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Found 10 results

  1. I really need help. I am going to buy an omega 42m Planet ocean and Would like to ask two things Movement;Asian 2836 automatic or Japanese MIYOTA 8215 is better? Production; Noob or V6F? http://puretime02.com/special-offers/planet-ocean-professional-ceramicorange-bezel-42mm-11-noob-best-edition-on-ss-bracelet-a2836.html http://puretime02.com/planet-ocean-professional-ceramic-bezel-orange-markers-42mm-v6f-1-1-best-edition-on-black-rubber-strap-a8500.html# Thank you in advance
  2. Hey there, I am looking to swap my 45mm Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (black face, steel bracelet) or my gen Cartier Tank (enamel face, reptile-ish leather strap) for either a Speedmaster or Planet Ocean rep with the clear display caseback; other watch offers considered. Photos available by email until I can figure out how to upload...! I'll pay my postage and you pay yours. I reserve the right to swap with whomever I like. David
  3. Someone MUST have switched to rubber or leather and feel the need to unload... I hope.
  4. Hi chaps, I'm relatively new to Omegas but have found one that I love and am hoping you might be able to assist me with a few noob questions! I've read through pretty much every related thread so hopefully they won't be too painful. Big thanks to everyone for the info/reviews, particularly Cougar and Khashayar. This will be my first rep. I came to RWG for a Breitling Navitimer but the inaccuracies and the fact that there will be a new model in circa 6 months put me off. The Omega model I'm looking to purchase is this one on Trusty: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_114&products_id=11114 Firstly, is this model the new rep from the noob factory, or the older one from BP just updated with a new strap? I understand the noob one will be of higher accuracy and that there has been a delay in their rep coming out. If this is the BP one, would you advise I wait? This one looks pretty damn good to me! Secondly, is there anything I should keep an eye out for when it comes to QC? I've seen that the pearl being as close to centre as possible in the triangle is something that can vary and also the straightness of the '12' marking. Is there anything else I should ask Andrew to try to avoid for me? I'm a bit of a perfectionist so would like to pick up the best possible version. Thirdly, could anyone advise what the correct box would be for the gen of this model? I'd quite like to pick one up to go with it and found the following two on Trusty. Wooden: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_102&products_id=2056 Leather: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_102&products_id=727 Lastly, it may sound ridiculous but for clarity what is the correct term & acronym for this model? I've seen a large number of acronyms (CrPO, POLM, ti) related and also some numbers, e.g. 300. From what I understand, this model is made from titanium, has a ceramic bezel (on the gen) and is made from titanium - does that make it a POLMCrTi?! Many thanks in advance for the help/patience, much appreciated.
  5. Hi, I have a surprisingly nice PO 42mm with the DG4813 movement that looks and works very well (hell, even the crown screws down without hassle)! However, the crystal har AR that looks pretty bad and scratches when you just look at the watch. After wearing it one day it had noticeable scratches along the top of the crystal, without me bumping into anything. I've heard that the sunnydale crystals are good replacements, but he has sold all of them. I'm therefore thinking of buying a gen crystal from cousins. Does anyone know if it will fit perfectly on this model? This is the model: http://www.p-cls.com/omse00257-planet-ocean-ssss-asian-4813-28800-p-9577.html
  6. Hi RWG, I recently picked up a Planet Ocean 42mm Ultimate (OMG0154) from Andrew of Trusty Time and am currently having a bit of a conundrum. When I first received it, I loved it; it looked great and worked really well thanks to the Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement. However, I found within closer inspection a small mark on the inside of the sapphire crystal (which the QC pics didn't show); from what I can tell it seems that it was a smudge that was a result of the AR coating applied to both sides of the crystal. This didn't bother me too much since you really had to look hard to even see it and my gen SMP 300M chronometer has a small mark from dropping it on the crystal (which is also not noticeable unless you look for it). What is really bothering me is the crown of the UPO. When I set the time initially, it took a bit to get used to the resistance of unscrewing the crown as well as screwing the crown back into the case. The other night when I finished setting the time on the UPO, I pushed in the crown and started to screw it back into the case but it pushed back out into the first position. It took a few tries and I was able to seat the crown back into the screwed down position. However, now the crown can be easily be put into the first position by touching the crown with enough force instead of unscrewing it. Now the question is, should I take this to a jeweler to have them see if they can fix it, or should I email Trusty Time to send it back and have it fixed there, or should I just leave it be? Note, that Trusty time does not do refunds or exchanges. Any input would be greatly appreciated and thank you for reading, I realize that it was a rather lengthy post.
  7. I noticed that my 42mm PO's tube is threaded on the outside, while pretty much all the pictures I've found of the tube switch process looks to be threaded on the inside (like the gen tube I got from cousins). My tube looks thicker and threaded on the outside - does it make a difference? Will it be harder to remove or will it leave a larger hole in the case? Is it a 42mm thing? I haven't seen anything about it really... t This is my case and my stem, in the picture above. That's Rymeister's stem before he removed it on his 45mm PO.
  8. So, I'm thinking about getting a PO as well. Everyone else got one, why not me? Right now I figure the best choices for my rather thin wrists would be the 42mm all black/white one: http://www.yourtrustytime.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_114&products_id=7063 or the black/white one with red numerals: http://www.yourtrustytime.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_114&products_id=7086 I figured I'd go with Andrew since I've ordered from him before and I've been more than happy with everything. As a matter of fact, I even found this forum through him. I researched rep watches by just using google and looking around, and finally I decided on Andrew and he had a link to this forum on his page. I will probably want to go franken with it sooner or later. As far as I gather from the earlier threads on this forum, this is the best out of the box model. Is it still the model to get if I'm going to change dial and hands? Bezel? As for now though, I'm thinking of keeping the rep bezel if it looks okay. How is the out of the box AR on this model? I like the one with red numerals slightly, slightly better. I was thinking of going with the all white/black rep since it's supposedly slightly more accurate, and then get the gen dial with red numerals. Thoughts? One problem though - all I could find at cousins UK was the all white/black one. http://www.cousinsuk.com/catalog/4/166/450.aspx So what should I look out for in the QC pictures? HE valve placement? Bezel pearl? Thanks guys!
  9. Hey there, I’m Mario from Austria and this is my first post. Your forum is awesome and I’m really glad I found it. So many nice people here and great information! So thank you for that Here is what I’m looking for to be my first rep ... OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono 45.5 mm - Diameter: 45.5 mm - Black Dial, White Numeral Markers - Stainless Steel Bracelet This is the genuine watch, in all its beauty. One of the nicest watches ever IMHO. I want to find the best replica out there (without much modification) and that’s what I found ... Trusty Time (Andrew) http://www.yourtrust...roducts_id=7338 - Correct OMEGA Logo (no Happy Feet) - Bezel and Chronograph Hand well aligned with the 12 Hour Marker - Correct Hand Length - Correct Subdial Spacing Movement: Asia Valjoux 7750 (28800 bph) Diameter: 45.5 mm Thickness: 17 mm Strap: SS Bracelet, Correct 22 mm Lugs (Also available with Leather or Rubber Strap) Crystal: Sapphire Crystal with AR Water Resistant Price: $318 This watch looks fantastic and flawless to me! Or did I miss something? Andrew has very good reviews here at RWG* – Quote: "quality watches, good service, highly recommended". So I guess the price is right for a quality rep? The "Quality Assurance" service sounds great! Calibration, physical quality check and waterproofing is included for all watches above $200. What do you think about the watch servicing he offers in addition? WS001 - Full Movemt Service + Waterproofing - Price: $120 WS002 - Waterproofing for watches (50m) - Price: $50.00 Is it necessary or will it work fine right out of the box? It sure would be nice to have some water resistance to take a shower or even swim with it. He also offers transhipment via UK for additional $20. Do you think this is a good option to take, since I’m living in Austria? Here are some other buying options I’ve found ... Perfect Clones (Joshua) - Price: $318 http://www.1-pc8838....750-p-9838.html Timeshops.net (Mark) - Price: $288 http://www.timeshops...0-28800bph.html BTW are Trusty Time (Andrew) and Perfect Clones (Joshua) working together? Their prices and product photos are basically identical. So what do you think? Should I go for it? Have you bought one of his PO Chronos already and are you happy with it? I would love to hear your thoughts! Regards, Mario
  10. Hey guys, I just joined the forum, this is my first post and I would like to show you my new 42mm Omega Seamaster PO which I got from Andrew a few days ago. I've attached some pics and would like your opinion to the quality of the rep. Some problems I know of are the "Professional" marking on the clasp which should only be there on the 45mm model, I do not love the pearl and the numbers seemed a bit more orange in the QC pics, in person they just seem reddish . I believe that should not be the case. I'm not a rep expert, but this is not my first rep, although my first Omega. I have never seen this watch in person with the orange bezel as dealers seem only to display the black or liquimetal ones. It uses the swiss ETA movement, accuracy over the past few days has been +- 2s a day What do you think of the watch and is it likely that I am called out as to the watch not being genuine. I am currently wearing it as my daily beater.
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