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  1. Hello chaps, just purchased a new omega Seamaster professional 300m in black. I love the watch but the bezel insert is sheeed. I purchase from Ofrei all the time but it looks like they don't have the bezel assembly and insert in stock. Does anyone have any ideas? I have asked around but it looks like Omega are clamping down pretty hard on spares. Thanks
  2. Dear RWG members, Please excuse my ignorance as we are new to this forum and there is much we don't know. My stepson and I have decided to embark on a personal project to create a limited edition custom watch. We have access to a fabrication lab with state of the art 5 axis CNC's, 3D printing, spacecraft raw materials and plating. However, this lab will only be used to create prototypes and one of a kind watches In the end, despite our limited edition, we need to source movements and other parts from a reputable overseas maker of watch parts. In addition, we will need this dealer to assemble the watches. Can anyone guide us to the best dealer for such a project? Someone who can machine custom dials, cases and buttons for us? Someone who can source reliable mechanical movements that will not break down in a couple of years? Thank you, J&A
  3. Hey I couldnt find any recent posts regarding Planet Ocean replicas, so I decided to start a new one. I was looking for PO replica for a long time, and noticed a few strange things. Here are three replicas that I liked most (puretime) 1. https://puretime03.com/planet-ocean-professional-titanium-v6f-11-best-edition-45mm-on-titanium-bracelet-a8500.html 2. https://puretime03.com/planet-ocean-42mm-ultimate-edition-blackwhite-on-ss-bracelet-eta2836.html# 3. https://puretime03.com/planet-ocean-professional-ceramic-bezel-42mm-on-ss-bracelet-a2836.html I'm completely confused with those models. There are so many of them. I had a gen same as number 2, but pearl was exactly as number 1. What's more, the number 2 is different from the one on omega site (https://www.omegawatches.com/watches/seamaster/planet-ocean-600m/omega-co-axial-435-mm/21530442103001/) is it some older model? I really like number 1, for its color and that pearl which reminds me of gen, but is it good enough? Sorry for any mistakes, I'm not very good at omegas.
  4. Hi all, I can't figure out where in this forum you're meant to source a watch so I just thought I'd ask. Has anyone got this Omega GMT or can you tell me know someone who has it please, how much I should pay or what the difference between asian movement is? I'm a total newby, please help me out Thank you, James
  5. Hey fellas just received my Noob LMPO and I'm in awe!This is hands down the best Omega rep I have seen in my plus 20 years in the rep game!It surpasses BP CrPO in fit, finish, weight, AR, crown tube assembly, bezel, insert, dial, pear placement, etc and is on point with the gen. I'm very impressed at what noob has done despite the initial batch with the poor dials. The only cons I would say is sizing the band is a bear!The pins are super tight and I recommend taking it to a professional jeweler unless you have an hour or two to spare, patience, and a very good watch repair kit. Also the divers extension could be tighter and does come loose occasionally. Overall this watch is a go and the best Omega rep out there to date! I opted for the Asian ETA although Swiss is available as well from Puretime. Highly recommend pick one up. Enjoy to the max!
  6. Just bought a gen one online. The 36mm version. Amazing price. Already own the standard full size (41mm) blue bezel SMP but was wondering what the verdict on mid size watches are? The full size looks good on my wrist, will the 36mm look like I've borrowed my wife's watch? She'll probably end up owning it if it does...
  7. As I promised I shoot some photos. Omega Seamaster 2054.50 VS Rolex Submariner 14060M COSC. Be patient as I prepare this set... In the mean while check this one, just for teasing...
  8. I joined here several months ago because I wanted to buy my husband a seamaster for his 40th birthday and didn't think I could afford a gen one. To cut a long story short, I unexpectedly got some money and found I could stretch to a 2nd hand one, and so he was a very happy man on his birthday. It is beautiful! I adore watches and have enjoyed browsing through the forums and learning about all the gorgeous reps that are out there - it's opened a whole new world to me, I just had to get a top end watch for myself. Unfortunately I couldn't afford a second gen (yet)! The Omega reps for ladies seem to be pretty thin on the ground - I'm not very delicate, so a seamaster suits me a lot more than something "pretty". I also looked at the Tag Link (too cheap!) and the Cartier Santos (too dear!) then toyed with the idea of a 42mm PO but the strap on the 300M is so much nicer and a 42mm would be pretty ostentatious. Then I saw afew weeks back that there are new SMP ladies versions on some TDs sites. Could I find anything more about them here or anywhere else? Nada. I wasn't sure when I looked at the photos on the TD sites. Would it look good? Then I just couldn't help myself and pulled the trigger. The first watch I got QA pics for was pretty bad, it had a very obvious misalignment of the 12 o'clock markers. I'm no expert like some of you guys but I spotted it right away. I was a bit concerned that I'd made an expensive mistake. Then I got a second set of pics - much better! Not perfect, I'm sure, but I'm happy. I don't know the "tells" for this watch so don't burst my bubble too badly! At the end of the day its for wearing for fun, I love the loook of it so I don't mind if some things aren't quite right - I'd never pretend if asked that it was gen. As an added bonus the movement seems to be pretty good, it's a miyota one but seems very accurate so far! The strap was also very easy to resize, i had to take 4 links out I think, but it was done in under 10 minutes, the screws were easy even for a complete novice like me. So, here it is:
  9. Hi all, just joined the forum in the last few days, bought a replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 22015100 from a friend of a friend and it sparked my interest to see what was out there. I then came across this site as I was googling replicas and I have to say I'm blown away at the knowledge and skill shown by people on this here. I've included some pics of the replica as I have no idea of the origin or what movement is in it (no markings on the movement). Probably paid too much for it but as a newbie it was an impulse buy and well probably not much more can be said about it. My watch box currently has a gen Tag Carrera Twin Time Calibre 7 WV2115-0, a Seiko SKX007, a Raymond Weil 4817 and an Accurist something or other in addition to this PO. So here are a few shots of my PO, interested to hear opinions one way or the other and if anyone can identify the movement that would be great.Not expecting a great response to this watch to be honest so go for it I've got pretty thick skin
  10. Hi all, So I have a LMPO on the way, my first rep. I've heard they are a nightmare to take links out for fitting the bracelet and I don't fancy giving it a crack.. Will a jeweller in town be able to do this without the problems other people are having? Many thanks in advance
  11. Just received these fellas. Couldn't find anything with the ole eagle eye. Let me know if you can. Thanks!
  12. Newbie On This Site Here.. I am Searching For A Good Quality "replica" Omega Seamaster Or Speedmaster. If Anyone Has One For Sale or knows a reputable dealer I can purchase on.. Please Let Me Know. Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question and please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  13. Hey, so i thought i would make this a discussion thread on the Omega SMP-C BLUE and BLACK, mainly the blue. Where one can share pictures, information and tips and tricks about the SMP-C. I've been told there will be a SMP-C in Blue with an actual cermaic bezel comming, i.e further information about that would be interesting. Furthermore it can be a thread to ask questions and share modding tips for the beautiful SMP-C. Picture credit: Hobsong1
  14. I wore this watch everyday about a month after receiving it before I decided to write a review to make sure that everything was in working order and will be able to work in the long run. I placed an order for the Ultimate Planet Ocean 42mm with the Swiss 2824 movement from Andrew at Trusty Time back in late December and received it before Christmas (Most recent link is here). I loved my gen Midsized Omega Seamaster Professional, but the size of the watch (at 36mm case diameter) started to bother me, as I wanted a watch that was more substantial in weight and presence on the wrist. However, the one I got from Andrew had problems from the beginning with the crown and tube not screwing down (one turn or less to release) and the movement not working correctly (eventually stopped working all together). When it completely stopped working, I emailed Andrew and explained to him my situation and agreed to have it repaired and I shipped my watch back to him on December 27. It was a few weeks into the mailing process that I realized that it takes a long turnaround time thanks to the mailing system in China after it leaves the US (explained in this post here). Eventually, after a bunch of emails throughout the months I get an email from Andrew with a picture of the repaired watch on a movement tester and a picture of the watch with the EMS label with my adress on it, it was shipped on April 20 and was delivered to my home on the 27. In the return box, I received my repaired/replaced watch, a dial (Replaced? I'm not sure), and a frame of the ETA movement. My impressions of the repaired UPO is that it is leaps and bounds better than the one originally sent to me in December. The movement winds well and can be wound by the wrist movements (unlike the one I got originally); additionally the crown/tube is much improved, it takes a good 4~5ish turns to completely unscrew it to the first position (for winding) and screwing it down (bonus is that the feet of the logo sits almost parallel to the wrist when screwed down or point down into the wrist for clarification). The materials of the bracelet, case, and crystal are very good and is almost feels gen (as I own a Seamaster Professional as a rough reference for comparison, as they are two different watches in the Seamaster lineup). The deployment clasp is good, whether or not the engravings is correct is ignorance on my part and the diver's extension works but is fussy when you want to close it back up. The only real aesthetic inaccuracies that someone can really call me out on are the bezel pearl (which isn't centered in the triangle) and that the raised Omega logo sits a tad too low above the Omega lettering on the dial (which is a bit less noticeable). The AR (anti-reflective) coating is present and often appears blue, but in certain lighting conditions will show the correct purple color; additionally the AR coating is easily prone to scratches when the crystal brushes up with solid objects (the repaired watch I got back had a few hard to notice scratches if you looked at them at an angle and a L shaped scratch on the bezel; I'm not too worried about those as it adds character to the watch and I'm more than glad that it works). The ETA 2824 movement is actually what Omega uses as the base movement of their 2500 caliber movements for the gen version of this watch (in which they modify this movement with George Daniels Co-Axial escapement); however, the Co-Axial escapement results in an irregular 7 beats per second as opposed to 8 on most automatically wound watches (like older Omegas and most modern Rolexes). This ETA 2824 movement doesn't suffer that lower beat rate (as this movement more than likely does not have the Co-Axial escapement installed) and has a nice smooth sweep and is rather robust which should handle a good amount of time without service; also, this particular movement keeps time really well, my aged gen Seamaster Professional keeps the time well as I wear it everyday and was serviced a few years back by Omega). The lume is were it shows a bit of weakness, it's not as bright as my gen when charged under the same light source for the same amount of time; the weak lume is the most apparent on the hands of the watch as they are dimly when charged under a light source. However, fluorescent light seems to charge it well as well as natural light, LED light doesn't like to mesh with the lume from what I observed when I used my phone's LED camera flash (in flashlight mode) to charge the lume. This watch fooled my uncle who loves Omegas and was shocked when I told him that it cost only $300 and change and that it was a rep. Needless to say he was rather impressed and wanted one for himself. To conclude this review, besides the small aesthetic inaccuracies and the lume, it is a rep that is definitely worth owning that is really close to the gen in many ways; as well as to commend Andrew for his patience and service for my watch during the repair process. Definitely let him know if there is something bothering you during the QC pic phase all the way to when something happens to it. My plan for my next rep is that I want is a Rolex Submariner in either the non-ceramic (like the D or Z serials without holes in the case and without the rehaut engravings) or the ceramic version (as long as it's accurate). I got a cheap Canal Street sub rep in New York as a souvenir but I want to have something like my UPO or gen that I can rock daily. I really wished I could of gotten the BK TW sub before he sold out, but I am looking at the TC sub and a ceramic sub from Andrew (since searching the forums didn't yield much on the Ultimate sub from TT, ROLSUB0017). That's my plan and my review, thank you for reading.
  15. Anyone see this? Looks like they revamped the case: looks more like the yuki case methinks! http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_66&products_id=10829
  16. Hey guys, just got accepted qc pics from trevor heres some pics Hey guys, just got accepted qc pics from trevor heres some pics
  17. Hi folks, my POrikaa 42mm i bought a few years ago (following recommendations on here as my first rep) has developed an issue with a broken datewheel. Date no longer changes, nor can it be adjusted with the crown. Still ticks thoug.. just cant bring myself to wear it with the date knackered as it is I'm assuming the solution is a new movement? Its only a cheapy rep (cost £75 or so at the time) but i cant afford just to dump and replace it. I'm assuming the movement is a DG2813: Is a straight movement replacement and datewheel swap easy to do? (bare in mind that i am a total newb and haven't so much as even taken the case back off a watch, but am not technically inept.) If so what tools would i need, what would be the cheapest place to get them and would the DG2813 movement sold @ Cousins (im in the UK) fit the bill as i have read a few issues with different cannon pin heights.
  18. just picked this back up today on behalf of my dad, he sent it off for a full restoration and a week later was admitted to hospital with flu, turns out a very bad strain of flu that has attacked his lungs and left him on life support...not the best start to the year. i just picked it back up today, and before it goes back on his wrist to be with him whatever happens thought id share some pics. originally from 1999 it had a badly faded and worn bezel, faded second hand and dial lume was abit off, 2 scratches and a few scuffs on the crystal and the case and bracelet wear a mess at best...whats amazing is that it had only had 2 battery changes from new... anyway heres what was done-complete case and bracelet refinish, new bezel assembly, new crystal and gasket, new dial and hands, movement service, battery change and re-seal, clasp spring replaced...i was stunned when i opended the pouch and seen its new form! its sad to think my dad may not see it as new again, but atleast now its gonna be on his wrist where it belongs heres the new looking 13 year old seamaster, enjoy a great job i reckon on a modern classic, and fingers crossed it will have a happy impact when my dad feels it on his wrist sorry about the kinda unhappy post, but my dad loves watches as much as us all and would love to show off this piece, cheers and thanks for reading, bamcky2k
  19. Just got word fellas the new ceramic bezel Omega Planet Ocean Seamaster will be out in 3-4 weeks! Available from Andrew at trusty time!
  20. Hi RWG, I recently picked up a Planet Ocean 42mm Ultimate (OMG0154) from Andrew of Trusty Time and am currently having a bit of a conundrum. When I first received it, I loved it; it looked great and worked really well thanks to the Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement. However, I found within closer inspection a small mark on the inside of the sapphire crystal (which the QC pics didn't show); from what I can tell it seems that it was a smudge that was a result of the AR coating applied to both sides of the crystal. This didn't bother me too much since you really had to look hard to even see it and my gen SMP 300M chronometer has a small mark from dropping it on the crystal (which is also not noticeable unless you look for it). What is really bothering me is the crown of the UPO. When I set the time initially, it took a bit to get used to the resistance of unscrewing the crown as well as screwing the crown back into the case. The other night when I finished setting the time on the UPO, I pushed in the crown and started to screw it back into the case but it pushed back out into the first position. It took a few tries and I was able to seat the crown back into the screwed down position. However, now the crown can be easily be put into the first position by touching the crown with enough force instead of unscrewing it. Now the question is, should I take this to a jeweler to have them see if they can fix it, or should I email Trusty Time to send it back and have it fixed there, or should I just leave it be? Note, that Trusty time does not do refunds or exchanges. Any input would be greatly appreciated and thank you for reading, I realize that it was a rather lengthy post.
  21. Hello guys ! To start this topic I'm gonna quote Toad and his well known sentence : "What the @#%!$?? Another Omega Seamaster (SMP 300) Chronograph review?" Calm down ! it's not a review, I just wanted to talk about a project I had, a long time ago. (For those who remember, back in 2008, a friend gave me the parts that Omega replaced during the service of his gen SMPC http://www.rwg.cc/to...__fromsearch__1) I took some time to learn, find informations, get tools, parts etc. and a few month ago I started to build my SMPC ! First of all, the title is a joke !... Even the gen springbars don't fit !!! (ok, they fit but the endlinks are not perfectly acurate so the gen springbars are not usable with the rep bracelet. But I will talk about this bracelet later because there is a lot to say !) Let's start for real ! In it's acual stand my project is : - Gen ETA7750 - Gen Dial - Gen Hands - Gen datewheel - Gen rotor - Gen spacer ring, antimagnetic cover etc. - Main other parts are coming from a SMPC rep (from Tony) Assembly is not finished yet, due to a lack of time and because I wanted to waterproof the case before putting the mouvement in it ! So let's talk about waterproofing ! To test my case in the cheapest way, I have build a Nalgene tester as explained in the dedicated RWG topic ! That's what I used to do it : (Nalgene bottle, presto valve, pump with homologated manometer, duck tape, lunetz, ear protection, your empty case, water and white teflon tape) Now a few pictures because I know that's what you're waiting for ! Before testing I greased all the gaskets that are supposed to waterproof the watch. Below you can see the begining of the testing protocol (described on the dedicated topic) For my first attempt I tested up to 3.3 bars (3.1 on the picture) during 8 minutes. Unfortunately, as you can see on the next picture, this case LEAKS !!! Worse than wikileaks... Bubbles coming from under the bezel are normal but those coming from the pusher are not ! And there were bubbles coming from the He valve too... so... (I don't remember about the crown but that wasn't the biggest leak) And this leaking problems needs to be solved. First the He valve, because it's the biggest leak. The easyest way to solve the problem is to seal the fake He with epoxy. But I dont like this solution and I was hoping to find something more "elegant" ! In fact I have a genuine He valve but those b@$£##-$! from Omega screwed up the threads during the disassembly, so it's not usable, but I was expecting to be able to use only the "He crown", but unfortunately the replica is not accurate concerning the He tube... threads are way different. Here you can see a close up look of the two "He crowns" (Gen is on the right side) (note that the rep is already rusty !) (and note that those ******* chinese have forgotten to put a gasket in the rep crown, so I have used the gen's gasket for the waterproof test, but it's too small to be efficient) (Yes, it's the ETA fully Gen equiped that you can see in the background ) Another thing, while I am speaking about "He crowns" : The rep is not accurate ! It's way too high... So I was thinking about threading the gen "He crown" to fit the rep's tube ! But I don't know wich tool I could use to do that, so if somebody knows, HELP is welcome ! Now (if you're not too tired) there is this problem with the pushers : they are leaking and complicated to disassemble for greasing. Once again : I have the genuine parts ! but what is complicated is that I'm not sure that the threads are the same between gen pushers and rep pushers (I'm scared now with this big difference for the He-valve...) Moreover I need a specific omega tool to remove and install pushers without damaging them. (and this tool is expensive at Ofrei, I saw one on the bay, but it was still too expensive for a tool that could be useless if there is a rep/gen difference) (The omega pushers tool) So I tried to make my own tool, with a special plastic glue that melt in hot water and a screwdriver. Protecting the watch with tape and coating the pusher with WD40 to be sure that the plastic doesn't stick. Unfortunately the plastic tool was not strong enough to apply the torque that was needed to unscrew the pushers. (see picture below, gen pusher on the right side ) And the picture above is the occasion to speak about the bracelet, because it's not as accurate as you could think. In fact you can see the shape of each link is wrong, there is a "flat" on every end. And a quick look to compare with the genuine will show you that the links should have be rounded on each side. (Gen pictured below) This is not important if you have big wirsts, but with small wirsts this flaw is very important ! By the way it's usefull to recognize fake bracelets that could be sold on the bay. So I've started to modify the shape of some links with my dremel, but its pretty difficult and I'm not going to make all the bracelet. (I may devellop this part in a future post) A few pictures of the mouvement to end this presentation : I have not taken too much of them (and most were blury ) because there are already beautyfull topics explaining how to install valjoux datewheels on 7750 and how to replace your A7750 with a gen ETA. Here the change of the datewheel. It's very important to note that unlike the A7750, you need to unscrew two retaining plates to remove the datewheel. In Pugwash step by step tutorial, he was working with an A7750 and he could remove the wheel direcly, but if you are working on an ETA, read and trust the official Service Guide ! and remove the two plates. (I have scratched my black DW trying to remove it while it was still attached on the other side But it's not too bad because I will not be using this part) Last but not least a little photo of the gen dial on the ETA (looks like it's not aligned but I think that it's right now !) That's all for today ! Thanks for reading ! and Thanks to the forum that has leared me so much ! Next update in 3 years ! ( ) Comments and Help are welcome
  22. I have been searching for replicas for a few months now. Im looking for an accurate Omega Seamaster 300m Chrono replica. I currently have one replica but its not very good as you can see here: It is automatic, chronograph does not work. I purchased this from a seller in China through ioffer. I then came accross this forum and read some reviews and saw that the 7750 28800 replica of this watch is much much better. So then I found it on this site TImeshops.net. Are they a trust worthy site? Also, what is the difference between these two models: 1. http://www.timeshops...0-28800bph.html and 2. http://www.timeshops...0-28800bph.html -Thanks so much for your help!
  23. Dear friends, some time ago I posted the following thread for a project that I started on a 1970's Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000 - 60m/ 200ft. http://www.rwg.cc/to...__fromsearch__1 The good news is my watchmaker has done a absolutely n fantastic job of bringing the piece back to life again (see pic); its had a full service; along with a new crystal & I'm sure you'll all agree its a big improvement on how it was. Unfortunately, the one thing that my wm couldn't lay his hands on was a new bezel. Whilst I accept that the gnarly old bezel adds some character to the piece, IMO it would be nice to have the choice of alternating between an old one and a new one. So, with this in mind, does anyone know where I can source a better condition bezel? Please PM me. In the meantime stay well. rclough
  24. Hey there, I’m Mario from Austria and this is my first post. Your forum is awesome and I’m really glad I found it. So many nice people here and great information! So thank you for that Here is what I’m looking for to be my first rep ... OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono 45.5 mm - Diameter: 45.5 mm - Black Dial, White Numeral Markers - Stainless Steel Bracelet This is the genuine watch, in all its beauty. One of the nicest watches ever IMHO. I want to find the best replica out there (without much modification) and that’s what I found ... Trusty Time (Andrew) http://www.yourtrust...roducts_id=7338 - Correct OMEGA Logo (no Happy Feet) - Bezel and Chronograph Hand well aligned with the 12 Hour Marker - Correct Hand Length - Correct Subdial Spacing Movement: Asia Valjoux 7750 (28800 bph) Diameter: 45.5 mm Thickness: 17 mm Strap: SS Bracelet, Correct 22 mm Lugs (Also available with Leather or Rubber Strap) Crystal: Sapphire Crystal with AR Water Resistant Price: $318 This watch looks fantastic and flawless to me! Or did I miss something? Andrew has very good reviews here at RWG* – Quote: "quality watches, good service, highly recommended". So I guess the price is right for a quality rep? The "Quality Assurance" service sounds great! Calibration, physical quality check and waterproofing is included for all watches above $200. What do you think about the watch servicing he offers in addition? WS001 - Full Movemt Service + Waterproofing - Price: $120 WS002 - Waterproofing for watches (50m) - Price: $50.00 Is it necessary or will it work fine right out of the box? It sure would be nice to have some water resistance to take a shower or even swim with it. He also offers transhipment via UK for additional $20. Do you think this is a good option to take, since I’m living in Austria? Here are some other buying options I’ve found ... Perfect Clones (Joshua) - Price: $318 http://www.1-pc8838....750-p-9838.html Timeshops.net (Mark) - Price: $288 http://www.timeshops...0-28800bph.html BTW are Trusty Time (Andrew) and Perfect Clones (Joshua) working together? Their prices and product photos are basically identical. So what do you think? Should I go for it? Have you bought one of his PO Chronos already and are you happy with it? I would love to hear your thoughts! Regards, Mario
  25. hmmmm, my franken 45...i love it, i really do-so why the urge recently to sell it on...hmmm indeed. i dunno, for months i've been wearing my 42mm watches, and my 45 has been sat away, pretty much begging me to wear it, yet when i do its just starting to bug me-like when a girlfriend wants you more than you want them...ha! but its just not doing it for me anymore...maybe its me getting older and not wanting something so loud on my wrist anymore...meh, i dunno, so what do you guys think? leave it locked away in the hope i may re-discover it in a few months? let somebody else enjoy/use it? or break the franken up and flog the parts? what to do, what to do??
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