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  1. Shaken not stirred. Aka. Not another Bond Thread!!! (Pic. Heavy) Something i threw together on RWI. I thought I might share it here. What is our fascination with this sociopath, misogynistic, alcoholic, emotionally dysfunctional, sickly charming, ruthless killing machine? He might be all these things but the films and the character exude style, taste and there is a little bit in all of us that wants to escape into the fantasy world in which he resides. One really has to question the effectiveness of a secret agent whose preference for alcohol beverages is known
  2. I have previously shared this on RWI and I will share it here as well - you guys seem to be the technical / OCD Rolex builders so I hope you will enjoy the pics And after waiting and researching for nearly a year trying to source the right parts... Theme of the build = a classic 14270 Rolex that has been through RSC (hence this 14270 will have lug holes AND superluminova dial and hands) Here are the ingredients - Gen 36mm Datejust 16233 E-series case (took me bloody 6 months to find one in decent condition) - Gen 36mm Datejust smooth bezel - Gen 14270/114270 Swiss Made dial (blo
  3. Since I know there are a lot of big Rolex 6538 Big Crown fans among you, I wanted to share some pictures of the 6538 GILT Hands that I've been working on for almost 3 years now. They come with Big Lollipop Seconds and are for sale in two different Lume Colors and for three different Movements. Most important information first, followed by a few paragraphs for those interested in the details Perfect / Gen-Spec for Rolex 6538 / 6538A Big Crown. Will also work for a few other references and are better than anything else available for the following references: 5508, 6536, 6536/1, Gilt
  4. Hey guys I started with a 16200 build. I ordered the following components - raffles 2836-2 case - gen 16200 silver dial - arf crown and tube - gen caseback - tudor 2824-2 hands - Asian 2836-2 because of the movement height - raffles braclet - raffles 3135 dwo this is my first official build i have worked on cartel watches before but never datejust. Are there people with the same build? if so give me some advice i have all the tools and will upload photos when everything is in here Some pictures of the dial
  5. Hello! I have found a 116610 sub replica that looks good to me for very cheap price. It comes broken, without bezel. I need help with finding bezel parts that will be best suited for it. I have already seen hack with springs and metal balls for spring clickers but don't know what to buy to assemble the bezel. Please write your opinion🙂 here are pictures from seller I'm waiting a delivery so wanted to start buying parts before it arrives.
  6. Hi Guys & Gals, This 18239 was (I believe) a StoneP sourced and Joe shaped case that was bought by RoloJack for his heat-treating/colorization project. From what I've read only a few of these cases and bracelets were a great success. The watch as it arrived from RJ was stunning but I felt it needed to go a bit further. The Date/Day didn't flip correctly, and often got stuck, and the bezel/crown lacked definition. Now movement winds like butter and the day and date discs snap over perfectly at midnight. So @mymanmatt and I sourced out some parts: G
  7. Hi, could some one please tell wich crystal press and die diameter works best to replace a Rolex Submariner 16610 crystal retaining ring. My TC 16610 crystal pop as I try to remove the bezel. Thanks
  8. Hi Everyone, This is the first time I am writing a post. Over the last 1 week I have been browsing through various post trying to find the best 1:1 Submariner, however I am unable to come to a conclusion. I want to buy the best 1:1 clone of Rolex Submariner, can you please recommend (1) Best Model, and (2) Best Dealer I should get in touch with? Can you please recommend? Waiting for your response. Thank you
  9. Hello Guys, I am back with this lovely roulette DWO, it is based on RWG friends and spend over 20 hours reshaping the font with AI, Photoshop, etc.... And finally ! I achieve it! Print with semi-plastic with black and red ink, it is Braille, on top of the DWO as gen, not print IN the paper. This DWO is suitable for eta movement, or DG, but not gen movement sorry. The price is 70 USD Firm include Hong Kong small post, if you need it fast, please tell me when you PM me. Please Comment below if you have any question! I will answer ASAP
  10. Hey guys, I bought a gen Rolex 1501 case with hands and dial. I was wondering if I could run into any problems, if I put my 1501 dial on a cal. 1570 which came from a 1601? My only concern is with the date wheel, since the 1501 is 34mm and the 1601 is 36mm in diameter. Thank you!
  11. And so it begins.....my first build. I started off with a cartel 1655. The movement bit the dust on me so I figured this is my chance to try my hand at modding. This tread will be the timeline . What am I building? good question. I so very badly have two watches that I want to build. A GMT Master 6542 and a Milgauss 1019. Both of which are NLA from the TD's so if you want one you gotta build it yourself. and from what I have read, neither are very good examples of the models so alot of modding would be needed to make either of them half decent . Pi
  12. Is it true that noob v9 has produced 2 movements? 2836 and 3135?
  13. I've been getting quite a few emails about building a 6542, and I don't think I'm anywhere near an expert on these builds, but there's not a whole lot out there regarding one of these builds, so I figured I'd write up a little tutorial based on info I've scrounged up. Hope it helps! First things first, the case. To start with, The PT 6542 complete watch is not a good base. Nothing on it is gen-spec, or could be made gen-spec. Like I say, I'd go with the 1655 case and grind it down. It's a bigger case, so you could get really damn close by just grinding it down - there's no problems like
  14. Just picked up this GMT Master ii from Andrew at TT, what a great customer service experience! All questions were answered in less than an hour generally and shipping took about 4 days from shipping date to my house in the US. The Watch is a noob best edition and I must say it's 9.8/10 almost perfect! If you're looking for this Watch don't hesitate buying from Andrew he will take care of you!
  15. So I've wanted to post this for a long time now and I think now is the perfect time. This Daytona crazy is insane. With Paul Newmans Daytona selling for 17 million dollars more and more people are wanting a piece of history on their wrist. A few years ago that was me. I contacted the right people and since then I have had 2 spectacular vintage builds. Having said that the real reason for this topic is to get everyones opinion on who is the best. Rolojack or TheSociety. I have worked with Jack in the past and everything has been pretty amazing. Also, I have read up alot on TheSociety and from t
  16. Hello All, I’m new therefore a pain because I have so many questions that are obvious to many members, But I must start somewhere. There are many abbreviations attached to watches of which I don’t know, is there a place I can find these. I’ve recently purchased a Rolex Daytona Cosmograph (11650 I think) latest edition it cost me $658 from ‘Dtime’ it’s says it waterproofed to 50 mtrs, Once received I wrote to ‘Dtime’ and asked is it W/P for general swimming (Certainly no deeper than 30 mtrs) They have assured me Yes definitely too 30 mtrs but not beyond,
  17. Gday everyone Multiple reps in the kitty & this is my first SD43 from ARF - QC just in.... rehault slightly off but this is kind of expected with the ARF isn’t it... Sold as a V2 - what you think people? appears to be V2 - my interpretation is that is has the slightly rounded bezel (not so sharp) etc date wheel looks ok mag decent appreciate any feedback you have guys particularly from any current owners how this one compares sh3135 movement thanks again cheers
  18. I’m looking for a ROLEX DAYTONA TWO TONE 116523 replica anyone here has it ?
  19. Was looking through Trusty's site earlier and came across this 1016 Explorer, which I'm pretty sure is the only cartel 1016 I've seen with drilled lug holes and a proper plexi dome. Still far from perfect — dial numerals are a little wacky, and the drilled holes to some eyes may seem slightly too far inward from the ends of the lugs — but otherwise looks like an improvement over the other 1016 he has for sale, which lacks drilled lugs and whose sapphire crystal is only modestly domed. Hoping he'll put a video up soon. Anyone seen this elsewhere? Or bought one? (Photos v
  20. Gday everyone Multiple reps in the kitty & this is the first SD43 from ARF - QC just in.... rehault slightly off but this is kind of expected with the ARF isn’t it... Sold as a V2 - what you think people? appears to be V2 - my interpretation is that is has the slightly rounded bezel (not so sharp) etc apppreciate the feedback guys thanks again
  21. Hi everyone I'm looking to buy this Rolex Daydate 40 platinum from Trusty http://trustytimestore.com/index.php...ducts_id=16600 They have both Noob and BP factory options. The noob model is 20 bucks more expensive. I don't know which one to go for. I'm just looking for the closet thing to the original. I appreciate everyone's help with this. Thanks alot
  22. Ever wondered what a Million dollars will buy you these days..?? Most of a 6538 Sub, explorer dial- Meters first red text. and they even throw in the 18mm Nato strap, On the house!! And this is why I love this Rep building hobby Does anyone Make this dial? https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/rolex-submariner-6538-christies-new-york-most-expensive-ever
  23. Thinking about buying this watch. Seller is saying v7, just want to make sure. Can you tell if it’s a V7? Also, any flaws you guys see? https://m.imgur.com/a/bALBIpd
  24. Which dealer sells this one and it is really a movement clone? any links to dealer site Thanas
  25. I’m trying to buy a yuki 3135 to make a franken watch. Thinking about the new noob v8 using everything, except the dial and the movement. Tips? Info?
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