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  1. Hello guys, I have a nice Rolex GMT 1675 but am not very satisfied with the insert. Do you know where I could find high quality inserts with either VERY or MEGA fat fonts ? Either in faded state or still glossy. Many thanks in advance for the leads !!
  2. I've been getting quite a few emails about building a 6542, and I don't think I'm anywhere near an expert on these builds, but there's not a whole lot out there regarding one of these builds, so I figured I'd write up a little tutorial based on info I've scrounged up. Hope it helps! First things first, the case. To start with, The PT 6542 complete watch is not a good base. Nothing on it is gen-spec, or could be made gen-spec. Like I say, I'd go with the 1655 case and grind it down. It's a bigger case, so you could get really damn close by just grinding it down - there's no problems like the stubby CG's on the 5513s. Just do a lot of checking on VRF - find a case you like and make it look exactly like that one. I don't remember what case I used. It was a Silix case, but one of the first I ever bought. From the email I dug up (in 2011), it was a ROL170. I don't know if he has that model anymore, or if you could figure it out from the pictures. I have the pics, and the watch started out as a 6538 (kind of) - it was really, really wrong, and had things like a small crown, wrong size springbar holes, wrong bezel, and so on. My personal recommendation would be not to go with a Silix at all, if you intend on using JoeyB's bezel and insert. They're too nice for a POS Silix rep (even though that's what a few people here swear by). The case is not gen-spec in any way at all. The crystal is glued inside, not outside a lip like gen, the bezel probably won't swap over without heavy modifications, and so on. My recommendation would be actually using a 1655 rep from The Cartel. What I've seen is grinding off the crownguards, thinning the case just a bit, thinning the caseback, drilling the lugs, and retapping for a gen small crown. The reason for this is because the 1655 rep will accept a gen 116 with no trouble, and uses gen bezel construction, so the bezel should swap over with no problem. I would use a gen 116 if you can get one (or a 115, whichever it is - don't remember the exact number) because it really does sparkle and look much, much better than any aftermarket. Next, the dial. I used an Ingod 6542 dial which had the lip ground off. To my eyes, it is closest to gen. However, the lume is awful. My dial arrived with all of the lume basically rubbed off. I would have it relumed by the modder of your choice (either glow or non-glow) and you should be as good as you can get. The dial will need to be glued onto a sort of "spacer" so that it can be attached to the movement. I think it was ground down (the lip) and JB welded onto a flat disc that functioned like a dial spacer. Not sure though. The InGod dial I used was messed with by PB and JMB. Not sure what they did, but I know they both hate me for it! haha Next, the hands. I like Clarks hand, as they look a little more gen (for the old style) than anything I can find. There are flaws (like the minute hand being too short) and the tip on the hour hand is not quite the right shape, as well as the "rectangle" part of the hour hand being too short. If you look at gen pictures you'll see that the hand is a little longer than newer styles - check it out and you'll see what I mean. TBH, I don't remember where I got the small GMT hand. I think I got it from Raffles-Time, but I'm not sure. Next, the movement. I started out using the DG 2804 (or the 2813, whichever is the GMT version) and hated every minute of it. It's not as easy to swap as some people make it sound, and personally I like getting stuff working for a long while, not doing a constant tear down and repair all the time. For that reason, I used the 2836GMT. I know people can bash that movement, but if it's serviced, it shouldn't be a problem. The DWO should be a roulette, which I think someone on RWG is selling for like 20 Euros. Expensive, but worth it. Mine is OK for now, but it really does irk me and I'll probably upgrade it at some point... One of those things, you know. Finally, the bracelet. I would use either a folded 6210 Jubilee or a rivet 6636/7206 (stretch or no stretch). Those would be period correct (the first being custom at Rolex AD and the other being the PanAm standard issue). My recommendation would be to check out some on real auction sites or VRF and find one you like, and mod it to look like that. I think with some case reshaping, a good movement, proper relumed hands and dial, a good roulette wheel DWO and the Joey B bezel and insert, plus a killer bracelet you'd have a top notch 6542. Now go, and make some really awesome 6542s!
  3. Hi guys. Just got the new gmt in and added the pro3 bracelt. However, when installing the bracelet, I must have used too much pressure as the bezel popped off. I can put it back on,but o don’t know where this tension spring is supposed to go? Any advise? When I install the bezel without the spring and tighten the bezel screws, the bezel becomes to tight to turn....
  4. I am trying to finish this project a 1655 conversion to 1675, I have a Gen dial or so I was told, but I noticed the Dial is too small for the dial opening and is almost impossible to center it. So I need a replacement Dial I saw the Yuki ones, is there another source? Thanks Ivan
  5. Can someone tell how to remove the stem, I have the normal way i know, by pressing down with a wide enough screwdriver but it will not come out. is there a trick? thanks
  6. Hey all, been a while since I’ve written, but I’m desperate. Looking for a PAM 063 and am hitting a brick wall everywhere I look. If anyone has one they don’t wear anymore or has a lead on one for me I’d really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance! Jake
  7. looking for a Chinese DG gmt movement for 1675 Anybody has a link that can share? Thanks
  8. Getting a little frustrated here over a project that it has been 4 years in the making when i was about to finish it, the movement stops ticking. now I need someone who can service and ETA 2893-2 GMT movement. This when I feel that I should drop all the reps I have and go Gen. Also my beloved MBW 1665 which has a 1570 movement inside now it will not change dates Let me know of someone in the USa that can be trusted with servicing these two Regards Cyb
  9. does anybody knows where to source a vintage ovelay, trying to finish a 1675 that it has taking me 4 years to complete. asilver one would be nicer thanks
  10. It's been some time since I posted a build thread here, but I just finished one in which some might have some interest. I have wanted to build a GMT-Master II 16710 for a long time but just never got to it. It's near impossible unless you have a spare 3186 movement laying around, or a Yuki built up to proper specs. I wasn't really aware of the 16700 until I came across the dial on eBay. I did some research and a good 16700 seemed like just the thing to build as I have come to love the vintage modern watches with sapphire crystals. I was in possession of a Noob 16570 Explorer 2 which I wasn't happy with and never wore so I decided it needed to morph into something else. I found a near perfect, 16700 Swiss-only dial and purchased it on a good offer and it was accepted. Then I was able to purchase a fat font w/serifs, bezel insert, so I was off to the races. I sent the case to JMB to drill the lugs (there are no 16700s without lugholes) to accomodate 2MM springbars and then ordered Yuki's 93153 bracelet. The 16700s really came with a 93150 bracelet and a sub-type clasp, but there are some without that, as well. I used a TC bezel which seems to duplicate the original very nicely. The GMT hand is not adjustable, per the gen. The bezel does not click, per the gen...see below. It is a gen ETA 2836-2 modified to GMT, of course. Someday I may address the incorrect hand stack, but, who's gonna notice. The only time it is obvious is twice a day for the few moments that the hour hand should pass under the GMT hand. Other than that...I don't care. If you're not familiar with the 16700; it is the forerunner of the 16710...made from 1988 to 1999. It differs from the 16710 in three ways, maybe four. The 16700 is visually different in that it says GMT-Master on the dial while the 16710 says GMT-Master II. The other differences are from the movement. The 16700 has no individually adjustable hands. The GMT hand is a 24-hour hand and it just follows the time-keeping. The 16710 has an individually-adjustable hour hand and that is what makes it, virtually, impossible to rep without the movement. Additionally, the 16710 has a bi-directional bezel that clicks both ways, while the 16700 is bi-directional but does not click. After my study, were I in the market for a gen, I would not turn down a good deal on a 16700. Actually, four ways...while the 16700 has quick-set date adjustment, the 16710 is adjusted by turning the individually-adjustable hour hand around two turns until the date changes. Experts, please correct any errors. Well, I have some pics...
  11. I had been working on a project for several years and keep putting it on hold. I have this 1555 cartel that I turned into a 1675, Now I want to install an ETA 2893-2 that I purchased about three year ago. I need a movement ring that will fit the Cartel case 1555, can someone point where to find one and what number is? Thank you Your input is highly appreciated
  12. Hi guys, Whats the best GMT II Black/Blue out there at the moment ? The one closer to the gen one Thanks
  13. Hi, I am looking to purchase the best 5513 and 1675 GMT replica also in the market for a Daytona. Any suggestions please? Anybody used Trusty Time? http://www.ttw-138.com? Regards Martin
  14. Hello all! I'm looking at purchasing this watch over at Trusty Time (link below). It's a GMT Master II with a modified ETA 2836-2 movement. I had heard that ETA stopped selling their movements commercially and was now only making them for other Swatch Group subsidiaries. If that's true, does that mean that the movement in this watch is salvaged from another watch? Would it be reliable? Or is that rumor total garbage and ETA is still selling new movements to outside buyers? http://www.ttw-138.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_5&products_id=12132
  15. Hi all, Fascinated with this forum. It seems to be packed with replica watch experts and the details and info is incredible. I'm pretty new to replica watch collecting, but I would love to get this particular watch. An omega planet ocean GMT. Could someone please tell me where I could get a very good model of it, how much roughly it should cost and what exactly (other than the price) is the difference between it and the original. If you're a seller, would you please show me images of the actual watch I will receive, can I pay by paypal and how much it'll be to send to Ireland. I know they're all novice questions, I did have a quick search of the site but no one really covered it to the extent I want. This is the exact watch I would like, I don't know the model number other than "planet ocean gmt" Thank you James
  16. I am not active here anymore, come from time to time, just to check what is going on and what's new. I have this 1675 Project that is almost complete. I need help finishing it, i have an ETA GMT 2893 movement that i would like to get in this watch. This project is over four years old and counting Need an ETA ring that will fit this Cartel 1655 case. Is there anyone here that would like to help finishing this and Of course i will pay for the services. Message me if are up to the challenge. Thanks
  17. A member sent me this link. Any of you Rolex experts ever heard of these crystals? Please chime up. Thanks! http://www.startimesupply.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY_X&Store_Code=1&Category_Code=1D_Rolex_Crystal_Sapp-CY-GMT&Product_Code http://www.startimesupply.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY-30&Store_Code=1&Category_Code=1H-Parts-Gaskets-Crystal-Rolex&Product_Code
  18. Hi all, I can't figure out where in this forum you're meant to source a watch so I just thought I'd ask. Has anyone got this Omega GMT or can you tell me know someone who has it please, how much I should pay or what the difference between asian movement is? I'm a total newby, please help me out Thank you, James
  19. Please advise me which seller has a good reputation. I'm really new here, I need any suggestions that you guys might have. Thank you in advance!
  20. Hey Guys- Still a noob here but just wanted to see which reps and AD's you think have the best or most undetectable rolex reps? I am looking for something that only a jewler could determine as a rep or as close as reps can get to that. If this really isn't a possibility and it very well could be, then should I just be scouring the forum for franken watches that have the important gen pieces (whatever those may be)? Sorry for the presumable noob questions but I figured it was worth a shot and you guys might hook me up with some valuble info/ lessons in this whole ordeal.
  21. Good news everyone, I've not run out of parts yet! Here's my interpretation of one of the three kings of old school GMTs. The very underrated and beautifully balanced PAM63. I hope you like what I've come up with this time. This is the third version, v1 & v2 now belong to long-time forum friends. Big thanks to everyone who helped Specifications: -Honpo original thin case 63 w/ full deco 2893-2 movement -Genuine dial -Genuine hands -Genuine crown -Genuine bezel -MM104 crystal w/ Chief cyclops -Lello DW -Custom SS crown tube -My usual CG mods (lever bushing, chamfering, bevel, etc.)
  22. Hey guys, I am possibly going to do one or two light builds of the 1675. I have two different stock reps in transit. I know there is always talk of crownguards amongst the fora and while I am not going to be too picky, I'm just curious why I am seeing what seems like two different kinds of CG shapes on gens. Was it just one of the many differences between production years, or have some been so polished down they inevitably change shape? Sorry if this is a common question but I am just starting my journey into vintage land. Style 1: Style 2:
  23. My latest and greatest one and a watch I'd always admired perhaps from watching magnum pi as a kid. Lol These are pics from the builder and Italian enthusiast and his watchsmith. Need to refresh my memory on the exact specs but... Gen spider dial Gen xtal Gen insert Gen clasp Gen jubilee Reshaped case unknown origin ETA CLONE 2836-2. Genuine Swiss eta rotor and full disassembly and overhaul WSO bezel modified
  24. Hi guys, Wanted to show off some of my builds ive done over the last year. Ill just go through some pics, Ive been building the last 7-8 months, this is just small portion of what ive done, most of the 1680s are wbk modded and certain parts replaced, i drill lugs change movements basically all the work. The various section at the bottom were all from scratch, those were all for other people and all custom builds, mostly franken or custom parts. Let me know what you think guys! Heres my 1680 builds and mods: Some various builds, gmts albino 6610, no date subs....
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