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Found 10 results

  1. I'm about to receive a Chronograph Planet Ocean 45.5mm. It uses the a7750 movement, which as I read is supposed only to look as the real thing, not to function as the real thing. People were writing that these movements came dusty and oily and required like $100-200 servicing, to function well for a year or so. I've also read that there were variations like 7750a/b and some others, I don't really remember, some were better, some were not. But what I clearly remember all this information was posted back in 2006-2011 (besides a reply to another thread, some months ago, which mentioned I shouldn't really use the chronograph often). Still, since it's 2017 now and a lot of time has passed, I'm interested, did anything change? Are these movements more reliable? I payed $50 for servicing and waterproofing (looks 3 times cheaper than it was in 2006), would this mean the watch will function properly for at least a few years? And is there a chance I can get the chronograph used multiple times a day (I like timing things, a lot) and not breaking the movement or what else happens there inside ? Thanks in advance.
  2. team, odd thing happened. the minutes (right side) sub dial ring fell off at some point today and needs to be reattached. can someone post a picture of the case with the case back removed noting which screws need to be removed to release the full movement to get to the dial? i know how to remove the stem using the keyless works and i can handle the repair by gluing the ring....I just do not know how to take out this movement. alternately, i am happy to send this to a member for a repair if you want to earn a few dollars. I would also pay for a oiling and tuning if you have these skills. pm me or me know below wih a picture. thanks!
  3. I bought a Daytona from another member here very recently and it's dead. I'm super disappointed as it was just serviced/rebuilt... Since it's a harder to find dial / watch I am looking for someone US Stateside that can repair it for me, and potentially upgrade it. Please PM me. It is a 7750 base with running seconds @ 6. Also one of the chrono-pushers has fallen off lol.
  4. Hello, friends. The watch, with the crown open, was bumped off a table onto a hard floor. POW! The stem near the crown snapped off. A bit of research here told me this may be a repairable fix. I uncased the movement and popped the release clutch to get the remaining stem out of the movement. This is shown in the pictures. Big questions: 1. where do I source a new working stem? 2. How do I get the Patek crown off the existing broken stem? 3. Anything else to know? Any help here would be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Hi guys! I know that this is probably a long shot, but I have a favor to ask of someone. I was servicing my A7750 powered PAM 299 a few weeks ago to get rid of the noisy rotor and just do a general maintenance on it, and I goofed up a little bit (not how you are probably thinking, either). As I was doing re-assembly, I accidentally broke my homemade tool that I have used for years to replace the collet lock for the oscillating weight, and now no longer have a way to lock it in place and have a fully functional watch. I have a real Bergeon collet locking tool for the ETA 2892/3 series of movements, as I see those for repair far more often than the Valjouxs, etc., but that will obviously not satisfy my current needs. The problem is that I am not looking to buy the real tool through Borel or anyone else right now for the 7750, as I will likely not be needing it for anything else in a very, very long time, and I need to profit off of any tool purchases like these. This is where you fine folks come into the picture. I figured that I may as well ask the board and it's infinitely awesome members if anyone happens to have one of these and would be willing to let me borrow or rent it to finish this repair, then I would send it back immediately and once again have a functioning 299. I am obviously willing to cover shipping both to myself and back to the owner, and can discuss if whomever has one and replies would like a 'renter's fee' as well. Hoping that I get a response here, guys! Thanks for your time, Drew
  6. I posted this in the repair subforum but wanted to bounce this one off you guys to see if anyone ran into the problem I'm having: Just received my first new rep from Andrew this afternoon and was SUPER excited. I took a whole bunch of pics (which I'll post in a review thread later), set the rubber strap into the right spot on the deployment buckle then tried to set the time and that's where things went bad.... I opened up the crown guard and pulled out the crown to set the time. It came out but when I turned it nothing happened to the hands. I figured maybe I didn't pull it out enough, pulled a little more and heard a pretty satisfying click (as with normal watches) and the crown would turn with almost no resistance and nothing would happen to the hands. I took the crown guard off to see what was going on and the crown just came out along with a tiny spring: I did a quick search about this little spring and I guess it's common with Panerais for water resistance? I picked the watch up over lunch so didn't really have a ton of time to play with it, but I'm really not sure what to do here. I'll try to put the spring back on the little post and see if I can line up the crown correctly but does anyone else have any recommendations? Thank you in advance! MODS: I'm sorry for creating this thread twice but I wanted to hit the Panerai crew too. Please feel free to move/merge as you see fit
  7. This problem is only noticeable on the Chronograph seconds hand but I am sure it is happening on the sub seconds too, just too small to see. When I run the chrono on this standard configuration A7750 (Carrera Cal.16) I can see the seconds hand skipping. it appears to stop for a beat and then skip ahead a beat once in a while. Is it time to service this movement? If so, just out of curiousity. would this be caused by a lack of lubricant or possibly too much lubricant? When I find an irregularity I always like to understand exactly what is occurring within the movement to cause the problem. Any watchmakers out there that might be able to enlighten me with some diagnostics.com I would appreciate the lesson. Signed, Confused , also signed Me, Mike
  8. I bought a Transocean Chrono with a quartz movement a few months back. Basically I want to know if I could swap out the quartz movement for an A7750. Possible or not?
  9. Hello, I have a daytona with the sec @6 movement that is known for being quite horrible. I have been told about the different mods and services I can do to make it run right, and I will probably do it. It would run for about 10 minutes and then stop, and this was a common issue. Last night, however, I felt like tinkering with it a bit. I took off the caseback, and wound the rotor by hand. It started working. I took it apart some more and then it stopped. I put it back in the case, put the rotor back on, reinserted the crown and stem, and hand wound (I know, I shouldnt), but then it started working again. I left it last night without the caseback and its running beautifully. It keeps great time (when it did work, it always did). could the case back be the reason for it to stop working? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks (I am posting this same thread on RG and RWG, just because I would like an answer)
  10. On the watch I'm wearing today (a 6-9-12 a7750 ss Chrono Avenger franken), i have to set the watch exactly one minute ahead of my computer time to sync it...the watch's power reserve has juice - so essentially i'm hacking it (pun intended) at 00 and then setting the time, pushing the crown in when the computer i'm syncing with hits the 00 mark...make sense?...In other words, if i'm trying to sync the watch at 3:17pm, i stop the watch at 00 seconds and set the watch to 3:18...then the watch is aligned with my computer...for some reason, this has to be done...i'm pretty sure i've had other a7750's where i needed to do this, as well...but many of my a7750's do not function this way...what's also odd on this one is: it's not serviced, has this one second "quirk", but it keeps almost COSC time... weird...anyone else have this "problem"?...or know why this is the case?... thanks...R
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