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  2. Thanks for all of your advice! This is hugely helpful. automatico - I don't think I have the time or passion at this point in time to build my own watch, but it is awesome that you and other members do. Pretty cool! presidentwatch - your watch looks beautiful! So are you saying that if you were me you would go with the cheaper option and feel comfortable it would last and that it is just a small aesthetic difference for the $500 extra?
  3. Really what makes you think that mate.........
  4. Yes it is, just send an email to him and then wait patiently for a reply bud He can take a while on occasion to get back to you but he will in the end, worth the wait imo, we see it all the time on here and having done it myself too I know, if you start with a cheapie then buy a slightly better piece you will mostly end up buying a TC in the end, then you've spent lots more $$ than you wanted to in the first place
  5. "I am having trouble deciding between all gold and two toned." An all goldtone watch will usually be plated and the gold will quickly wear away on sharp edges and bracelet links. "I plan to wear this watch everyday for work and so what I am looking for is something that obviously looks great and works well, but that will be durable." Two tone will hold up better. "There are a couple of guys rocking two tone Rolex builds with solid gold mid links, bezel and crown. Genuine dial, hands and crystal." I put a few sapphire 36mm DJs together with genuine dials, solid gold bezels/mid links/crown/swiss etas etc and they are as rugged and 'handsome' as genuine. High gold prices have made them go from around $700 or $800 to $1500+ though. I bought a nice tutone 15053 with 22 link jubilee for $1200 a while back so a genuine watch can be a better deal if you shop around. Submariners are a different animal though. One big problem is there are not many (any?) aftmkt gold parts for the newer ceramic bezel submariners...bezels, SEL bracelets and glidelock clasps are going to be very expensive. Otoh DJ project watches are quite a bit cheaper than 16613 type submariners because DJ dials, bezels and bracelets are easier to find and cheaper to buy. ST has 18k submariner bezels for around $400 and a ss/14k bracelet is close to $800 (it is hard to tell 14k from 18k if the 14k color is made to match 18k). So...a 16613 project could still be 'affordable'...maybe $2500 with a good case and swiss Eta but that is still a lot of $$. You might look at it this way...if you wore it for 10 years with one $150 movement/gasket service figured in, you are looking at maybe $125 a year (only a little bit over $10 a month!) assuming the watch will sell for close to $1500 at the end of the run. That is not bad at all. In 10 years you would probably go through 3 plated $428 watches or two $938 'wrapped' watches that would be worth virtually nothing at the end of the run.
  6. Do all DW cases work for a v72 or is there variation?
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  8. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. "I was wondering if it is possible to convert my franken 16030 to a 16220?" If the 16030 case is genuine...best bet is to do as alligoat said and go with a sapphire conversion. Sapphire 162xx cases have taller bezels though. They are made a little bit taller so they will reach up far enough to clamp the gasket tightly against the crystal. Case necks are the same OD.
  10. Should do, I have a gen bezel in my parts box if needed. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Given my track record, I'm not saying anything about what is gen and what is rep :-)
  12. This is the Intime version 2 BP Factory just plated, not wrapped so you can see the steel in the midlinks when you look from aside. It has Swiss ETA. You have to decide if it's worth it to pay 500 usd more for wrapped. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  13. I think it could be gen after really inspecting the pics close up! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. Wearing something unusual today
  15. I'm with @sgtguk on this one. I love a good franken build, but this is not going to be a rare watch. At the moment collectors and show offs are falling over themselves, paying way over list price. However Rolex are not some microbrand, they produce around a million watches a year. Soon enough they will start with other Daytona versions, gold for example, or maybe they will do something truly revolutionary like a 42mm Datejust (sarcastic). Anyway in a year or less the fuss will be on something else, these will be available at list and used examples will be available. 3000 is a long way towards the 9800 list price and it will still be a rep with a frozen sub dial. Just my opinion, but enjoy the rep for what it is, it's a very nice rep.
  16. Thanks again very much. I plan to wear this watch everyday for work and so what I am looking for is something that obviously looks great and works well, but that will be durable. I am OK with spending the $1,000 on the intime version as long as it is high quality and will last. I was just wondering if the price difference versus the puretime watch was justified and whether the durability would be considerably better with the intime version. It seems like most replicas purchased on here are more in line with the puretime than the intime cost and just wanted to make sure I was not getting ripped off and paying more for nothing.
  17. Yes you can swap. You'll need a sapphire for a 162XX and a bezel for a 162XX.
  18. Yes basically, plated is a thin coating, wrapped is quite thick relatively speaking and more hard wearing. You will quickly find in this hobby that you can always spend more money. Plating won't do? Buy wrapped. Wrapped won't do? Buy aftermarket solid gold parts, that won't do, buy gen. There are a couple of guys rocking two tone Rolex builds with solid gold mid links, bezel and crown. Genuine dial, hands and crystal. Depends how you look at it. Ludicrously expensive replica, indistinguishable from genuine at less cost or an absorbing hobby. Possibly all of those :-) It is worth taking time to figure out exactly what you want from a particular rep. Sometimes a hundred Dollars will do all you want and sometimes only the very best is going to make you happy. Just buy what makes you happy rather than trying to impress others would be my advice.
  19. To be honest, I don't know... i had a rep day-date laying around, took the day disc off, and it fits perfectly!
  20. You can swap out the crystal- there's an aftermarket sapphire crystal that will work- it's parabolic on the inside so as not to impede the hand movement. Then you should have a 16000 DJ that looks like a 16200 DJ w/ a sapphire crystal. Other than the stem position on the cases, the two cases are pretty much the same. Ebay or google are the place to look.
  21. what movement in your 16030
  22. presidentwatch - that is beautiful! Is that a replica and if so where did you purchase it from and which model was it? sogeha - thanks for the reading material. So what I get out of it is that the "wrapped" in the intime version is preferred. Is that right and is that why the $500 higher price? Does anyone have either of these and have any suggestions or advice?
  23. I have a Noob V5 and I highly recomend it, close enought to gen appearance and solid quality. i am very happy with it. Recomended
  24. I was wondering if it is possible to convert my franken 16030 to a 16220? I googled the differences between them, and the main differences (besides the movement) is the crystal. Can I just swap the plexi for a sapphire, or are the case and bezel too different? If it's possible to switch the crystal, what is the part number and where can I find the best sapphire crystal? Thank you!
  25. Hmm, I'm going to have to look into the TC option some more. I can't see a web link in his section within trusted dealers, is it just a matter of emailing him and then he gives you a breakdown of available options? It appears that way from his post?
  26. Hey Guys, Looking for the Correct Flat 4 Bezel for my 1655 Yuki has one but its not quite the one I am looking for. Its the small bold font. I am looking for the thin wide font like the one shown. checked ebay and one guy is selling them for $350.00 was looking for more in the 150-200 range. Are there any other options out there? TIA JSeb
  27. Dear Members Would appreciate your advice about building an Autavia 2446. Any ideas to source parts or any reps that I can use as the base and mod?
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