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  1. Hublot Experts....I have a beautiful HBB V1. Looking for a more gen-like crystal (that peaks out above the bezel). Any suggestions?
  2. Just to clarify before ordering...these DWs will fit a Noob ROO with A7750 and Noob Diver with A28XX movements?
  3. Just got this back from Vac. I'm really enjoying this baby!
  4. I have a TG V1 with an ETA7750 transplanted. Awesome watch, I've worn it daily for about 2 years. Understated, yet always recognized by the WISes. Great travel watch. My watchsmith that did the conversion commented on the unbelievable quality of the dial finish. It obviously keeps great time with the ETA movement. I've worn it so much I've almost worn out the strap!
  5. I had Rex lume my Rubberclad and the lume looked exactly like this one about 1 month after I got it back. Splotchy, uneven and over the next 6 months degraded to the point of looking so bad I could not wear it. Sent it off to Vac for a relume and although it took 4 months, it came back perfect and glowing like a torch. I won't let Rex touch any watch of mine again.
  6. Wow, I've got four AP Bands straps, and they have looked great. The one you posted is the worst stitching job I've ever seen! I'd send that SoB back.
  7. Anyone have a list of the current dealer AP offerings with A/Rd cyclops?
  8. Had my LV superlumed by Big Red Joe years ago, now I've lost the pearl out of the bezel. Any ideas on where I could source another lumed pearl?
  9. Here's mine with a hornback strap and an AP Bands PVD finished buckle.
  10. I bought one from AP Bands for my EOD. Nice PVD coating...real quality piece.
  11. XML module on EuroTimez site is still not working.
  12. The Oris TT3 Phamtom. Very cool & affordable piece with a 7750 movement.
  13. That Daytona is not what he was wearing on the live TV shots. The Rolex he was wearing after the win and during the McEnroe interview had a pale blue roman numeral dial and oyster style bracelet.....looked like the new 41mm DD Platinum to me. Check the youtube repeats of the interview.
  14. Wow! That's exactly what I was looking for....great pics, awesome strap, very nice AP. Thanks!
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