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Found 8 results

  1. In stock - Ready to ship Straps I leave sold straps here for reference, if you see something that has sold, fire me a PM and if I still have material I can do a custom order. I'll be posting a few more this weekend. Sterile Pre-V buckles are available in Brushed, Polished & PVD, 24mm with screw in pin + $12 - Link to Buckle options Shipping Canada/USA - $7 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $15 (tracked/insured) Rest of World - $8 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $20 (tracked/insured) Feel free to PM me, or send an email to [email protected] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. 125/80, 26/26 - Vintage Hemp coloured thread. - SOLD 2. 140/75, 22/22 - $40 3. Vintage worn Black Canvas - 130/80, 24/24 - $55 (You choose the stitch colour or leave it as is for a different look) 4. 125/75, 20/20 - $40 (Backed with genuine OEM BMW seat hide) 5. Vintage Olive Zulu style - 250mm length w/o buckle, 24/24 - $65 w/ Pre-V buckle. (This strap is 3mm thick so not great to use as you would a Nato, meant more for a watch with drop style lugs) 6. Military Canvas - 135/80, 26/26 - $115 with Rolko Brass buckle, $75 with no buckle. - [SOLD] 7. 125/80, 24/24 w/ Blasted Pre-V screw in buckle. - $65 - [SOLD] 8. 130/80, 24/24 w/ Blasted Roller buckle and Nato fixed keepers. Light Grey thread that also look Steel Blue in some light. - [SOLD] 9. 140/80, 26/24 w/ Blasted Pre-V screw in buckle - Leather back for ultimate comfort - [SOLD] 10. 130/80, 24/24 - [SOLD] 11. 140/75, 26/20 - Leather middle, super soft, 1 fixed/1 floating keeper - $60 - [SOLD] 12. 125/75, 24/22 - Please note this is a thinner strap, 3.25mm. Very comfortable, but would be best suited for a lighter case. - [SOLD]
  2. I got this gen brushed Ocean Racer clasp from nice RWI member ernien I hadn't thought there would be different sizes in the OR and neither did he. Both assumed it was 20mm Turned out to be 18mm like the superoceans and colts use, as my gen 22/20 rubber I had planned for it didnt fit I went ahead and chopped up(well with a lot of patience and skill ;-) made this 22/20 yellow/black strap fit (idea stolen from fxrAndy ;-) thanks!) I'm real happy with the result!
  3. Hi guys, Wanted to show off some of my builds ive done over the last year. Ill just go through some pics, Ive been building the last 7-8 months, this is just small portion of what ive done, most of the 1680s are wbk modded and certain parts replaced, i drill lugs change movements basically all the work. The various section at the bottom were all from scratch, those were all for other people and all custom builds, mostly franken or custom parts. Let me know what you think guys! Heres my 1680 builds and mods: Some various builds, gmts albino 6610, no date subs....
  4. So I finally settled on a couple reps I'm going to buy. One of them is a Richard Mille RM011, and I'm going to modify the daylight out of it. I want an RG case model, but I HATE gold plating. I've always had terrible luck with gold plated jewelry. Could I bring the watch to a jeweler and have them build me a case from real 18K RG? Is that possible? I'm sure if it is, it'll cost an arm and a leg, but I'm prepared for that. Does anyone know if it's actually possible?
  5. Hi guys, I'm having a bit of a problem. I really want the RM Bubba Watson, but since reps don't exist yet, is there anyone out there that can make one? Or at least just make the movement then I can swap out the one from the skull watch that rep sites already sell. Is that even possible? Sorry guys I'm really confused haha
  6. I am starting a project (building a Seiko actually) and I need to change the datewheel font/colour, so I figure an overlay is the best way to go. Is there anyone who can do a good custom one for me? If so, what's the process? Is it really tough to take the measurements? Or would I just send someone the whole movement and let them sort it out?
  7. The mailman arrived this morning with 2 custom straps from Steveo for my PAM111N. Very nicely packaged with a Quality assurance tag. There's really no need to state there, but it's a very nice gesture from him. Make me feel confident with his product. And inside revealed a nicely wrap up straps! And yes, both strap I ordered are wrapped individually! I custom made this 2 pair of straps and it's cater to my wrist size. These are made with the following request. (Many might find it troublesome) :shh: Wrist size 7 inches 4 holes I'm going to use the 2nd hole only Must be thick 4mm and above. Thread have to be thick and waxed. So with those ridiculous request, Steveo answered my request nicely and agreed to help me with those. So the first strap I customized is a simple Black strap with waxed thread. 24/24mm And the next strap I throw him a photo I got from the net and ask him to make one similar. However I don't have the photo with me now. And it look similar to the one but better. 24/22mm Group photo After I took the photos, I mount my buckles onto the straps immediately! Black strap with PVD Pig buckle (I know many people would say that PVD buckle is nice only on PVD watch head, but hater gonna hate!) I love it. I'm extremely pleased that the strap and the PVD buckle goes so well together! And next is my 24/22mm strap! So I mount my rep Panerai buckle onto them! Very nice!!!! I like the outcome of this too! So with the buckles up, I took off my rubber strap from my PAM111N and mount the strap on! PAM111N with Black strap and PVD Pig Buckle and next PAM111N with brown strap and Panerai buckle So now are some of the wrist shots I took!!! Start with the Black strap And the brown strap Finally, All in all, I've a terrific and great time working with Steveo. His service is top notch and communication with him is great! No forgetting the very reasonable price of the custom strap. Everything plus shipping is only 39.50usd. And the short waiting time and fast shipment is another plus point! I will definitely return and get more custom strap from him! Strongly recommended! The strap maker, Steveo, website is www.steveostraps.com
  8. Hi i am building a custom 359 dlc my goal is not a 1:1, but a nice time piece for the project i want a custom face hours and seconds numbers at 12, 3, 6, 9 and markers use a sandwich dial i want to replace the wording that says Luminor/Marina same look, feel, quality, but change words i know i can do a decal, but will not give me finish that i seek any suggestions? any volunteers thanx in advance bw
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