable replicas available because of the pricetag of the gen too. The possibility of this TAG even being a rep never even crossed my mind. I “believe” it’s a gen, that´s how good it is. If You are looking for a reliable quartz watch in black or white this surely is one of the best options. Thanks to all reading this first attempt at a review until the end. If You liked this or found this review useful please post a comment or leave a thumbs up.
  4. Hi to everybody. Thx for checking out this. This Panerai 212 Flyback Chrono arrived and I am really impressed. Decided to go with the 1950´s case and I must say I really love it. C3 Superluminova applied on markers and needles just gives light. You can easily read the time on this 44mm case from 4 meters away at night. The lume reflections and distortions on the case when looking from different angles (see pics) make it a really beautiful and interesting to look at watch, maybe that's it was it is about Panerais, simple and sophisticated all at the same time. Overall build quality in my opinion first class, strap exchange really easy. Chrono works perfect, it doesn´t matter at all that it does not have the flyback function on button at 4 o´clock (on the real deal resets to zero and immediately starts chronographing again). In my real-life situations I just need a stopwatch. Weighs in at 144 grams, its a joy to wear, fits perfect its not a huge watch as I almost thought from reading too much on it. The transparent caseback is beautiful, this is the NY model from Trusty which has the OPXVIII movement engraved (instead of OPXIX) but in the end those letters are so small You really do not see it except on close inspection which doesn´t matter as by the reviews the movement is not correct anyways. For other newbies like me I would just say if You like the looks of a watch and the movement is ok (in this case an Asian 7750 at 28.800 bhp, really happy with it) just go for it, felt myself worrying way too much before it arrived - its my first no date model in Years but I will wear this one a lot. The seconds dial at 9 runs flawlessly smooth and transmits calm, same goes for the seconds hand when the chrono is on. At 3 o´clock the minute counter of the stopwatch optically counterbalances the seconds counter which gives this am a totally equilibrated look, I like it. Some first pics taken in a hurry, enjoy.
  5. I just received my IWC Portofino Chrono. Pictures are here. I am concerned about a couple things, and wondering if I am over reacting. 1. this is supposed to be AR coated... I may not understand the meaning but the crystal doesn't seem super clear. 2. this watch feels really hollow and the movement seems to shake and spin a great deal...Is this normal? Feels kinda hollow but, maybe thats because I'm used to wearing a submariner? When I tap on it, I can hear the watch shake inside. . . Is this all normal? What do you all think?
  6. A sort session of this tag, thanks ToroBravo´s...this watch is impressive
  7. Seems like the black dial models are harder to find. White and blue are much easier to source. Does anyone have one? If so, please post your thoughts on ownership. Thanks!
  8. Alright guys I finally took some proper shots of my HBB and ROO so here ya go! First let me give you my opinion of these pieces first now that I've spent some quality time fiddling with/wearing them. The AP: Easily my favorite visually and functionally of the two. The forged carbon material is amazing to behold in person. Nice and lightweight, very solid fit and finish on everything, and the lume on this is ridiculous! (as pictured) The hands are very legible which makes it simple to tell time during the day or in a pitch black room. Only issue I'm having with it is the strap is too big for me, so while I wait to come up with some XS straps, I punched an extra hole in my existing strap and that works for now. I do eventually need a replacement though because I think I made it a bit too tight, so if you have a spare XS strap for a 44mm ROO (if such a thing exists) let me know! Final Verdict: 10/10 even though I need a smaller strap! The Hublot: Absolutely love this watch! Not too much to report here. Great look, great fit, the Donerix strap Legend fitted to this is gorgeous, albeit not my cup of tea for everyday wear. I ordered some tyre rubber straps online today along with the H screwdriver so I can swap those out as soon as they get here. I can definitely see putting them back in though for a more formal event. Having tried on a genuine, I'm happy to report that this watch is virtually identical in look and feel! The lume is also very good, but not as bright as the AP, it's also a little harder to precisely tell the time on this watch since the hands are so wide. Also I'm not sure how to wind it. The crown feels like I'm winding it when it's pushed all the way in, but I'm unsure if that's what it is. Anyone out there know? Other than that, I have no complaints whatsoever! Final Verdict: 10/10 Both of these pieces are incredible! They both have an unparalleled wrist presence, especially on a small wrist like mine. I haven't had people approach me yet, but I've definitely seen people look from a distance, and they seem pretty impressed haha. They're also very nicely weighted and feel very similar to, if not identical to their genuine counterparts...and they keep great time! I love fiddling with the chrono too! Not sure why, it's just fun Overall I love these watches, Legend is awesome to work with as well. The guy is a wealth of information and knowledge about our fun hobby and I see him as a great mentor and friend to me. Bottom line, I'm totally broke now but couldn't be happier!
  9. Hello AP'ers, Sorry for the second post, my original one doesnt show the link I posted... :/ Could you guys tell me if this is a V5? Sales told me that they received the watch from the factory a month ago, and that the timing indicates that it is a V5. Ive read around that the V5 already has rounded pushers... but in this case it doesn't. Im not sure whether its different from TD to TD. You guys are the experts! Thanks for the help!
  10. I bought a Transocean Chrono with a quartz movement a few months back. Basically I want to know if I could swap out the quartz movement for an A7750. Possible or not?
  11. Where can I find a solid Big Pilot or Portuguese chrono rep? Anyone selling one?
  12. Hello Gents, I finally decided to add some more color to my collection. Short and simple review on the Porsche Design 6341 PVD Limited Edition. Beautiful dial very accurate to the gen I can't find any flaws. Nice clasp and rubber strap. Made by the Noob factory so the quality is superb. Appears to have double AR with a nice blue hue. I'm very happy with the watch. The only downside as per gen you have to cut the rubber strap to your size which limits resale. I opted to order an extra strap from Toro for this reason. It's equipped with a butterfly deployment buckle which I'm very fond of. Stunning watch and so far I'm enjoying it. Get one while you can the Noob factory has discontinued this model and it will never be available again!
  13. Hey guys, I'm actually in the market for a Planet Ocean, but I'm waiting until the ceramic bezel version comes out. Since that could be some time, I'm looking to buy an SMP 300M to hold me over. I've found two that I am interested in, but I'm having a hard time deciding. I was hoping that some of you may have some insight or advice on these two. Both are from Joshua: Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Chrono OMSE 00111 (http://www.1-pc8838.com/000omse00111-300m-2008-chrono-blue-a7750-updated-p-9106.html) A7750 with Updated Dial Omega Seamaster Professional 300M OMSE 10002 (http://www.1-pc8838.com/omse10002-seamaster-300m-professional-blue-swiss-28242-upda-p-6805.html) Swiss ETA 2824-2 also with updated dial As far as I can tell, the chrono is beautiful with the single exception of the pearl. It seems terribly off center. The non-chrono version seems nice, but it has the happy feet, which I believe is incorrect on the raised logo like this one has. It's not pictured, but I'm also not as happy with the case back on this compared to the chrono version. However, I can get the Asian clone ETA for $70 less on this one. I've read some reviews here and they are helpful, but I'm still unsure. If any of you own one of these or know something about them, please let me know. I'd also just like to hear your personal opinions too. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm thinking of getting a Top Gun Chrono (not the split-chrono version), but since Im new to the reps, Im torn between the choice of a V1 and a V2. I'm not one of the movement connoisseurs, but I know that the 7750 is a pretty reliable chrono movement. However since the V1 and V2 options that I am considering both have the 7750, could anyone advise me on what those terms mean and which one I should go for? Thanks for your help! J
  15. Hi ! I haven't been here for years ! so glad to see rwg is still kicking , too bad I did not remember my username and password so I've had to create a new account ! Well i'm back ! Still own my Breitling for bentley A7750 and Rolex sub ETA. Recently I was looking at the Portuguese Chronograph , the black dail with white sub-dials model. I really fall in love with the layout of the watch. I wanted to get an a7750 automatic one, but the 6 oclock problem is something I didn't want to tackle with. So I wanna get a quartz version. What do you think about this purchase? How's the quartz version? does anyone own it ? Thanks!
  16. Good people of RWG, I have recently been told that the movement in my IWC Top Gun (Asian Valjoux 7750) is knackered and needs replacing. Problems began when the watch stopped (for no reason) while on the watch winder; to overcome this I started manually handwinding the movement … This worked OK for a few weeks, until one day (whilst hand winding) the noise and feeling inside (sorry for lack of technical terminology) went from a pleasant smooth feel, to a nasty internal ‘crunching’. At this point it was game over … into the repairers, where I was handed the bad news. The joys of rep ownership eh? Boo! So, I’ve bitten the bullet, and decided to go ahead with a brand new movement, fully serviced and pressure tested. What I now need to know is when the watch is returned to me, how I can prevent a similar situation occurring in the future? I have heard all sorts of stuff & frankly, I don’t know what to believe (e.g. don’t change the day / date between the hours of 10-2; avoid sudden ‘jerky’ wrist movements (ha, ha!); don’t use the chrono function (which seems weird to me, as surely that’s one of the joys of chrono ownership!) etc etc.) In short, (and I have read previous posts on the subject) … What’s the score when it comes to 7750’s? Should they be handled like spider webs or are they as robust as regular (non chrono movements)? Lets set the record straight once and for all. Look forward to hearing your comments and as always, many thanks in advance. rclough
  17. Hey there, I’m Mario from Austria and this is my first post. Your forum is awesome and I’m really glad I found it. So many nice people here and great information! So thank you for that Here is what I’m looking for to be my first rep ... OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono 45.5 mm - Diameter: 45.5 mm - Black Dial, White Numeral Markers - Stainless Steel Bracelet This is the genuine watch, in all its beauty. One of the nicest watches ever IMHO. I want to find the best replica out there (without much modification) and that’s what I found ... Trusty Time (Andrew) http://www.yourtrust...roducts_id=7338 - Correct OMEGA Logo (no Happy Feet) - Bezel and Chronograph Hand well aligned with the 12 Hour Marker - Correct Hand Length - Correct Subdial Spacing Movement: Asia Valjoux 7750 (28800 bph) Diameter: 45.5 mm Thickness: 17 mm Strap: SS Bracelet, Correct 22 mm Lugs (Also available with Leather or Rubber Strap) Crystal: Sapphire Crystal with AR Water Resistant Price: $318 This watch looks fantastic and flawless to me! Or did I miss something? Andrew has very good reviews here at RWG* – Quote: "quality watches, good service, highly recommended". So I guess the price is right for a quality rep? The "Quality Assurance" service sounds great! Calibration, physical quality check and waterproofing is included for all watches above $200. What do you think about the watch servicing he offers in addition? WS001 - Full Movemt Service + Waterproofing - Price: $120 WS002 - Waterproofing for watches (50m) - Price: $50.00 Is it necessary or will it work fine right out of the box? It sure would be nice to have some water resistance to take a shower or even swim with it. He also offers transhipment via UK for additional $20. Do you think this is a good option to take, since I’m living in Austria? Here are some other buying options I’ve found ... Perfect Clones (Joshua) - Price: $318 http://www.1-pc8838....750-p-9838.html Timeshops.net (Mark) - Price: $288 http://www.timeshops...0-28800bph.html BTW are Trusty Time (Andrew) and Perfect Clones (Joshua) working together? Their prices and product photos are basically identical. So what do you think? Should I go for it? Have you bought one of his PO Chronos already and are you happy with it? I would love to hear your thoughts! Regards, Mario
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