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  2. ROLEX DAYTONA 116500 LN

    I too would like the black and white Daytona, but with fake chronograph, this is putting me off, I'm hoping the rep factory will release a completely newly designed A7750 with slim build and fill chronograph.
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  4. ROLEX DAYTONA 116500 LN

    Looks like the new ARF
  5. Cant believe i didnt notice it sooner; but it seems as if the JHF planet ocean models suffer from a very small pearl; though it seems they may have got it right on 1 or 2 models (likely because of sourcing from a different part maker i guess). So now i may face frustration hoping that the TD i bought from can either source me one with a better pearl (if possible); or get me an OMF instead. Im hoping its not a big problem. And im talking about the single color Planet Oceans; so i dont need to be concerned with problems over the 1st 1/4 of the bezel.
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  7. ROLEX DAYTONA 116500 LN

    Very nice which version is this? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. 580 Aftermaket Endlinks besides WholeSaleOutlet (Ebay)?

    Another solution... I had the same problem. First, I cleaned the inside of the end link and good as I could, then I took the drill bit that I used to drill the lugs and greased it and then slipped it through the rings. Then, I took JB Weld epoxy and just laid a bead of it across the rings. After it cured you will be able to pull the drill bit out...with pliers. Voila.
  9. Very interesting, so the yuki is the one to go for then, I think that’s the rout I will go down on my next purchase!!
  10. SH3135/Yuki is pretty much a clone and most genuine Rolex movement parts fit, SA3135 that Noob uses is only dimensionally the same, but takes genuine hands and dial. A3135 is a Chinese ETA clone decorated to look superficially like a Rolex movement. All very confusing and many threads have been posted on the subject.
  11. What about the stamped 3135 clone? Does the same stand for that one as well
  12. Gordon Ramsay - What is this

    The watch in the viedo had crown guards. Either thick pcg or overpolished regular cg [emoji1]
  13. Gordon Ramsay - What is this

    If it's a vintage Submariner from the 50s, then it's a 6538 or 6536. Low profile and no crown guards.
  14. Gordon Ramsay - What is this

    Hard to tell by the video. My guess would be faded insert on a 5512 or 5513 with 2-liner service dial and hands since it looks to be very white lume dots and hands.
  15. Gordon Ramsay - What is this

    I've been watching MCH US Season 8 episode 6 and noticed nice Rollie on Gordon's wrist with Nato strap (I guess) Video if you're bored :) 2:48 Some sources say that he bought vintage submariner from 50's. But I have no idea what model that is. It looks great! Any info on that piece? What model is this? Is this 5513 or 5512?
  16. Show the PAM combo you choose today

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  17. Personally I would never even consider paying for a Swiss ETA from a dealer. As has been discussed many times before, they are usually old movements, worn and dirty, repaired with a mix of second hand and Chinese parts. Save the money and consider buying a Swiss movement from a reputable supplier at a future point. The “Clone 3235” isn’t a clone at all. There is no clone of this movement at the moment. Most likely it is a Chinese 2836. I despise deco plates on movements and they seem even more silly on a watch with a closed back. That is my personal view and others my disagree😀 Edit, I just checked the dealer link above and the deco plate and Swiss movement options are the same price, but a bit of digging and a none deco plate 2836 option is available and should be $30 or so cheaper. That would be my choice until the ARF has better hands
  18. 580 Aftermaket Endlinks besides WholeSaleOutlet (Ebay)?

    Phong have good pair, but it is around 90USD for A Pair. yes , ONE PAIR for that price without shipping. But overall quality and touching is worth. Go to e.bay and hit search: 580 end piece for oyster bracelet vintage submariner.
  19. How about the new BP? http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_8&products_id=17861 They offer either an Asia 3235 or a Swiss 2836. Which would you choose? I think the hands look longer. Not sure of the bezel is as good as the ARF. What do you think?
  20. Wristies - thread consolidation?

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  21. Show the PAM combo you choose today

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  22. No, that guy is Spongebob and he does the reshaping of the edges, plus covering with a real platinum. You need to provide him the insert for this service, and service as such costs almost $200. This guy developed the new inserts.
  23. Custom made inserts for the Hulk, thoughts?

    Wasn't that the guy on RWI who decided to reshape the inner groove of Noob inserts, and now seems to be making brand new ones? Anyways looks good. However, the info is very limited. 350 USD for a SA3135? 400 USD for a SH3135/Yuki? Why not buy a JF Sub and have the movement serviced? A couple of Swiss companies have started to make really good parts at 1/10 of the price that can be used on the SH3135 (of course). Their durability is also quite a bit higher than the SH-parts, that can best be described as made of compressed beard cuttings.
  24. Show the PAM combo you choose today

    I did some swapping around Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  25. Show the PAM combo you choose today

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  26. The font color looks white not platinum. Can't wait to see more pics Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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