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  1. I ordered 2 VSF Subs from TT back in June 2022. The second order arrived in 3 weeks after confirmation of payment. It was a very high quality VSF SS Sub that was shipped quickly and worked perfectly. The first order wasn't received until 6 weeks after payment and after numerous emails with Andrew and receiving a shipping confirmation that did not exist for nearly 5 weeks. Upon arrival, the first order which was supposed to be a VSF Sub, it had a movement that rattled like a baby's toy. There is no way this was a VSF quality Sub. After contacting Andrew a few times, sending pictures and videos of the rattling movement, he refused to return the item and would only "repair". If the item sent to me was a true VSF Sub that I paid a lot of money for, like the first item received, there would be no reason for a "repair". VSF quality is very very high which is why customers pay a lot of money for the VSF models. Be strongly caution from ordering any VSF models from Trusty Time and Andrew. You might not receive the item you ordered and paid the high dollars for when it arrives, months later.
  2. It arrived a few days ago. Everytime I open a the China-package for my replica I expect it to be like 0,5 m big after been zooming in on all the reference prics, QC-pics and so on the computer screen. And when it finally comes out of the plastic wrapped around it looks so tiny And all the small "bad" details that I was affraid of wasn't even visible for the human eye Not for a 31 year old any way... I don't own the gen unfortunately so I can't compare them but I have been watching A LOT of pics, Youtube-videos and have seen it in real life many times and this is rep is amazing! My old sub-rep from Josh (7 years old and still works perfect) can't compare with this Noob v7 (well, maybe the dials are pretty similar). And 7 years ago that rep was considered top-notch. I've added comparison pictures but they don'r really justify the difference between them i think. The feeling and details between them are obvious IRL... I've probably spent more money on reps than what the gen sub costs. I've only got 6 reps left in the collection and this sub is my absolute favorite. Most of you already know the small difference between a Noob v7 and a gen but I can gurantee you that this watch would fool 99,5-99,9% of ordinary people and most of the gen-owner (it wouldn't fool you guys of course but MOST of the gen owners haven't taken notice of the "black hole" on/in the cyclop or that their watch is highly polished between the teeth on the bezel ring. Neither do they think about 0,05 millimeter difference on the SEL-fit when looking at their watch)... imho... You guys have given me a lot of knowlege here so I thought I would give you a litte something back, for what it's worth... Also you are friendly here unlike one other forum where members screams: "YOU CAN'T POST 3 QC-PICS HERE AND ASK FOR ADVISE! THAT'S INSANE TO DO ON A REPLICA-FORUM! THE TD IS GONNA GO BANKRUPT NOW... WE WILL HAUNT YOU AND BAN YOU FOR LIFE BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T READ THE RUUUUULES". So thank you for that Finally: - Rehaut very good! - Dateween and cyclop alignment - Good (even if the picture doens't show) - SEL - Very well I think (you be the judge) - A little dust on the camera lens or/and the watch but perfect condition when it arrived! Hope the pictures are ok. Taken by my mobile. /Akilles
  3. Hi! What do you think about this model? http://www.pf-828.com/0-rlst00003w-116613-blue-14k-tt-sub-swiss-2836-3135.html?___SID=U I don't know in what factory it's made. I know there are some other popular gold wrapped models on this model but my "problem" is that i need a detachable half-link to fit my 6-o'clock side wrist like this model have (confirmed by TD). Not many other 116613 reps provides that.
  4. Hello Everyone, Greetings! Am a newbie in replica watches and i bought these SDDS and Sub in Bangkok 2 years ago. got a few question hope you could help me out thanks ! 1. judging on the picture, could the replica company be identified? 2. if yes, which version could it be? 3. could the movement be identified? 3135/A2386/ETA2386 ? 4. what are the current market value for these? SDDS SUB
  5. Hi ladies and gents! Got these QC-pics. Think they look good, what do you think? /Akilles
  6. Hi, I am looking to purchase the best 5513 and 1675 GMT replica also in the market for a Daytona. Any suggestions please? Anybody used Trusty Time? http://www.ttw-138.com? Regards Martin
  7. Seems I read on one of the fora that there is an error in the V7 case, in that one of the reliefs for the case clamp screws is not correctly placed. I so, is this the problem? IOW...is this a V7 case? I always thought it was V6 but I know that Thomas said that he had been shipping V7 cases before the actual announcement. There is actually a traditional case clamp under there as the screw will not back out far enough to clamp the movement. It will fall out.
  8. For all of the experts out there, can anyone confirm that this insert looks like a GEN service insert? I would rather not overspend for something from Cartel or other sources. I still am trying to figure out how all you figure out the small nuances between the different type of inserts. I believe the seller when he says that it is a GEN service insert, but given my level of skill in identifying differences, I would feel a lot better with some other confirmation. The seller just overlayed the bezel on his sub to show the look and it does not have a pearl for those wondering. Finally any ideas on what the going rate is for a GEN service insert? Thanks!
  9. Sometimes accidents work out just nicely. I was working on a 114060 build based on an old noob sub-date Vx (can't remember), removing the date function from an A2824 and re-assembling the watch. To make a long story short, i have cheap hand removers, and the seconds hand must have been on very tight on the pinion... I destroyed the seconds hand while trying to pull it off. So for now, I'm gonna live with my 'base' sub (Panerai-speak for time-pieces with only the hour and minute hands). Thanks for looking!
  10. A member sent me this link. Any of you Rolex experts ever heard of these crystals? Please chime up. Thanks! http://www.startimesupply.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY_X&Store_Code=1&Category_Code=1D_Rolex_Crystal_Sapp-CY-GMT&Product_Code http://www.startimesupply.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY-30&Store_Code=1&Category_Code=1H-Parts-Gaskets-Crystal-Rolex&Product_Code
  11. The second just stopped. Crown, hands and date are all smooth. Rotor spins quietly as well. No amount of winding and case tapping revive it. What are my options to repair or swap out the movement? This is a v6s hulk.
  12. Hi all, Im sure this has been brought up before but i can't find the post anywhere. So my question is, what do you guys think of the Miyota 8215 movement that would be fitted inside a non date rolex sub. Is it a good movement? Its £150 and the watch case is top quality. They also offer a Chinese 3135 for £350 and finally a ETA 2836 decorated as a 3135 movement for £550. Bare in mind its a non date so will have no issues there which i usually do with reps (not being centred) Which option would you guys go for? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. There's a new HULK set to be released soon which makes the V5 look ridiculous. No word on which factory will be releasing it but will keep y'all updated. Now some pics (NOOB V5 on the right)
  14. So... What's the consensus? A bit fantasy model? I for one, love the non-cyclops plexi. http://www.puretime.watch/shop/product/vintage-submariner-1680-ss-black-dial-on-ss-bracelet-a2824/
  15. Hi all, Need some expert knowledge. I've had a couple of TC v6s in the last 2 years and they've been perfect, other than the raised/thicker SEL midlinks when compared to the gens. I purchased a gen 93250 bracelet cos it bothered me, but then found that the gen SEL fit fractions of millimetres too small (my lug widths are 20.15mm wide) resulting in a not-too-perfect loose fit. I've seen in a few pics of TC's latest 16610LV that the thickness of the SEL midlink has been reduced and looks a lot more like the gen. Can anyone confirm this? Am I seeing things, or have v4/v3 TC 93250s been installed on the pics I've seen? Thanks
  16. Hi guys, Wanted to show off some of my builds ive done over the last year. Ill just go through some pics, Ive been building the last 7-8 months, this is just small portion of what ive done, most of the 1680s are wbk modded and certain parts replaced, i drill lugs change movements basically all the work. The various section at the bottom were all from scratch, those were all for other people and all custom builds, mostly franken or custom parts. Let me know what you think guys! Heres my 1680 builds and mods: Some various builds, gmts albino 6610, no date subs....
  17. ...and no, I don't mean sandwiches, while I do love those as well. Lately I've been debating whether or not I should finally take the plunge (pun intended) and buy a Sub. Something I could hit the water in my imaginary 73 foot yacht with, then dry off, put on my power suit and look just as good in it at work. With the release of these new V5 models from Noob, I've been VERY tempted. Only issue is, I, being as indecisive as I am, have been flip-flopping between the date model and no-date model. I've even had the occasional thought of going gen *gasp*, but that wouldn't be for a while. It seems like this newest batch of Subs is the most accurate yet, but I am by no means an expert. Please bombard me with wristies of your Subs so I can come to a firm conclusion of which model I want to buy (or end up even further confused). Thanks mates.
  18. Just received my Black Submariner 16610 rep from Andrew at Trusty Time. Was a little worried about customs as was shipped EMS over the last week or so but no such problems! Very very impressed. It's my first rep so starting at the shallow end. It's just your basic Asian movement $160 rep so not looking for perfection but thoroughly impressed. If I had a couple of small criticisms it would be that the bracelet feels a little sharp at the edges and more 'jiggly' than i'd expect a gen to be. Again, for $160 it still feels quality and looks 100% the real deal. The other point is that there is a teeny tiny mark on the inside of the bezel pearl, so small I couldn't get the camera to show it. You can hardly even see it with the naked eye. Only just slightly if looking at it from a certain angle, and then you'd still have to know it was there. One rep in I'm already wondering what my next one will be, oops! Will get some wrist shots once I've removed a couple of links this evening. Apologies for the photos - only got my iPhone with me at the moment and certainly no David Bailey!
  19. To all the modders around the world: I am working on designing my own watch, which is partially based on a sub mid case. I need to have a prototype put together ASAP, and the factory I'm working with is taking its time. Does any modder have a sub midcase that they can reshape for me, whether it be a 16610, 1680, 5512, or 5513? Even if it is from a canal street grade rep, it may be fine. The crown guards would need reshaping, the midcase would need to be thinned, and the lugs would need some reshaping a bit too. Who can offer some assistance with this? Thanks!
  20. The dial sizes on subs has been 26-28mm in the various eras. I was wondering how big the dial opening is vs how much of the dial gets covered. Anyone measure?
  21. Hi Guys, I joined these forums a couple of days ago and I've had a lot of insightful and very helpful members on here take the time to explain things to me and help me on my travels. Mike on a bike and TC, thanks for all your help so far. Im new to these forums and gradually finding my way around the place is getting a little easier each day but now it's time to haul ass and get something built. I've decided that the first piece i would love to have is the LV sub. I know that TC does amazing work but unfortunately as we all know, this model has ceased production until supplier issues are sorted out. I would love to commission someone to build me a piece at the same quality that TC builds (if at all possible) but as yet, I have not found the cheese at the end of the maze. So I put this out there to any any and all builders, modders and anything in between: Is there anyone here that can build me something as good as TC's LV sub or am I going to have to commission someone to build me a Franken LV sub? Ubiquitous has the most amazing Franken LV sub i've seen on here and I figure getting one built with all the gen parts like he did is probably the best option at this point. Thatst type of piece I am after, quality wise. Who can help me on here or point me in the right direction with a Franken solution or something similar. Once I start collecting, the other Rolex's I would want would also have to be of this high quality too. So I will definitely be coming back for more if you help me out on this first purchase with the LV sub. Is this possible? If so, I would encourage and appreciate any and all members to chime in and give me your .02 Anyone looking to sell (including you too Ubiquitous!!!) Please feel free to PM me too. Thanks for your help gentlemen! DK
  22. Hey fellas found this very helpful link! http://www.vikbobil.se/bezel.html
  23. Hello Gents, I received my TC LV sub a couple of months back and finally got around to doing a review. The ordering process is different than dealing with other trusted dealers but well worth it!Once you place you order and make payment the wait begins. Turn around is usually 25-30 days. TC's packaging is impeccable! I've never seen so much care and attention to detail in wrapping and securing a replica timepiece. TC leads by example and is a trendsetter. I've been in the rep game 20 plus years and hands down this is the best sub next to a gen! From the case, band, dial, bezel assembly, insert, and lume this watch is superb. I highly recommend if you purchase a classic sub TC is the go to guy! Unfortunately this particular model is no longer available, but he recently released a new TC V6 sub with gen like dial and Caddell Vintage insert. All I can say is don't miss out!
  24. I have a ceramic sub from Josh, and the bracelet has developed issues that I am unable to put right; the glide lock clasp isn’t working properly (its slipping) causing the watch to become loose, while I’m wearing it, and the ‘security clasp’ has become detached (I have the part, but I don’t have a spring bar with which to refit it). Can anyone recommend who I can get in touch with on this forum to fix my bracelet, or, does anyone have a functioning bracelet for a 116610 that they can sell me? Looking forward to hearing from you.
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