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  1. Looks like MD2020's pearl has gone walkies as well. Any other pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ok I admit, it was my fault, I wore my sub to a kids soft play area and evidently whilst I was chasing my daughter round like an idiot , I somehow caught my watch and both the pearl and housing came off. I'm assuming it's lost in a ball pool that smelt subtly of wee so I need to buy another quick sharp. Question is, where is the best place at the moment to by from? I've seen replacement bezels on ebay and others sites but wanted to know which one would be better. Is it worth buying the bezel or just the replacement pearl and housing? I have this watch from trusty. Thanks for any help o
  3. Thanks for the extra photos. I've been wondering what buckles people have been using on leather. Nice combo.
  4. I love the strap. Where did you get it and what clasp do you use? I've got the same watch but don't wear it that often as I don't like the bracelet.
  5. I'm doing the cousin of paleo called keto. Very similar in approach and I've lost 42lb in a year easily. Down to only 190lbs now and feeling great.
  6. Just received mine and I'm more than happy. Looks great and can't see any obvious flaws. Spacing between the officially and certified looks fine, pearl is excellent and the rehaut engraving is lined up perfectly.
  7. And the 61 has a closed back whereas the 177 has a crystal back so people can see the incabloc tell. That is a really nice watch. I've got a gen 351 and love the tobacco dial on it although it can be a bit of a bugger getting the right strap for.
  8. I've got my QC pics today as well and it looks like a cracker. Damn post taking too long. In answer to the shipping question, it was $45.
  9. Trying to decide between the sub with or without the date. Any advice or experience. Here is the no date sub http://www.ttw168.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_7&products_id=10415
  10. That looks superb. Do you have a link to the version you bought?
  11. Outstanding work. The transformation to the mechanism is amazing.
  12. I've had both and I think the 288 has more presence about it. I also think the crystal is better on the 288 although they are both excellent reps.
  13. The Pam 288 should be on the list as well. Closed back, amazing AR and incredibly accurate.
  14. I'd get the 177 hands down. The 177 has a 6497 highbeat which is far more reliable than a 7750 if you don't service and doesn't have a cyclops which I think spoils the crystal. It's all down to personal preference though.
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