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Found 25 results

  1. Hey guys, New here on this board, trying to reach bigger "audience" and share some pictures and stuff i do with you. Some people probably know me from RWI, I'm trusted watchmaker over there and I see few familiar names here. Hopefully I don't break any rules posting here but here it comes :
  2. 12 yr old rep FM Casablanca lady stopped working for 3 years. Thank you Legend for repairing and reviving it!!! Those in Singapore or near Singapore can look for Legend for top notch servicing and repair.
  3. Hello guys, Suddenly the crown on my rolex submariner replica won't screw in, it gets tight when im screwing it in, but not enough to hold it in place, and as a result it will just spin forever. I've done some research and it looks like the tube is stripped, or at least that's what I think. I'd like some guidance in order to fix it / replace it. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to repairing or modifying a watch, so I have no clue what tools do I need, what replacement parts will fit my watch, and where to get them. If there's anyone who has done something similar on their watch, please help me! Thanks in advance
  4. This is a genuine Revue Thommen Quantième moonphase timepiece, my very first serious timepiece which I have procured in the grey market more than a year ago. It had arrived DOA, and after sending it back to the the grey seller and Swiss manufacturer for repairs (the latter being a regrettably costly move), the watch came back still broken! As such, it had sat in my dry cabinet for more than a year while I acquired several other timepieces along the way, mostly genuine and vintage watches. It might have been fitting to have had this review in the proper WUS forum, but I had gotten to know @Legend through the replica forums, and for the edification of the replica community, I decided that this review shall be planted here. I had gotten to know @Legend through another local modder aflop. In our initial casual conversations on our watches, I had mentioned about this broken watch and he had graciously offered to take a look at it. Nothing to lose, I had calculated mentally, when even the manufacturer couldn't fix it for me! To cut the long story short, @Legend took the watch, and fixed it before I could even request an update from him. Sheer insanity. He gave me a rundown of how the watch works (an ETA 2824-2 base movement with a Dubois-Depraz 9310 module, and how intricate a repair it was, given the setup of the watch. He sent me off with a charge that I ought to be extremely delicate with this watch, lest the module and parts break once more under my care this time. I have adjusted the time, day, date, and moonphase over this time back in my care, and all of them work as they should. That is some pretty impressive work by our very own admin and modder in the replica watch communities. I had thrown him a curveball and he has dealt with it with an unmistakable elegance and finesse. Over the course of our continued interactions, @Legend has revealed that he could deal with any repair or mods under the sun. Movement servicing, platinum paint mods and SEL mods (for your subs, DSSDs etc.), waterproofing, datewheel mods (for your 7750 3-6-9 chronos), AR works, just to name a few common ones we in the replica community need. Admittedly, he is not the most humble person, but the important fact is that he could certainly back up his statements with the first class calibre of his work, with me being a direct beneficiary of it. I would highly commend his services and offerings to all without reservations, whether it be for a replica or genuine timepiece. If you're based in Asia, there shouldn't be any reason not to look for him. That said, if you are based on the other side of the world with no reliable local watchsmiths (I'm looking at you, our American friends), it would do you good to consider @Legend to service your timepieces. Thank you once again, Al.
  5. I am about to get a good deal (I think) on a Used Pan Luminor 6595. The catch is that it needs repair “The set level is broken. It is on the first module of the watch, which is the chronograph module”. Can anyone tell me if this is a catastrophic issue or est cost to repair? Thanks in advance. Chris
  6. Hey Guys, I am new to the site and I have a question maybe someone can help me out. I have a replica Rolex that I have had for around 5 years. I do not know how the replica market works, but the one I have is of good quality. Never losses time, and just an overall nice piece. A couple weeks ago I was winding the watch and out of no where the stem came out as I was twisting it. I was so upset, so I have tried doing some research on getting it fixed and came up short. I don't know if there is a way I can get it repaired or is it even worth it. I am attaching some photos to help further explain. rolex back stem crown.pdf 4CA3C965-1EE3-488F-930E-ADA652494777.pdf rolex back stem 2.pdf rolex back casing.pdf rolex movement.pdf rolex sn.pdf
  7. I'm in NYC and am looking for someone local I can use to service my rep watches.
  8. Hey there friends! I need some advice. I picked up a V3 Avenger and the bezel is very loose. Any recommendations on how to stiffen it up? Floss or something? Any help is appreciated. Rax
  9. So I have an Omega Speedmaster that I picked up a few years ago, I know that it is probably a fairly cheap version, and these reps in general are not very accurate, but I like it nonetheless. Not to long after I got the watch one of the pushers came off. I would like to have it repaired nd not just junk the watch. I'm more familiar with Vintage Rolex so I'm pretty much in the dark here. Any advice on the watch itself, as far as what model it is "based " on, getting it repaired, or possible mods/gen parts that can be installed would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that short of finding a pusher and literally gluing it in the tube this is a repair that I would like to find someone to do, and as said possibly some other mods if possible at the same time. Or..... is this watch not worth it and just start over with something else. [url=http://smg.photobucket.com/user/usmctowgnr/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMAG0466.jpg.html][/url
  10. Hi, I have several gen IWC's and Rolexes that need standard service and I want to stay local. Please PM me your Chicago (or Illinois) based trusted resources. Thanks, -Muleplay
  11. Hello, I have had an IWC Portofino, from TrustyTime, with A2892 movement. A few months ago the winder was not working and I hear a tick every time a try to wind the watch again. If anyone has any helpful hints or know how I could fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi guys, I bought this book recently and began reading. It has been great so far. But I have to ask those who are familiar with the book; since it was written decades ago, how relevant is it to watch repairing today? I'm sure there have been numerous advancements in watchmaking since then (I think it was originally published in the 60's), but can this book still serve as a good introduction to the craft? It has been reprinted as recently as 2008 so I'm guessing It does remain somewhat relevant.
  13. Long time lurker, first time poster here. And yes, before you ask, I did a search and looked in the repair/mod forums before posting. I simply didn't find anything particularly useful. That said, do any of you know of a good repair facility in the DC/NOVA/Baltimore area that is willing to work with replicas? I've dealt with Yakov at the Clock & Watch repair place in Kensington, but he didn't do a particularly great job, and I've got another replica that needs to be serviced soon. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers, Nitz
  14. Hi Guys- I recently purchased a PAM 504 kervarsit rep from someone on this forum and the crown has already fallen out! I know KW's is a TD and a good watch to buy, but I have very little mechanical knowledge of watches and am new to the forum along with buying this type of watch in general. Below are pictures of the watch and crown. All I am looking for is if anyone knows how to fix this issue or can explain to a noob what happened! Thanks
  15. First off, mucho props to members of this forum. I am new to it and want to thank you guys for keeping me to 3 AM for that last couple nights. I could use some help in finding a reputable repair shop/watch guy. I need a repair on my Rep GMT Master II and a service for my Rep Daytona. I'm willing to ship them anywhere in the states or take go to a local shop/watch guy in Los Angeles. I am also patient, so I don't mind waiting for the right shop/watch guy. Thanks in advance for the help
  16. I could use some expert advice on removing and replacing the Ceramic Bezel on my 116613 SUB TT with Swiss ETA 2836-2, purchased from Andrew. One of the link screws came out and the watch slid off my wrist and hit the pavement almost flat on the Crystal. Not a scratch other then the Ceramic Bezel Pearl Dot broke off/shattered and a piece of the Bezel came with it. I temporarily glued it back on with a tinny dab of super clue. So I ordered a replacement Bezel from Andrew.....and here I am let me qualify that I love this watch! keeps great time and looks awesome! Need the Help on: 1) Good Procedure for removing the old Bezel. 2) Procedure for Replacing with the new Bezel. Also recommendations for adhesive. I have been reviewing the posts and read where you remove the pearl and use a dental pick to lift off the old Bezel through that opening. Confirmation and or better step procedure would help. I have also seen pictures or reworks where it looks like the Bezel was glued on. I would hate to screw this up - some part of me wants to just purchase the lesser expensive Asian movement equivalent (no offense, I have several others and so does my son) and just swap out the movements which should be straight forward.
  17. Hi everyone, A few months back I bought a used Rolex Explorer I from chiman12. The transaction went great, and the watch that arrived was absolutely gorgeous, and in perfect working condition. My thanks to chiman12 for sending me such a great watch at such a great price. Anyway, fast forward to last weekend. I was at a wedding, and must have bumped into something, because now the watch is making a funny noise, like a part has fallen loose, and is tumbling around inside (sounds like it is scraping against the caseback). The good think is, the watch itself is still keeping time perfectly, and the automatic movement still runs beautifully... I think something just became dislodged and is tumbling around on the inside. ANYWAY. Wondering if there is anyone (preferably a member) in LA/SFV that has even minor watch repair skills, just to open it up and see if they can re-attach whatever is klinking around. As I said, the movement still works perfectly, so I think this is simply a minor issue. Anyway, any advice would be appreciated!
  18. Month old rolex prohunter GMt from Andrew at trusty time glass keeps popping out...lucky to have found it each time but is getting very frustrating. Any tips on best way to secure and keep it in place? Any hop/ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  19. I bought a Breitling Superocean Abyss in June, 2011. I used it a lot the first year, ie more or less a daily beater. Shortly after it stopped, and I used other watches. I brought it to Thailand and got it repaired, the repairman didn't say a lot and I hoped he had changed the movement. Didn't get an answer and he said of course " a year" and I thought sh.t! The watch went perfect not slowing or fastening, however after a month it stopped, then going 2-5 sec and stop for some sec and going for some sec, etc. When I brought it to repairman in Thailand he said it had had a shock. I did not use it when doing manual labour, however after it stopped I shaked it a lot around. There is a retired watch repairman close to where I live so I hope I can get him to change movement on this. (He doesn't do complicated repairs anymore, so I hope he will do this) I paid about USD 270 + post, and paid too much for the repair , so I thought getting an Asian 2824 and getting someone to change this. Trying to find an asian 2824 seems a bit difficult, although some on ebay. From watchuseek.com comparison ETA 2824-2 , Seagull ST-2130, TY2130 and HZ 6300. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f72/how-do-seagull-hangzhou-compare-eta-depth-look-216945.html 1. The link above does say that these movements are about the same, but I am unaware how to find the right replacement? Is this a match? http://www.ebay.com/itm/ETA-2824-2-AND-SELLITA-SW200-CLONE-MOVEMENT-SEAGULL-ST2130-100-EXACT-SAME-SPECS-/121081456572?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c310467bc How to specify a movement that fits? 2. Pitfalls? 3. Good to load up with movements? I have different movements like 4813, 2824, 7750, quartz, etc. Was a bit disappointed that this "simple" movement stopped. 4. surprised that these movements cost after I heard on this forum earlier that a movement like this costs USD 25. 5. Also heard this model, the Abyss had a tube weakness, my watch has been easy to fasten crown after adjustment. I know some watches fail and others go for a long time, that is also my experience.
  20. First of all, can I hashtag a forum post? I think I just did Down to business, I am having some s#itty luck with my Reps lately, they just seem to be falling apart. My latest issue is with my 116610 Submariner. The bezel pearl (which wasn't great to begin with ) has simply fallen out and of course I have no clue where it could even be, nor do I plan to look for it. Any idea where I can source a gen, or good rep pearl for this watch? While I like the look of a vintage sub that is a little beat up and missing the pearl, that look doesn't seam to suit this watch just yet and I would quite like to fix it. Any advice would be very much appreciative. I'm also still looking for a replacement DSSD dial, just throwing that out there. I also don't have a picture, I think "the pearl fell out" is pretty self explanatory
  21. Im looking for someone to do some work on my Hublot BB and Panerai. They both keep stopping after about an hour. If anyone has any recommendations on a watch repair man please let me know.
  22. I'm not satisfied with my current watchsmith. I need to get the dial changed out on my ploprof v2 and I have no idea where to take it! Any NYC residents know of any good rep-friendly watchsmiths?
  23. ww12345


    I have a 5513 Sub that, for some reason, stops and starts rather erratically. I know this question probably would have been better in a different section, but I figured I'd ask it here because this seems to be the section with the most "franken" builders. This 5513 seems to be fully wound, and will run for like 5 seconds and then stop. Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong with it, or who could fix it for me? Thanks in advance!
  24. I'll start by saying this, I am not very good at documenting my work but pictures are en route, I also made some Newb mistakes during the dissassembly that I may need help fixing.... alright disclaimers notwithstanding.... I performed my very first keyless works repair last night! This whole issue came about after I got frustrated with a crooked crystal on my DSSD, it has been like this from the time it arrived, over a year ago. I had attempted to press the crystal in, with no luck, in the past but had never taken a watch apart and certainly didn't try that a year ago with I got this watch. This time, I started tapping the crystal (dumb, I know) and in the process I caused the second hand to pop off, the dial to come loose, and the crystal to stay right where it was when I started At this point I knew I had to take the watch apart to replace the second hand and I would just pop the crystal out and re-install it into the watch. (I also had no idea that the dial was loose on the movement at this time). I managed to get the Crystal installed in the case, nice and straight, and simply pop the second hand back on, no problems and I was good to go.... threw the watch on my wrist and took the dog for a walk, and that's when I saw the dial turning freely around inside the case When I got home I took the watch off and opened it up, pulled the movement out and glued the dial to the movement ring (not sure what this part is called but it had come unglued from the ring that connects the dial to the movement. I popped the watch back together only to immediately notice a spec of dust on the dial, and I went back in...... that's when my luck ran out and I finally gummed up the keyless works. It was now 20:00 and I was getting tired, but that didn't stop me. Tonight, between finishing my assembly and taking the dog for another walk, I will update this post with terribly documented repair pictures that show very little detail and will never help anyone, but like I said, I'm no good at documenting anything. Until then, I hope everyone is having a good.....time Mike
  25. Hey guys, I have a rep Breitling that has broken. The small hands have fallen out of their holes. (terrible terminology I'm sure). Can anyone recommend a repair place on here?
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