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Found 6 results

  1. Hey fellas just received my Noob LMPO and I'm in awe!This is hands down the best Omega rep I have seen in my plus 20 years in the rep game!It surpasses BP CrPO in fit, finish, weight, AR, crown tube assembly, bezel, insert, dial, pear placement, etc and is on point with the gen. I'm very impressed at what noob has done despite the initial batch with the poor dials. The only cons I would say is sizing the band is a bear!The pins are super tight and I recommend taking it to a professional jeweler unless you have an hour or two to spare, patience, and a very good watch repair kit. Also the divers extension could be tighter and does come loose occasionally. Overall this watch is a go and the best Omega rep out there to date! I opted for the Asian ETA although Swiss is available as well from Puretime. Highly recommend pick one up. Enjoy to the max!
  2. Just received these fellas. Couldn't find anything with the ole eagle eye. Let me know if you can. Thanks!
  3. Mates, I found a watch I immediately fell in love with and now need your advice: Is this watch available as a rep, or will be in the near future? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  4. Found this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/OMEGA-SEAMASTER-007-BOND-SKYFALL-PLANET-OCEAN-232-30-42-21-0-wbr-1-004-READ-More-/181283910937?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  5. Hi guys, So I have been lurking for a while and am now down to 2 contenders (I think!). I am considering the black ceramic 300m Seamaster Pro and the Planet Ocean 42mm. Now I am torn on a couple of points that perhaps you could help with! I read a review on the black ceramic SMP 300m which was pretty positive. Cons: Backplate all wrong, weak lume The PO 42mm is include in the "super reps" list and appears to be pretty good? Cons: No waterproofing (as far as I'm aware?) Have any of you purchased either of the above and are able to sway me in either direction? I keep reading about a "noob factory" could somebody explain to me what that means? Is it a place where you can order different versions of the reps? Or do the standard dealers provide reps from the noob factories? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, what an informative place this forum is! Looking at some of the work that some have done rebuilding watches there is some skilled members here. Anyways I am a bit of an Omega lover and have several Seamaster PO reps but and a couple of 007 Quantum of Solace Reps What has really taken my fancy is the new Skyfall PO with the glass back. I have seen some really poor reps without the glass back and only one with correct glass back Looking for a decent supplier who can supply this to the UK Any advice peeps? Cheers Tonk! Pics attached of the one i have seen
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