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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all,New to this forum, but have been reading up on all the available information - and just pulled the trigger on a TC Sub v7 Extreme And have my eye on the LMPO as well...But then the Pams (438 and 508 ceramics) also look really beautiful.Anyone know if the current LMPO no longer comes with the SS bracelet, seems it only comes with the Leather?Treat me gently!
  2. Hey fellas just received my Noob LMPO and I'm in awe!This is hands down the best Omega rep I have seen in my plus 20 years in the rep game!It surpasses BP CrPO in fit, finish, weight, AR, crown tube assembly, bezel, insert, dial, pear placement, etc and is on point with the gen. I'm very impressed at what noob has done despite the initial batch with the poor dials. The only cons I would say is sizing the band is a bear!The pins are super tight and I recommend taking it to a professional jeweler unless you have an hour or two to spare, patience, and a very good watch repair kit. Also the divers extension could be tighter and does come loose occasionally. Overall this watch is a go and the best Omega rep out there to date! I opted for the Asian ETA although Swiss is available as well from Puretime. Highly recommend pick one up. Enjoy to the max!
  3. Hi everyone! After reading several reviews regarding the Noob LMPO replica, I was really to pull the trigger but am having a hard time finding someone who has them in stock. I also recived an interesting response from Joshua at PC stating: "Hi This is out of stocks.. The stocks are all flawed and bad quality ..maker is forced to call back the stocks cos no one wants it . Dont consider it . it is very badly made." Any input/insight would be great appreciated!
  4. Hello everyone! Been away for a while, and i just noticed that my last post was 4 years ago Don't know who's still here since my last visit, I've been lurking around every now and then and noticed that most of the Veterans aren't as active as they used to be, hope everyone is doing well Oh well I'm sure the new ones make up for it, it's still as friendly as always! So I came across the 42mm LMPO and was so impressed with the level of details put into it, rep manufacturers have come a long way! After reading a few posts, i decided to pull the trigger, but thought i should ask our experts a few questions first: 1- The Bracelet issues, are they that hard to solve? I'm not an expert so i'd have a hard time fixing them! Any instructions i can follow?! 2- Are all parts of this model interchangeable with gen parts? If so, what are the usual fixes most members do? 3- I had my eye on the Blue Liquid Metal version as well (clear caseback), but after going the reviews i saw that the LMPO is a better option, can you guys let me know what you think about that? Many thanks in advance for all your inputs, it's time for this ancient noob to get his first real rep
  5. Finally received my QC Pics! From the first look I noticed that Minute Markers above the 12 aren't well aligned, and not so aligned all around. And is the "1" in "12" crooked? Also, any remarks on the Bezel? I don't know anything about this model's Bezel Experts please chime in This is my first Super Rep and I want to get the best out of it!
  6. Would like to thanks Toro for providing such a good rep of LMPO. Finally received it today. It's my first rep and was so afraid that the '12' is not inline during QC and being categorized as picky member but when received the LMPO, I was totally amaze on how good the watch is. Fast response from Toro and he basically answer all my question before purchase!!Seems like i'll get addicted in this hobby in short time!!
  7. I haven't bought a rep for about five years and have been away from the forums. When I came back recently I was really trying to assess what might be a good purchase. I'm not really a modder so I wanted something that was good to go out of the box as it were. I'm a fan mostly of Omega (owning a Gen Speedy) as well as Rolex and Breitling. The reps I have are from 2007/8/9 and were all considered super reps at the time so that is what I was looking for. I might do a separate post in comparing my experiences from back in the day to now but for now let me concentrate on this watch. I'll also do a separate review of the TD. Initial impressions out of the plastic were great. I did have a fear that there might be something I missed on the QC pics but nothing I've noticed so far. That dial is fantastic and very "gen-like". Adjusting feels a little "looser" than gen POs I've played with but overall very good first impression. The bracelet though is a bit of a let down. Firstly it was an absolute nightmare to resize and I made the same mistake as others by trying to take the pin out of the half-link. I also managed to scratch the side of one of the links pulling the pin out. Anyway once I'd broke out the glue and a bigger toolkit it is all back together and working. The etching on the clasp is sharper than on my old UPO but still not at the level of my Speedy (although I don't know what the gen clasp on the LMPO looks like in terms of etching "sharpness"). Generally the bracelet doesn't feel very gen-like and I think this is destined to end up on leather (might even spring for a gen strap). Overall I am very happy with my new purchase the LMPO looks and feels very gen-like. I would say though if this had been my first ever rep, aside from not having a huge set of watch tools to sort the bracelet, I might have been put off by the bracelet experience. That said it did take me back to sizing a UPO bracelet years ago which was equally a nightmare. Obligatory photos. Exciting plastic out of the cardboard: All shiny and new still with the plastic protectors: Finally a wristshot:
  8. Hi all, i'm new and have taken the time to browse the forums. After much research I ordered an Omega LMPO from Noob through Puretime yesterday. The website is now down, is there any way to contact them to check up on my order? I have had no confirmation or anything although the money has been taken off the credit card. Thanks in advance.
  9. Just received these fellas. Couldn't find anything with the ole eagle eye. Let me know if you can. Thanks!
  10. Looking for some guidance, newbie to the space and have determined that the Noob 1:1 Liquid Metal looks to be my first rep. Any thoughts/comments about that watch, Asain movement vs Swiss, any paticular dealer I should align with to purchase? any other watch I should consider vs the LMPO? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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