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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys, New here on this board, trying to reach bigger "audience" and share some pictures and stuff i do with you. Some people probably know me from RWI, I'm trusted watchmaker over there and I see few familiar names here. Hopefully I don't break any rules posting here but here it comes :
  2. Gents and Gals, Has anyone heard of Zenith Solution Inc. http://www.zenithsolutions.net/hi-tech-and-hi-solv ???? I am trying to find out if this website is a front for a nationwide Identify Theft Scam. A guy by the Name of John Howell is the Project Manager with an African accent, from what I gather on the site, the 800 number when googled covers two different companies. One is the cleaning service and another is a marriage service. The captured photo attached is one of the pages of the website.
  3. Getting a little frustrated here over a project that it has been 4 years in the making when i was about to finish it, the movement stops ticking. now I need someone who can service and ETA 2893-2 GMT movement. This when I feel that I should drop all the reps I have and go Gen. Also my beloved MBW 1665 which has a 1570 movement inside now it will not change dates Let me know of someone in the USa that can be trusted with servicing these two Regards Cyb
  4. Hey everyone, I wanted to start by saying how grateful I was to find this forum and the wealth of information it holds. Over the years I've collected a few reps along side a few gens and it was very much so a solo experience. My previous job has me traveling to Asia with somewhat frequency, so I would just purchase a handful of quality reps there and bring them back for myself and friends. Since changing roles, my travel has stopped and I needed a way to find quality products with real reviews., I spent some time googling and never felt comfortable purchasing online as I assumed the worst as far as quality. Well, that has changed after finding this site! I've ben searching for a Milgauss for some time and thanks to the reviews I was able to see for Trusty Time, I went ahead and purchased one! It should be arriving shortly and I'll definitely be doing a review once received. Alright, that being said. I need some help! Previously there was an older gentleman that ran a small watch shop that would do work on reps. A few years back, he closed and since I haven't had the need for any service. A few things I've read so far seem to imply I should be taking the watch I receive in for service almost immediately to ensure it's oiled and working properly. Is that accurate? If so, what type of service should I be looking for? That's only one part of the problem. Additionally, I am not sure the best way to go about finding someone in my town who will work on reps. Is there a good way to understand who will and won't without flat out asking? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. It is a long lasting issue with those over simplified Explorer dials. Prices are insane for genuine used/ old stock service dials. Aftermarket options are pretty good by now but not that close to the old service dials and still a tell for those who know where to look. And those gen dials at the upper price range tend to rest for a long time on the sales corner (Bay or elsewhere). Their extremely steep price is not being paid! That is for sure. But then some "gems" tend to pop up every now and then at a "reasonable price". Used genuine dials at the mid price range meaning 600-700 $. Now is one of those moments. We are talking about this tritium SINGER dial. Though, I seem to be a bit sceptical about some details! Meaning this dial might be a quite good redial? Let´s see if someone else would notice them?
  6. Hi Gents, I recently met an old friend from the boy-scout period (when we were both around 16yo) and discovered that he worked around 10/15 years as watchsmith in one high level goldsmith shop, repairing/servicing Rolex/AP etc etc. Now he opened his own watchsmith shop and I was wondering to propose him some kind of business for the world this Forum represent since, as most probably all here have experienced, it's a disaster to find techs that accept our watches. I would NOT do this for my personal gain (well, at most I'll ask him to service one of my watches for free ) but just because this could help us (within EU there are no customs so it's not like sending a watch to the Zigmeister in Canada...) and also him to gain something because, as said, his shop is pretty new (not so for his experience). I think (but this for sure must be verified) that servicing reps should not fall into some legal trap as it's a not a matter of selling or purchasing counterfeited objects I'll ask him if he's interested just for servicing (unassembly/cleaning/oiling/reassembly/synchronizing), not for repairing (at most just caliber replacement) because he's a friend and I don't want him to go mad trying to repair watches for which the spare parts are crazy to find. So, just to understand the possible audience, is some of you guys interested to have such a possibility? Cheers, GenTLe
  7. Hi guys, Any one have experience sending rep watches for service or regulate in Malaysia? Any recommendation? thanks and regards!!
  8. Hi Guys, Looking to offload my Gen IWC Mark XVI, but before I do I want to get the watch serviced and the glass and bezel polished (few unsightly dings on the bezel, one slight one on the glass). Can anyone recommend someone on the board who is able to carry out such a task? If anyone can provide a quick turnaround, even better! Also, could anyone tell me whether the IWC Mark XVI has internal AR, or external? Regards
  9. Hi there everyone - a friend of mine (who lives in Australia) is in need of assistance ... His rep Panerai (from Josh) has stopped working and requires a service; can you please point me in the right direction of someone who can help him, down under(!). Cheers gents, all the best - Richard
  10. Long time lurker, first time poster here. And yes, before you ask, I did a search and looked in the repair/mod forums before posting. I simply didn't find anything particularly useful. That said, do any of you know of a good repair facility in the DC/NOVA/Baltimore area that is willing to work with replicas? I've dealt with Yakov at the Clock & Watch repair place in Kensington, but he didn't do a particularly great job, and I've got another replica that needs to be serviced soon. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers, Nitz
  11. First off, mucho props to members of this forum. I am new to it and want to thank you guys for keeping me to 3 AM for that last couple nights. I could use some help in finding a reputable repair shop/watch guy. I need a repair on my Rep GMT Master II and a service for my Rep Daytona. I'm willing to ship them anywhere in the states or take go to a local shop/watch guy in Los Angeles. I am also patient, so I don't mind waiting for the right shop/watch guy. Thanks in advance for the help
  12. Does RSC service loose movements? Thanks.
  13. I recently (27April2012) placed an order with Asian7750, I was told that the watches would arrive from the factory on 3May2012 and I would be shipped shortly after that. I am brand new to this forum but not entirely new to replica watches. I have purchased a couple of cheap 21j non functioning chronos, a 43mm Carrera Day Date and Rolex DSSD, the latter two being fantastic reps for the record. After finding this forum and the wealth of available dealers that I was led to, I decided to try a new dealer. Normaly 11 days after placing an order I would have recieved a shiney new watch in the mail, I am now going on two weeks and have no indication from this dealer that delivery is anywhere in my near future. I have never encountered service this slow from any dealer, is this normal, has anyone experienced this sort of delay and no communication from the dealer? I understand that there was a recent shutdown of most replica factories and that this is an anual thing (I just recently learned about this). Did I place this my order too soon following the factory shut down? If anyone out there has had a similar experience recently I would like to hear about what kind of time line I am looking at. Maybe I have just been spoiled by excellent service in the past. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
  14. Dear friends, I recently purchased an IWC Top Gun chrono (Asian 7750 movement) that developed a problem; I was looking for a watchmaker in the UK who could take a look; at this point I happened to come across the post by Tom Exton, offering the services of a recommended (anonymous) watchmaker in London; I duly sent off my watch & waited for Tom to confirm receipt. The next day, I got an email from Tom who said he had the watch and that he'd be in touch when 'his man' had had chance to establish the extent of the problem - all good. At this point (while waiting for the diagnosis) I started to do some reading (mainly on Repgeek) where Tom had come in for a total shoeing (a panning) from members, absolutely slating him; I started to get nervous; Tom had my watch; gulp! So, I relayed my concerns to Tom by email, and he was very courteous, he completely understood and offered to return the watch without charge, but he said that he'd prefer to continue the work with a view to proving his capabilities (and those of his wm) through good customer experience. I immediately felt better; I trusted him & gave him the nod to carry on with the work and I'm really glad I did; the watch is now back on my wrist, keeping perfect time and I'm delighted. Fast turn around, (3 weeks from sending to the watch being returned) excellent comms etc. So, my experience of Tom & the service he offers is a very positive one, one that I feel compelled to share with you all. Hes a nice guy who has given me a quality service. And here's a Wristie for Friday! Stay well. Rclough tomexton@yahoo.co.uk
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